What Makes Up A Good Credit Score – 9 Tips For Choosing The Best Company

Today I’m covering what makes up your credit score because knowing what the credit score is built on helps you know where to focus!

Where to track your credit score:

➝ Credit Karma* ➝ https://penniesnotperfection.com/CreditKarma
This is a free app and uses Vantage Score but gives you enough info to be close while working on improving your credit score.

➝ MyFICO* ➝ https://penniesnotperfection.com/MyFICOScore
My FICO is the only place to get your actual accurate FICO scores that match what lenders see. It’s paid so you have to spend to see those scores but can be useful to check if you are planning to finance soon!

Your credit score is a snapshot that is ever changing based on the many, many factors involved in the items I mentioned in this video. You can constantly see it change up and down based on your most recent 2 years of credit history.

If you are planning to buy a home soon then it is very important to pay attention to what makes up your credit score and work on improving it!

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