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It is important that you are familiar with your creditworthiness as many financial companies see this as a reflection of your financial responsibility. For example, when you apply for a mortgage, the bank (or lender) will do a credit check to make sure you are at risk if your credit defaults. If you have a good credit rating, the bank might reward you with a lower interest rate. If your credit score is low, the bank may deny you credit altogether.

You can request your credit rating from the credit bureaus once a year for free. Most people are familiar with the three major nationwide credit bureaus Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Although most lenders use one (or all three) of these bureaus when checking your credit history and creditworthiness, there are other credit sports agencies as well. You can request a free credit report from any of these credit reporting agencies once a year. It is therefore important to know about the “fourth credit bureau”.


Although there isn’t a single “fourth credit bureau”, many people have nicknamed Innovis because it gathers much of the same information that the three major credit bureaus collect. In addition, Innovis offers an ID verification step to aid in fraud detection and prevention. Innovis also collects utility bills, rent payments, and magazine subscriptions. You can request a free annual credit report from Innovis either in person, online, by mail, or by phone.


ChexSystems is a credit bureau that mainly focuses on checking accounts. If you apply for a current account, the bank will probably ask ChexSystems whether there is any risk of you opening an account with ChexSystems. If you recently closed an account, ChexSystems will likely take care of it. It is a good idea to check your report with ChexSystems to ensure that the report does not contain inaccurate information.

Certegy Check Services

Certegy Check Services tracks the history of each employee’s check letter, making it easier for companies to predict whether a check is likely to bounce. The aim of using Certegy’s services is to help companies reduce check fraud. Whenever you write checks, be sure to file your annual free report from Certegy Check Services to make sure there are no checks listed.

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It is important that you check your credit report regularly to make sure that it is not listing inaccurate information. You can request a free report from one of these credit bureaus once a year. This improves your chances of getting a loan. Whether you are applying for a mortgage loan, a vehicle loan, or a credit card, it is good to have a clear picture of what lenders can see. Call us today for a free consultation! At the Key credit repair, We’re here to help!

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