What To Do To Get A Good Credit Score – 7 Tips For Choosing The Right One

In this video, I am telling you EXACTLY how to increase your credit score FAST and get a perfect 800 credit score. I’ll take you step by step through the most important things for you to do today in order to raise your credit score quickly. Make sure you watch until the end, as these steps will guarantee to raise your credit score (by as much as hundreds of points).

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Working in real estate and the mortgage business, I know first hand how important it is to have a high credit score. Seriously, I have seen people waste tens of thousands of dollars because they could not get approved for traditional financing or they got a bad interest rate on a loan.

Your credit score determines your financial future and it is one of the most important “numbers” in your life.

1. The authorized user hack: We’ll talk about how you can add yourself to another person’s credit card and piggyback off their credit history. This will be an instant boost to your score, and I’ll show you the steps to do it.

2. Credit report disputes: it is so important to dispute mistakes on your credit report. I’ll show you how you can get your free credit report online (during the pandemic you can request a free credit report every single week through Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). 25% of reports have errors so this step is crucial and can increase your score by hundreds of points.

3. Utilization ratio: We’ll go over what this number is and why lenders care about it. It’s basically your total credit usage divided by total credit limit. Having a low number here will deem you as less risky of a borrower. I’ll show you some quick tricks to instantly raise your credit limit.

4. Applying for credit (short term solution): the effects of hard credit pulls on your credit score and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage!

5. Experian boost: how to use this free program to instantly boost your credit score. They factor in your utility and phone payments and for most people, this will boost your score an average of 13 points!

6. Auto pay: perhaps the most important one on this list (at least this will help you not make any late payments EVER). I’ll show you how to set up auto pay so that your bills are paid automatically and there is no chance you’ll forget. Most people with damaged credit actually missed a payment on accident, so this trick will eliminate that.

Get your free credit report:

If you guys follow these steps, your credit will increase dramatically and you’ll be at 800 in no time!

Start early, invest, build up your score, and good opportunities will come. I hope you use this information to your advantage! This video will show you how to repair your credit score yourself in 2020.

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