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How to Pick a Free Credit Score Check App
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Mortgage Credit Score Explained

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Video Summary
After watching this video you will be able to look at any credit score tracking app or website to determine if you will check your FICO score or Vantage score.
Most lenders use a FICO credit score to qualify applicants before lending money. As a result, it is important to only check and track a FICO score as this is what is useful in day to day life. Options for where you can get a free credit score include apps, banks, credit cards, and directly from the credit bureau. Which option you choose to use to track your credit score for free does not matter, as long as you consider the following
1. Is the credit score you are tracking a vantage score or a fico score?
2. Do you need to check for a credit score only or a credit score and credit report?
3. Which credit bureau do you want to monitor?
By following these three steps above you can look at any credit score tracking option, and confidently determine if it fits and meets your personal needs.

For more information on FICO score for mortgage watch this video:

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