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caption how could you enhance your credit rating and why is this essential to property investors let'' s take a closer take a look at this today and in particular let me give you 8 easy actions that you can take to assist increase your credit score hi there my name is Tony Lord for your first 4 houses and my channel is all about helping you get to investment home number four as quickly and as painlessly as possible now gon na do a fast disclaimer here I am NOT FCA authorized and so if you'' re gon na act on any of the things I'' m putting or recommending forward prior to doing so please look for independent monetary guidance so having a bulletproof credit file is definitely not vital if you sort of invest in home but there'' s no question that it'' s going to help you certainly the higher your rating the more appealing you'' re gon na be to loan providers and the much better direct exposure you'' re gon na need to much better rates so let'' s begin things off by learning what your credit rating or credit rating in fact is now there'' s a number of resources out there that you can you can utilize I personally use design I hope I'' m pronouncing that properly however I think in package listed below that will take you straight to the website now unlike others nobble is free for life not just for thirty days it uses call credit which is one of the huge 3 referencing companies the other 2 is Equifax and Experian and all loan providers use at least one of these business in addition to gathering other details about you before choosing if they'' re going to lend to you so go to this site enter your details and in a few minutes you'' ll uncover a wealth of financial details about you there'' ll be a couple of things in there that may in fact surprise you so before I offer you these 8 ideas I'' ve got to just say I have done a ton of research on this topic I imply I actually got into it and I actually created 21 various actions that you could take that will make a positive impact on your credit file therefore I'' ve prepared an e-book for you please take a moment to download this there'' s a lots of things in there and I know that even if you ' ve got a bulletproof credit rating there ' s gon na be things in there'there ' s gon na assist you get back at greater an even greater score so please wear'' t miss out on that please be sure to download it okay so finally let'' s take a look at these eight various actions that you can take so in position number one right at the top of the list validate that you are on the electoral roll never be late for any credit payment ever once again pay more than the minimum when your credit cards monthly have actually direct debits set up for any unsecured borrowing you may have beware who you'' re connected to economically now this is a real big one since you'' ll be astonished if you'' ve got an old relationship partner or an old company partner you might have separated in the real world however are you separated financially pay insurance premiums every year put on'' t benefit from any month-to-month premium payments due to the fact that and I was actually shocked by this if you pay monthly often they will do a credit surge a hard search on your file and that in fact leaves a footprint on your credit file make sure that any addresses that you have on any old accounts tally with the details that you'' re putting forward to lenders today and last but not least if you are regrettable enough to be rejected by a lending institution you need to establish why and so I would suggest you go you call the lending institution you inquire which referencing company they use and they are obliged to inform you and then you contact that referencing company and you download your credit file from them and you develop specifically where the problem is because there'' s a possibility a very reasonable opportunity if you'' ve been treated unjustly that you might actually remedy that mistake so there you go there'' s eight reasons for your 8 actions rather that you can take but download their ebook since there'' s a total of 21 really great actions that will assist you I truly hope that you found this helpful as constantly therefore if you do please take a moment to register for my youtube channel if YouTube is your thing alternatively please like my Facebook page and this way I can keep you as much as date when the next video is readily available to you my name is tony law on your first 4 homes I really truly hope you discovered this one fascinating and I thank youAs discovered on YouTube – Creative Commons License

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