What Is A Good Credit Score For Car Loan – 4 Quick Tips For Finding The Best Company

Wanna know what it takes to get a good credit score? Here are 3 tips for fixing your credit that I learnt from a few mistakes along the way. I don’t expect either of these dings to affect my credit score for too long so i’m not worried at all and each of these lessons will benefit my future self so I am totally okay with it. Thank you, me! I’ve spent countless hours teaching myself how to improve my credit score and how to use credit as a tool to becoming financially fantastic. I hope this video helps you in some way – i’ve attached some time stamps below for easy navigation.

00:33 – Lesson number 1
01:43 – Lesson number 2
05:30 – Why i’m not mad that my credit score went down 120pts
06:50 – Lesson number 3


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*Disclaimer. I am by no means a professional financial advisor, i’m just a random gal on the internet that likes talking about money and sharing my personal experience of changing my financial life from broke to fabulous…almost.

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