What Score Is Good On Credit Karma – Tips For How To Hire

I maintained an 800 credit score. Then I turned around and figured out how to make it drop below 800. Then I built it back up. All using Credit Karma. Today I’m giving a Credit Karma tutorial while providing the details on my Credit Score of 800.

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In this Credit Karma Review I share my 800 credit score and how exactly YOU can work up to build your successful credit score too. Not only sharing with you the details but also how to use credit karma as well.

Chapters of Today’s Video on How I KEEP an 800 Credit Score using Credit Karma
00:00 Credit Scores and the KARMA
02:00 Credit Karma Tutorial
04:30 How to Get an 800 Credit Score
08:00 This ONE Thing Helps Your Credit Score Improve Fast!
13:19 Why Credit Scores are VITAL (Jobs??)

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