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Checkers, Woolworths, or Pick n Pay – Which is the cheapest?

Recently, financial advisors, JustMoney, sent their team to shop at the three largest grocery stores in their area, namely PnP, Woolies and Checkers. They bought the same 12 items from each store to compare prices.

Who do you think was the cheapest?

To keep things fair, the team tried to buy the same brands and sizes in each store and only focused on everyday foods like potatoes and bread. They also grabbed toilet paper.

Here’s what they spent in the three stores:

lady: R368.71

PnP: R411.99

Woolies: R442.34

At PnP, the JustMoney purchasing team was able to save R 16.00 thanks to the use of the Smart Shopper loyalty reward card.

Shop smart and save thousands of rand

As you can see, there can be a R73.63 difference of just 12 popular items that you shop for.

If you do this once a week it will be like that for 4 weeks R300 in a month.

Do that for 12 months and we’ll look into this R3600 Just from shopping in 3 different stores.

And remember, in this exercise, the purchasing team did not specifically focus on the best priced items in the three different stores, but rather focused on the same items and brands for consistency. Buyers can save even more by purchasing items at lower prices or special offers.

Continue reading: For more information on the JustMoney shopping survey, visit: JustMoney

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