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how you doing guys Deebo credit here
today is October 12th 2018 hope everyone is having a wonderful day today today
year is Friday and I’m hearing wonderful beautiful Orlando Florida just briefly
to anyone or any families that were affected by the hurricane hurricane
Michael my prayers and thoughts goes out to all those families and friends that
were affected I do have lots of family actually that were in the pathway of the
hurricane and I’m you know happy to report that nobody was seriously harmed
couple members lost piece of their houses and you know a couple cars were
damaged but no casualties thank God for that and and I hope everybody got
through that storm safe now on to the video here recently added a couple extra
things to our do-it-yourself credit repair kit so what I’m going to do is
I’m kind of going to go through everything or most of everything in the
credit repair kit that way you can kind of get an idea of what’s included in
that way you can make an educated decision if the price is actually worth
it some of you will definitely appreciate that I know if I was a client
or a customer I would definitely appreciate that also so to start with if
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gonna go through all that I’m pretty sure everybody everyone knows how to
Google so what I’m gonna actually do now I want to actually go through some of
the proof of exactly what type of items off your credit report that our
do-it-yourself credit repair kit can actually help you out and get removed so
let’s start there first proof is always good so we’re gonna start here can help
you move enquiries now this specific file has four pages and actually in
total there were 72 removed let me decrease the size you see there
wait can all that fit right there so here’s the first page here we’re just
going to go through the pages and you’re welcome to actually pause the video to
verify this in more detail but I’m not gonna spend much time on each slide here
just for the sake of time this is the second page here I’m a just page and
page in page of inquiries so this is the second page
here I’ll try to zoom in I’m not sure why this is not zooming in here no I
will keep moving on I’ll make sure to zoom in after I edit the video this is
page 3 page 3 zoomed in fine so that’s page 3 here and this is a
crazy amount of inquiries deleted all at one time matter of fact I think I mean
just kind of thinking back on all the inquiries that we removed I can’t think
of 72 or more coming all off at once now we got you know hundreds off before but
not all at one time normally they’re broken up until right around 30 or 40
but uh for this particular account here they all were removed all right so let’s
go to page 4 this is page 4 this is all the same account just different pages
just pages and pages of inquiries and then the last page is here alright so
those just showing you the proof here that with this Do It Yourself credit
repair kit you can also remove inquiries now as far as time frame inquiries inquiries can take different timeframes
everybody’s going to be different there’s not any guaranteed 100% way to
determine how long it will take I know when we remove them on average as of
lately you know it’s been anywhere between 30 and 45 days is pretty pretty
average sometimes it can be fast you know I have a video on
– now we’re only took eight days and had one recently I only took a couple weeks
then I had a cup wonder while back the note took almost two and a half months
three months almost and we’re really not sure why the timeframes are different
like that but for whatever reason if they don’t come off the first time just
continue two steps continue to send the letters start a five Marilyn just follow
the directions and uh the proof is in the pudding I just showed you that it
works student-loan so if you got any student loans those also can be removed
with this system it’s a little dark here I hope you can see it I’ll zoom in as
you can see here there’s a lot of Department of Education navient loans
that have been erased here there’s a second page here so these have also been
removed I try to zoom in so you can see and I see like the loan stop here rest
of these are actual arm like collections accounts but student loans come off I
mean any any account come comes off I don’t I’ve never seen any account that
won’t come off bankruptcy there’s one on bankruptcy that came off bankruptcy is
actually one of the easiest to come off but that came off we have another
bankruptcy here and this is an update from Credit Karma and as you can see
here US Bankruptcy Court removed right there that’s awesome so bankruptcies can
be removed and I’m just showing you all this because everyone has a different
situation some people might have bankruptcy some people might have
student loans some people might want inquiries removed some people have a
repo or whatever so that’s why we’re going through all these and people these
days they people don’t believe anything unless they see it these days
just like those reviews I showed you earlier like my facebook reviews like
people and I understand why because I do the same thing like what I’m searching
for products or service one of the first things I do is look at reviews and those
that’s very important that’s very important to any you know average client
or somebody looking for a service or a product so that’s why we’re going
through all these so let’s keep it moving let’s see where do we leave off
let’s see Oh child support all right so child support you can see
here child support was removed there’s that we got another instance here in
Alabama where the child support was also removed here try to zoom in on that for
you guys hopefully it’s clear and actually what I’m gonna do
let me open my task manager cuz every time I open a photo it saves it in the
background I’m gonna in some of these alright so collections so if you got any
collections those have come off very easy and collections is probably one of
the most common negative things on the credit reports another collection here
so those come off pretty easy if you got any repossessions so if you have a
repossession those are also come off pretty easy i’m as you can see here
there’s a company called credit acceptance corporation you guys might
have heard of those guys but that account here which was a which was a
repossession that was also removed um let’s go to foreclosure so
foreclosure here foreclosure was removed as you can see right here that was
removed so that’s a good one let’s see so we got more inquiries removed here
got a handful of and inquiries here removed it’s a little hard to see
because uh this is actually a picture taken from the actual computer screen so
apologize for that not being as clear but you can see here where they all were
deleted all right keep it moving so judgements so if you got any judgments
those can be removed as you can see here the civil judgment here it also has a
docket number and you can always tell the judgments well one because usually
to say judgment and then I also have a docket number attached to that judgment
and as you can see here it was deleted and all of these things were done using
our Do It Yourself credit repair kit and we’ll talk about more about that a
little later now late payments is a really big one like it’s hard getting
late payments off I mean I’ve been doing this for a while and it’s really tough
and I’m not gonna read this letter you’re welcome to pause the video and
read it yourself but basically this is a letter from credit one bank basically
saying that they’re gonna update this customers payment history because they
had you know some late payments and um basically just a certain letter that you
send a certain Department and sometime they will sometime they won’t you have
to keep trying you have to change up the wording and just got to be creative but
late payments definitely can also come off what they do it yourself credit
repair kit let’s see if we got a couple more repos so it’s another repossession
here that was remove one Federal Credit Union here
and let’s see where and we got another one from flagship credit acceptance repossession was also removed alright so
we’re gonna stop there as far as to proof I think you guys get the point if
you just follow the directions and the credit repair kit you will get similar
results but if you just sit on if you just sit around and just stare at the
credit letters in the kit nothing’s going to happen if you only mail one
time and only half your stuff comes off don’t quit you got to keep at it and you
got to keep going this is hard work it’s not easy you’re just not gonna just
throw a bunch of dispute letters out there and think the stuff which is gonna
disappear and then you start pouting and getting all bad and said this stuff
doesn’t work well maybe it does work but you got to be consistent
you got to dot your i’s cross your T’s make sure you doing every single step
correctly and believe me people just don’t do it they don’t listen I don’t
understand why if you want to fix your credit and you can’t afford to pay you
know credit repair company like mine or someone else’s to do your report that’s
understandable but you give them a second option for a fraction of the cost
any but you have to do something you have to do the work it’s hard work it’s
a lot of work and it’s gonna be a lot of time and you have to be patient that’s
just the truth that’s just the truth of the matter it’s not easy you know people
acts all the time but how long does this take well how long did it take you to
mix your credit up it took you 5 10 15 20 30 years and you think in two weeks
your whole credit is gonna be crystal clear and perfect no I understand we
live in a microwave society but you know you gotta have some realistic
expectations so I want to put that out there because people a lot to you and
I’m not for the lot to you I’m gonna tell you like it is I’m gonna tell you
the truth now with that said let’s dive right into the system alright so when
you open it up you’re gonna see this basically and I’m
just gonna start at the top so we’re gonna have five folders credit credit
repair letters one two and three and then we got two different six or nine
methods so part one and guys I actually lost count as far as how many dispute
letters because it gets confusing because if you open some of these up
there’s actually multiple dispute letters in one and I’ll show you what I
mean later so this is just part one and I put this part one because these are
this is kind of systematize where these have been working pretty good now this
does change periodically but the first section here we’re not going to go ahead
you can always open this up if you don’t know what something is it have an
explanation as far as what the letter can be used for some of this is
self-explanatory like a five-day reinsertion letter so sometimes stuff
comes back on your report and if you were not issued any type of warning in
writing this it’s the letter that you were sent because that is against the
Fair Credit Reporting Act they have to let you know at least within five days
we’re not going to go over all these so this is some inquiry letters here one
two three four five of them and you can open each one of them up because they
all serve a different purpose but you have those a goodwill letter so for late
payments it’s a good very nice goodwill letter that you can use I would
definitely recommend customize it to your own like until your own story or
why you relate how you won’t be late anymore and just make your story very
believable and um no just tell the truth you know sometime they will adhere to
your request sometime they won’t they don’t hey keep sending letters till they
do that’s exactly what I do then you got your
these are your regular dispute letters here these are these are all general so
for no matter what situation you are you can use these letters and I’ve set them
where they’re all so I have all these systematize in a certain order so these
are general letters so let’s say if you had a collection repo anything like that
anything negative you can use these letters just start here and then work
your way down and what I mean you’ll send this letter nothing happens then
you send this letter if nothing happens you’ll send this letter and you just
keep going until you get your desired results and also don’t just copy and
paste what’s already there if you do that most likely it’s not gonna come off
you’re gonna have to change it up a little bit you know you’re gonna have to
add a paragraph you know about your own story you have to make it very unique
because they have computers and when they keep saying the exact same letter
go through the little scanner that they have then that’s when they hesitate to
remove anything so I’m telling you now and you’ve been warned please please
PLEASE customize it to your own liking you don’t have to rewrite the entire
letter just take two to four sentences two to six sentences you know and add
your own twist to it so that’s this is the first part and just using this alone
you can fix your entire credit report but what I’ve done with this system is
that I gave you multiple options so it’s it’s gonna be overwhelming if you’ve
never did this before but just start up top and work your way down and read
everything so this is part two now part two you see where it says all all in one
this is another example and I’m gonna actually open this one up and this is
another example of a lost track of how many credit repair ladders are in here
as you can see I mean just look at this index here we have all these letters
here no matter what situation you’re in they’re in here so we have 25 letters
and if you go through here they’re all written out back to back back to back alright so again this is the all-in-one
credit repair letters and these actual letters were created by attorneys here
in Orlando Florida so these are very powerful very powerful letters here and
I just opened that one up just so you guys can see that there’s a lot more in
here than what you think and we got some bankruptcy stuff we got some bonus books
in here some systematized stuff all these things are let me just open let’s
see let’s open this one up there’s a lot of information in here this is over 131
131 pages a five step system that’s just a different method you can use to remove
things then we got a another credit repair ebook will I go through other
processes in different ways that you can remove your credits all 42 pages in this
one it’s a lot of a lot of information in here a lot of information alright
let’s see so affidavit affidavits now this affidavit I’m not going to open
that up open that up or the judge judgment letter
those are pretty powerful letters but affidavit affidavits is another hidden
secret in the credit repair business if you crop the correct affidavit had the
correct documents to support it get it notarized and Senate certified mail
that’s a very power full document you sent in first you need
to research what’s the affidavit affidavit is basically a statement of
facts that is certified by officer of the state
what is the officer of the state it’s a notary they are officers officers of the
state then you’re getting certified certified mail and a notarized affidavit
has to be answered they take those more serious than any
other document I have ever sent in so take that affidavit change it up
customize it to whatever situation that you have I don’t care what situation it
is and you send that to the credit bureaus and the more likely than not
you’re gonna get a response fast and long as you have the supporting
documents they should remove whatever that you’re trying to get off and
judgment demand letter is basically the same thing it’s just word it for
judgments to remove judgments so another powerful folder here guys and what
you’re getting it’s worth well more than the $50.

00 that you would pay I’m
actually going to have a second version to this that’s gonna be $97 and
basically the only difference is I’m just gonna have a quick start video
where I go through the steps that I will actually take initially to start
removing stuff faster and then part three here we’ve got more letters for
specific situations this is not release systematize these are like individual
letters for you know whatever situation that you might have and I also in the
individualized a four step letter for each credit bureau there and again tons
and tons of letters I hope you see the value of so much information in the
first six section 609 method is here and the biggest difference between the
methods is one is a little longer and one’s just shorter so if we go to the
main book here I don’t I can’t remember which one is which this is over 20 pages how let me see I don’t think this is the
one eventually one one’s longer than the other and that’s the only main
difference that’s all just a different wording you know there’s more than one
way to skin a cat know your soul I’m giving you so many different ways to
tackle whatever problem that you have because some systems or credit repair
letters they’re they’re decent letters there’s nothing wrong with their letters
but it’s only one way so if that one way doesn’t work where do you turn you know
that was a problem that I had back in the day where you know I got decent
letters even got a couple things off but for the rest of the information that
didn’t come off and wouldn’t come off no matter how many times I send it in I
didn’t have a second third fourth fifth option like I’m giving you guys so many
different options because I really want you guys to be successful I want you to
tackle your credit issues and also help your family and friends you know just
don’t hold this information yourself spread the wealth around there’s plenty
of help and people out there that need to help where were we yeah so that was
section 609 one and this is the actual second method let me open this one up is
it this one yeah I can’t remember I won’t get into it but
6:09 is very it’s very powerful and it’s very common method you probably heard
about section 609 before and also what I’ve done all throughout the entire
credit repair kit uses you’ll see a folder excuse me a file that says fcra
that stands for Fair Credit Reporting Act and within that you need to study
that you need to go to section 609 and study exactly what section 609 is it’s
going to be a little bit of a learning curve but once you learn this stuff it’s
just like riding a bike guarantee you you’ll start catching on
and understanding the significance of everything let’s see alright we won’t go
over an instructions a see list of phone numbers are pretty self-explanatory
alright so the rest of these are bonuses hundred ways to grid of your student
loans let’s see now this list right here the
list of consumer reporting companies that list is highly highly highly
important because these are the third-party
furniture’s that actually house our information and they sell our
information to the public and the trick is that you need to contact these
companies and you need to find out let’s open this up real quick I may update
this every year so this is updated as far as 2018 now this comes directly from
the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and this is also the people that you
will contact for any complaints also the BBB the Better Business Bureaus are also
a nice place to contact but the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the first
place that you should go for complaints dealing with their credit bureaus now
this book is going to go through all the companies that house our information I’m
not going to go through but just take a look at the table of contents now some
of the main ones that you want to contact is gonna be save screen
which is here page 33 LexisNexis also page 33 in of his 32 core logic 32
definitely want to contact those factor trust that’s been a big one lately page
31 clarity services I’ve seen them a lot page 29 in my B report so if you got any
medical collections you definitely want to contact MIB um let’s see and those
are some of the main ones yeah so those were the main ones that I just named
eventually you will contact everybody either by phone mail email or fax or go
online and find out do they have a file on you they don’t have a file on you
then fine you’re good if they do have a file on you you have the right to
receive a free copy of that request your copy look through it and if there’s
anything negative on there even if there’s something positive on there
while you’re fixing your own credit I will put a security freeze or a block on
that specific company that way when you’re fixing your credit they won’t be
able to verify your information that’s one of the tricks that we use that’s
what we use to remove a lot of items because if you block these companies
their credit Broz when I do investigations they rely on these
companies but if you freeze these or block them no one will be able to access
your file now keep in mind while you’re doing this do not apply for any credit
most likely your credit is already you know not so good you don’t want to mess
up any any further even if you do once you block or freeze your information you
won’t be able to what no company will be able to read your information so even if
you do apply for something most likely they’re going to give you an instant
denial letter and the reason is being because these accounts are block
which is good you want it block while you’re fixing your credit now we won’t
spend any more time into that but this is this should be one of your first
steps is contacting all these companies I mean that alone it’s powerful like
that’s that’s a powerful free resource they’re also you’re gonna get a free
income book I’m not gonna go to it into this video but it has lots I think
around 47 different ways where you can have your money work for you they got
some crazy examples of how you can make money it’s basically a book tie around
retirement where you can have a certain amount of money and you put it in
certain places and you basically get a percentage or like a dividend each
quarter what different strategy you you get paid different times of the year so
sometime you get paid four times a year sometimes you get paid once a year it
just really all depends and also again I added the Fair Credit Reporting Act you
need to study that as much as possible the more you know about the Fair Credit
Reporting Act the better off you will be and also some student loan information
and that all that together is the entire credit repair kit that we have it’s very
powerful guys this is a lot of this stuff I use now I do customized a lot of
it depending on the customer I have a customization with each customer that I
use but this is what I normally use when I’m taking care of other people’s credit
reports or inquiries or anything like that now that basically concludes that
entire process I’ll make sure to leave a link in the description and also I will
place the overlay on the video here where you can go download this credit
repair kit very powerful definitely remember all of the proof
that I showed you in the beginning as far as getting things erased because it
definitely produces very great results it’s only fifty dollars and actually
we’ll go to the website now if you type in d.

i.y dot d ee bo o can’t spell
specially d bo that’s DIY dot d ee bo CR e di t calm then that’s gonna
actually redirect you to our by page here a lot of the stuff is probably
going to change by the time you see it I’m gonna change this video here and
I’ll still have to add another product where we have the regular one for fifty
dollars and then we’ll have an upgraded version for $97 which I will include a
quick start video where I go in more detail and I’ll open up some of the
letters and actually show you some examples of exactly how you should be
doing everything and I think a lot of you will really appreciate that again if
you haven’t subscribed please subscribe to our Channel and I created this kit
because I understand when I first started you know I understand that I
didn’t have a lot of money even though you know you might have a job everybody
can’t afford credit repair services you know that’s that’s just a matter you
know that’s just the facts and I understand it makes expensive but I
understand why it’s expensive and I didn’t understand until I start actually
repairing credit myself over ten years ago and there’s a lot of time into it
there’s a lot of trial and error there’s a lot of patience that you need the
credit repair industry things change so much even recently like a couple days
ago Google had a data breach and they’re
shutting down Google+ there’s always data breaches and Equifax
so things change a lot laws change you can actually freeze your credit for free
now so you gotta just stay up on on the credit game stay involved learn as much
as you possibly can have some patience don’t give up guys
have motivation it’s gonna get tough you’re gonna get frustrated I’m telling
you now it’s gonna get frustrating because you’re gonna do exactly what you
were supposed to do but their credit Burroughs and/or the creditors just
refuse to do what they supposed to do and I tell people all the time is that
we don’t have much control people you know we can send in letters we can do
all the things that we need to do but in the end after we mail it off or fax or
going on or however we do it that’s it it’s out of our hands at that point so
what we try to do is we try to do as much as we can and gather as much
information as we can to send to the credit Burroughs mostly I really don’t
deal with the creditors so I can’t really comment on them if I have to but
I mainly deal with the credit Burroughs just I think it’s just easier to deal
with them because they’re the actual ones that are reporting this stuff to
other companies but yeah I definitely understand what people are coming from
50 bucks for what you’re just seeing I think that is very very very very cheap
considering the information that you’re getting and the amount of information
that you’re getting I forgot how many letters it is I start off at 40 and
right here I said 70 some think we’re probably probably close to a 100 right
now as far as individual credit repair letters and that way like I said I give
you more than one option you need more than one option to tackle your own
credit but yeah back to the example like when I first started I didn’t have a lot
of money a lot of stuff I was doing I was doing for free you know just kind of
googling stuff and getting free letters and you know I tried everything
and sometimes it works sometimes it didn’t but fast 14 years I haven’t
forgot why I came from so I definitely understand they’re just families that
are they’re counting on this you know this $50 could be a lot for some people
and I understand that’s why I don’t have the price very how can you sell this for
five hundred bucks and I won’t even blink because I know it’s worth more
than five hundred dollars so but I’m not gonna do that
fifty dollars is good I’m have another version of this 497 you guys have any
questions or concerns definitely you can email us at lawyer credit solutions at

com you can also text us at 407 four seven six zero five zero eight if
you have any questions or concerns if you like this video guys please like it
share subscribe to our Channel and I definitely wish everybody happy trails
as far as preparing their own credit and I know you guys are going to enjoy this
journey and I’m here with you guys if you need any help any motivation please
contact me you guys be blessed take care

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