What Is A Good Average Credit Age – 5 Essential Tips For Finding The Best Company

When it comes to credit card debt, just how much does the average American have? And how does that average change by age?

Most young people would assume that the average credit card debt just goes up as you get older. That is true only to a point. Does the 30-year-old crowd carry more credit card debt than the 60-year-old crowd? Who has more debt? A 40-year old or a 50-year old?

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0:24 Sources/Survey Links
0:34 Terminology (Average vs. Median)
1:44 20-year olds and debt
2:46 30-year olds and debt
3:24 40-year olds and debt
4:21 50-year olds and debt
5:56 60-year olds and debt
6:57 70-year olds and debt
7:59 80-year olds and debt
8:39 90-year olds and debt
9:26 Recap
10:01 Additional Resources
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