How to Easily Raise Your Scores – Even with Poor Credit


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good evening from expert credit sweeps my name is Kristen and tonight we’re going over how to rebuild your credit file while you still have negative accounts on there so you don’t want to do this if you still have large negatives such as bankruptcies foreclosures repossessions or even unpaid charge-offs you can have you know little collections and late payments but just stay away from those big accounts get them deleted first and then start rebuilding now if you’re looking for an expert to take over your credit sweep you can schedule your free consultation using the link you see on your screen so let’s get right to it what you want to do is have a bunch of different credit types okay first of all we’re talking about authorized users so like I said you could still have negative accounts on there just not the big ones so what you want to do is either get added to your mom’s your husbands your wife’s your friend your co-workers account that has good history and a nice limit and this is going to build your score and your history now you can’t use the card it just posts to your credit your other option is to actually pay a company for an authorized user but the problem with that is that it’s only on there for like 30 to 90 days and you’re going to rush and you’re going to apply for things that you’re not going to be approved for and you’re gonna be back at square one so try to get added to somebody that you know and it’s going to be on there until they either remove you or you remove yourself if you know they accidentally you know max it out or go over ten percent whatever it is so you would want to actually watch you know your credit to see the activity on that account another thing that you can do is get added your excuse me is get your rental history and your utilities added and you want to be careful with that because there’s a lot of fraudulent companies and scams going on with that so if you have questions you can ask me if you’re my client and I will absolutely direct you to the right place so now you have an authorized user’ yeah you’re a rental history on there and you have you another thing that you can look for is adding secured credit so I know secured credit sucks because you have to put your own money down but the point is to build your credit not to you know be getting airline miles and maxing this out and all that kind of stuff because that’s what puts you here in the first place so you’re going to start with secured credit there’s two companies that I recommend there’s Capital One and there’s open sky now open sky is easier to get approved for but the reason I’m recommending Capital One is because you can go from a secured to an unsecured and most of the time they will graduate to the unsecured anywhere between six to twelve months I have seen it you know within that time frame some people say it’s 18 but like I said I’ve seen it happen in less than that timeframe so I’m now you have your authorized user you have your utilities you have your rental and now you have a secured card so what you want to do is you’re only going to spend a little bit we’re talking like twenty to fifty bucks all depending on your limit because remember you’re putting your own money down on this and you have to watch a utilization okay so pay it off two times per month and you’re going to see that your scores are going to go up it may drop at first and that’s just because the average average length that time that your accounts have been open that percentage kind of sucks right now so after about I would say ninety days you can see an increase in your score and it could be anywhere between 20 to 100 points it just all depends on what your credit looks like and obviously my credit is different than your credit is different than his credit if in the Harz credit you know her credit so you need to just watch your utilization you need to watch I’m you know when you pay your balances the the closing date all that kind of stuff okay so you can also do catalog cards no I know a lot of people don’t know what those are and I can easily explain this so there is my jewelers Club and they will give you up to fifty I’m not 50 I’m sorry five thousand an unsecured revolving credit now this is only for them so it’s not even unsecured I’m just reading this directly off their website so what that says is going to post your credit I’m not sure if it’s all three I know it posted two as in bureaus and this is also going to raise your score so I believe that you do have to pay I says ninety nine but most of the time it’s a hundred or 120 or whatever to actually start and then now you’re going to have this report on your credit you want to make sure that you make your payments on time now as far as making your payment’s one of my recommendations set everything up on auto pay that way you are never going to be late again okay so we were talking about capital one well let’s go to capital one calm they have a cool little tool if you go to credit cards and then see if you’re pre-qualified so on this page you’ll put in your information and they will match you or not to a card so we were talking about secured so if it matches you to a secured card then like I said go with Capital One because they can eventually graduate you to an unsecured card and that’s where you’re not putting your own money on it yes they may have to actually close the account and then you know to refund you your money and that can actually hurt your credit but now you have unsecured credit okay so now you have all these different types of credit on there and now we even have an unsecured card once again make sure to watch the utilization make sure to pay on time because you don’t want to end up in the same hole that yeah and you know you started with and I’m after about I would say three months or so you can apply for another type of card or you could stay with Capital One and go with one of theirs so what that would be would that’s the journey the platinum or the classic and these are unsecured cards once you have those four not those but one of those for about three months now you can go to Cole’s once you have Cole’s and remember we’re only using a little bit and paying two times a month once you have coals stay with it for I would say at least three months and then now you can apply for discover so Capital One Kohl’s and that’s because capital one owns coals and then discover so we have an array of different credit now and you’re paying on time you’re watching your scores go up and your credit history is getting longer because obviously you know you’re paying on time these are staying open you don’t have to dispute any of you know the accounts to get them taken off because you’re doing the right thing and you’re going to see how easy it is to keep this going and you’re going to rebuild your credit worthiness and your responsibility so something else that you can do is I so we already talked about the different types of cards with Capital One the journey the classic and the platinum another one that they have is the quick silver one for average credit you do not want to accidentally apply for the one for excellent credit so you go to credit cards and then view there’s a view top reward cards compare credit cards and then there’s that tool we were talking about see if your puke walla fide you just click on compare credit cards and it’s going to show you the different ones that they have so apply for the quick silver one and this is like I said after having these on there for you know a them a significant period of time but enough time so that they have kind of seasoned themselves so now you have a couple different unsecured you have a secured or you know if they had to close it then you don’t have it anymore you have your authorized user you have your rental history on there you have your utilities on there and now you have a really good foundation for you know making the right credit decisions in the future now you know I can make another video and go into depth about what to do if you didn’t have any credit in the first place so we’re not dealing with negative items I’m you know I’ll do that in the future sometime but once you have all your negatives off now you can look at other types of credits as installment loans you know maybe you want a vehicle even if it’s a used one maybe you want to lease something you know maybe you want to add a furniture line so there’s a bunch of different you know companies you can go to that work with people that either don’t have very high credit scores or you know they may have one or two negatives left to remove and you can like I said you can find that this will be an easy process now one of the things one of the last things that once I mention is that you want to look to see which of the bureaus has the highest credit score because I’m let’s say it’s TransUnion so TransUnion has the highest credit score and you’re going to look for the companies that only pull TransUnion so let’s say that it’s Walmart Walmart only pulls TransUnion TV bank only print Post TransUnion synchrony bank only Post TransUnion so you can go and apply for these cards now if it’s Equifax Experian it’s going to be different companies that you’d like to apply for but of course you wants to do the research on that now once again if you are looking to get a credit sweep and you know maybe you’re stuck maybe you’ve been doing your own file for a long time what I offer is basically what no other company offers I give payment security proof of services meaning you know all copies of everything that I do for you I start to file the same day you have unlimited disputes meaning that you sign up with a hunter counsel I dispute a hundred accounts okay so if you want to get results I can get you the results you can easily schedule at your free consultation with me at expert credit sweeps com forward slash book online and that is the site that you’re seeing the give me the link that you’re seeing right on your screen so you guys have a great evening from expert credit sweeps and I’ll be seeing you in the next video


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