What Is The Best Credit Score Service – Choosing Good Company

This video demonstrates the best free credit score monitoring apps that are available in 2021. These are my opinions of the tops apps as I have used each of them for a few months or longer. You should never have to pay for your credit score! These apps also provide useful tools such as score simulators and break down what’s affecting your score. Beware, some of them spam you with useless promotions…

How does it work? These apps pull your credit scores from either TransUnion, EquiFax, or Experian at set intervals. They also analyze factors that make up your score and provide their own individual insights and suggestions. Most require you to provide your identity by entering your SSN or answering personal questions. Don’t be alarmed as this is normal.

0:00 Intro
0:35 Credit Karma
2:22 Experian
4:16 Credit Wise
5:40 Credit Sesame
7:08 Apps to avoid
7:50 Additional ways to get your credit score
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