How it Works. Economic: XP and Credits | World of Warships


What actions will bring players more experience and credits? How does a ship type affect its profitability? In this episode of "How It Works," we'll answer these questions. How does it work Various actions taken during the game they bring credits and basic experience to virtual account players. Rewards are available for: damage to enemy ships, discovery or destruction of enemy ships and aircraft, capture, defend and defend bases and key areas and, in the case of your allies, damage caused by your detection. In addition, experience and credits can be earned for damage received and blocked and for potential damage – that is, the sum of the maximum damage, that could cause a grenade, bomb, or torpedo, that hit your ship or missed it within 700 meters.

Of course, the most experience and credits are gained by players for damage and sinking. At the same time, that the extent of damage caused by a particular ship is not so important as a percentage of the total HP that this damage represents. For example, if you cause 90% damage to Shimakaze and 90% damage to Montana, you get the same amount of experience and credits in both cases. Destroying the enemy will bring you about the same amount of experience like stealing a ship, or 1/10 HP, and credits of 1/4 HP of that ship. Also the level of the damaged ship significantly influences the amount of credits and experience gained. For example, when the ship North Carolina VIII. levels inflicts 30,000 damage points, such as a Tier X Yamato, gain significantly more experience, than if it caused the same damage to the Fuso VI.

How it Works. Economic: XP and Credits | World of Warships

Levels. Destroying an enemy plane is the second best way how to get credits and experience right after the ship is damaged and destroyed. It does not matter the type of aircraft, but at the level of the ship from which this plane took off. Another important way to earn credits and experience is occupying, defending and defending a base or key area. For one key area occupied you get 2/3 experience and 1/3 credits completely destroyed ship. If the area is occupied by several ships, the amount of the reward depends on the percentage you contribute to the cast. The same principle applies to the defense of key areas and bases. The reward for defending against occupation is directly proportional to how long you can defend. In addition to these three ways, there are other ways to make money from the battle. They will earn you less than 15% of the total experience per battle and depend on the ship type. Battleships receive most for potential damage and cruisers, destroyers, and aircraft carriers respectively. Cruisers reap the greatest reward for detecting enemy ships and then destroyers, aircraft carriers and battleships. Damage after detection is rewarded in the order of destroyers, cruisers, aircraft carriers and battleships.

Take an active part in the battle and get more experience and credits. Shoot, capture key areas, explore and avoid backfire. You will earn a well-deserved reward for your heroic deeds. In the next episode of "How It Works" let's look at ship maintenance and costs. Stay tuned! .

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