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Hey credit warriors, a few weeks ago I made a video talking about why it is so hard to get a credit score above 800, and it is hard, compared to getting your score over 700, but not impossible. It made me realize that i have never actually made a video on how to get your credit score to that perfect 850 level which if you don’t know is the highest credit score possible in the FICO system that banks here in the US use. So let’s talk about how to get there, a score of 850, and not some funny mathematical magic to get three but an actual score of 850. If you like the sound of that why not subscribe for more credit and credit card tips and tricks every week.

So according to Experian, 1.2% of all credit scores in the US currently stand at 850, so they basically are the 1% of credit scores. But who are these people? Well the highest concentration of 850 credit scores is in Hawaii, although there are people with 850 credit scores spread all across the US. Baby boomers make up 58% of 850 credit scores, Generation X 25% and the silent generation 13% so to simplify that, 96% of 850 credit scores are held by people over 40 years old. Millennials like myself hold just 4% of perfect scores.

So that gives us a clue that it may have something to do with length of credit history since it is all old people who have these scores right? Well yes and we will get to that. But first how do these people handle their credit? Well on average they have more credit cards, 6.4 credit cards compared to the national average of 3.8. In addition they owe less debt. $3,025 on average, compared to the national average credit card debt of $6,445.

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