What Can Fair Credit Get You – 9 Questions To Ask

How many credit cards do you need to build up a decent credit score if you are just getting started. That’s what we are going to break down today, and also credit cards to avoid.

secured credit cards
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1. Now here are the Worst ideas you can usually have
– Getting score credits and credit cards with annual fees
– These are usually the first credit cards people get
– And they are not great, because they work great for a certain store and not on all your purchases

For Example:
– I have two store credit cards, one with Amazon and one Mattress firm
– Mattress firm lets me pay interest-free, and amazon lets me pay interest-free and also gives me 5% cashback
– But if I’m not always shopping with amazon or buying a new mattress every month, then the benefits aren’t that good

– When you close these credit cards because you no longer need them
– It can affect the age of credit and the overall amount of debt you owe
– So it can lower your credit score

Tip: some store credit will make sense, like Bjs, Cosco, and amazon; if you literally shop there every month. ( and certain annual fee credit are great if you’ll maintain those spending habits to make the annual fee worth it )

2. First Credit Card – Cash Back Credit Card
– The way you don’t need to apply for all three of the credit cards I’m going to recommend in this video all at ones
– Just take it step by step: plus if you apply that’s usually going to be a hard inquiry and you don’t 3 of those in one’s month usually
– So check the recommended score for the credit card first

Credit card: Citi Double Cash Credit Card ( 720-850 ) but if your credit score is lower you can apply for Discover Card ( 690-850) – a lower secured version of this credit card

– Benefit is, you get 1% when you buy and 1% when you pay the balance
– I would use the card this way
– Put a subscription on it and set it to auto pay each month so you build up your payment history and don’t get into debt
– But if you want to maximize points and all those that stuff, but all your bills on it and pay them off each month

Secret: I don’t carry a credit card with, usually carry a debit card around and $20. In total my wallet has around $50-80 bucks.

3. Grocery Credit Card: This one is different for all of us
– It depends on where you shop obviously
– But the average household spends around $550-800 a month on food depending on how many people there are
– And the average college student, spends every dollar they make…jk

Now here are the places I like to shop at:
– Whole Foods: Amazon Signature Rewards Card ( and gives you 5% cashback)
– Bjs, Cosco, and Sam Club all have their own credit cards: that offer mostly 2-5% cashback
– Blue Cash Everyday from American express

Tip: Always use a grocery list before going to the grocery store, if you don’t you’ll most likely overspend

4. Travel Credit Card ( now this optional ) and flexible
– Now not everyone travels or likes to travel but I recommend you do when you’re able to
– Doesn’t have to be out of the country but it’s nice to see different things

Now I recommend the Chase Unlimited Credit Card for this one
– And yes I got canceled from this credit because I didn’t use it
– But when you book a flight its 5% cashback and 1.5 on everything else
– Ontop of that 3% cashback on restaurants

And that’s about it

5. Final Words
– I rarely use credit cards this way, because I’m not really trying to maximize points
– But I’m more focused on just increasing my credit score
– So if that’s all you want, just put a small bill on each of these cards and pay them in full each month and forget about




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