How to Remove Repossession From My Credit Report 2019

caption exists a method to get rid of a foreclosure from my credit report hi my name is Jesse Rodriguez with credit CEO and today I am going to reveal you the actions that I take when I am personally auditing a client'' s credit report and attempting to remove a foreclosure so the response is yes it is completely possible to eliminate a repossession from your credit report as a matter of fact it'' s entirely possible to get rid of any type of item from your credit report it simply needs to fall into among these 3 classifications it either requires to be incorrect unverifiable or not reporting the right time frame so what we require to do is we require to buy a credit and go report for you once we'' ve ordered your credit report we can have a look at the method that item is reporting on your credit is it reporting with a balance is it reporting late payments is whatever there one hundred percent precise prompt and verifiable well if something is incorrect whether it be the balance the payment history the dates they'' re reporting and so on then we have a fantastic case what we would do if we find that there are items that qualify to be inaccurate unforeseen or unverifiable is we would begin the disagreement process now do not go and dispute online it'' s the worst thing you can do on your own and for your credit but I ' m going to tell you precisely what I would do I would write a dispute letter to all three of the significant credit bureaus simply asking to validate that the details on this account is reporting accurately I would not say anything like the account isn'' t mine I wouldn ' t state anything except to confirm now in 30 to 45 days they'' re going to return and they'' re either going to state confirmed updated or erased then if they confirmed it what we need to do is we require to enter and find proof that there is a precisions or that pieces of the account are unverifiable and we require to go back and re-dispute with the credit bureaus you'' re stating well they currently validated it why would you re disagreement? well you'' re doing you ' re not sending another disagreement that ' s the worst thing you could do you'' re sending out a demand for them to reveal you the method of confirmation that they utilized at the exact same time you'' re likewise going to send a conflict letter directly to the original lender the one that is in fact reporting the repossession on your credit considering that you challenged both accounts at the specific same time this in fact provides you a greater probability that the account will get removed when you send out a dispute to the initial lender and the credit bureaus at the very same time the credit bureaus go and ask the original lender to verify the information but the initial financial institution isn'' t enabled to confirm any information until they have actually done a complete examination and completed the conflict that you have sent out there are likewise a few other ways that you can tackle getting a foreclosure removed one of the primary ways is really to audit the past documentation after the repossession did they send you something licensed mail with a return receipt that showed precisely how much you owed after the automobile was cost an auction if they didn'' t that ' s another terrific reason to get a repossession gotten rid of from your credit report so it'' s not always easy or enjoyable get a foreclosure and to try and eliminate it from your credit report however it is totally possible so don'' t let anyone tell you otherwise if you wish to schedule a complimentary assessment with me then you can go to our site below and I would enjoy to assist you improve and maximize your credit if you found this video to be practical please like it subscribe to our channel and leave us a positive remark listed below I check out all of the comments and I love you people so keep up the terrific work and i will see you on the next video youAs found on YouTube – Creative Commons License

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