NEVER PAY COLLECTIONS! | How to Remove from Credit Report for Free

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What Is The Best Way To Get Your Credit Report – Most Popular?

So it’s been 6 months since you paid your credit card, and times are hard. All of sudden you come home and see a letter for a collection agency trying to collect the debt and also threaten to sue you.

Well what do you do, Do you pay, Ignore or move or move to Mexico, the answer I’m going to break down the best option and also a free way to get the charge off removed from your credit report.

Because it can hurt your credit report for over 7 years, and single charge off could lower your score by 100 points.

NEVER PAY COLLECTIONS! | How to Remove from Credit Report for Free

Basic Idea: I’ll be honest, I believe honourable people should pay their debts, and in return, the debt should be removed from their record.
And I’ll show you how to avoid a collections office, but better yet I’ll show you how to negotiate, and then ill show you how to remove charge offs.

What is a charge off:

1. Negotiate down the debt, Get a written agreement to remove credit report and then pay: not worth the 7 years of bad luck

Before negotiating: ask for a validation letter and admit to nothing, once you have it, compare with your record, and check for mistakes. Any mistake might give you room to dispute and get all thrown out. (but if everything is great )

Step 1: Negotiate the debt ( with someone with the power to remove the charge off, the average joe can’t really do anything )
Why: the collector didn’t buy the debt for full price, they get it for pennies on the dollar ( start at 30% of what you originally owed and work your way up.

Step 2: Ask them to give you a letter, saying they will remove the charge off. “ if they say they can’t, then keep negotiating until they do” – The only way to get the money, is by using you, and even you do get sued their no guarantee they’ll get the money

Step 3: if you got what you ask for, then send a check.

But if you don’t, then its time to try number 2

Tip: do not pay until you have all the information and everything on paper, any payment made is an acknowledgement a can hurt you later.

2. Dispute and try to Get removed all together

When a debt collector buys your debt from the original creditor, sometimes they information incorrectly, which could give you room to dispute.

Account Number
Creditor Name
Open Date
Charge off date
Payment History

If any of this information is incorrect they have to verify it or, it’ll be thrown off.

What to Do:
1. Request a validation from the collector
2. Request a copy of your credit report
3. Right, a letter to the 3 Credit Bureaus and tell them the information is incorrect and inaccurate. (you can find a template for letting online)
4. Then do number 3


But if I were you, I would just look at it and make a copy on word.

Step Guide on disputing:

3. Hire a Professional to do it ( although what they do as professionals you can learn on google with 10 clicks )

1. So what if none of this works: The answer is, it’s very unlikely, however you might have to consider paying it off, waiting a while or just leaving it.
Example if you got one year left on 15k, then you might as well leave it.

2. Extra Bonus: if a family passed and collector are coming after you, then sue them.

3. be careful with scam artist, ask the company name, the address and the name of the person on the phone. If they refuse, then it’s sketchy.

4. Tip: if your debt is too old and you get a summons for court, hire a lawyer and go to court and explain that its too old. Because they can get an order to go after your assets if you’re not careful.

5. Type a Letter to right them: to stop all communications with you





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