What Is The Average Credit Score By Age – Tips To Find The Best Company

Age of Accounts makes up just 15% of a credit score, but is vital to establishing a credit history. #AgeOfAccounts

This video shows the 3 key factors most credit models analyze when looking at Age of Accounts:

1. How long each account has been open?
2. How long specific account “types” have been open?
3. Length of time since those accounts have been used.

There’s a lot of overlapping factors that come into play when talking Age of Accounts, like Credit Utilization Ratio and New Credit factors. The Account Mix factor can also be impacted if the recently opened/closed account was the only revolving or installment account in the Consumer’s credit history. These additional, overlapping factors are also discussed. #CreditScoreFactors

I even go over the best way to cheat at building a lengthy credit history, without waiting decades via the Authorized User method, aka Piggybacking. #CreditScoreHack

Screaming Lincolns YOUTUBE VIDEO covering Authorized User method, aka Piggybacking here:

8:00 Math Police Alert! The green “30%” value shown in the far right column should actually be “20%” – sad face for Cap on that one 🙁

Let me know in the Comments where you are in your credit journey and your experience with Age of Accounts!

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