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[, Music, ], hey guys, thanks for watching this video, please download my latest ebook hello, everyone. This is counting Russell CEO and founder of 850 Club credit consultation. I hope everyone is doing well today.

Today, we’re gonna talk about 8 things. You should ask any credit coach expert consultation person, whatever they want to call themselves nowadays before you start working with them. These are the 8 things you want to just have a checkoff list that you guys should go by before you started working before you start working with them and giving them your personal information, your money and things of that sort.

It just makes sense. Let’s, jump straight into it. It’s. First off, it seems like everybody is a guru when it comes to credit and really what I’m starting to see now is that a lot of people are quote.

Watch This Before Working With A Credit Repair Person/Company - 850 Club Credit Consultation Unquote. Experts based on their own personal experiences and not necessarily experiences of those of which they’ve, seen from different avenues other than their own report. You know so, but again I’m, not knocking that, because again some people may have a similar situation, but the problem is: is that when people start giving advice, you know, and they don’t get that those same results from that Type of advice that’s when things start to get question.

Of course, I’m, not perfect in any measure myself, but at the same time you know I’ve seen you know back at my old job, I saw 30 to 40 credit applications a day and I’ve. Seen everything from you know three 50s all the way up to well, I was sorry, three hundreds all the way up to eight 50s fight gold based scoring methods and that’s for six years.

I saw that so and a lot of people see stuff like that, beat their work at banks and other financial institutions. They have access to the same things that I do but oh, but I always kind of just studied the report and just looked at it and see what makes a person you know, five hundred, what makes a person a seven hundred.

I first started this business. I used to give people, you know I had clients who would quote-unquote donate their reports to me and I used to show people what that looks like I may see. I may do a video on that, so you guys cuz.

Some of you guys have never seen an 800 a credit score before, and I have a client of mine. This was like four years ago. She gave me her report and I think it’d, be pretty cool to show people that, because I should show my clients that back in the day, but either way we’re gonna talk about let’s.

Get straight to the list: okay, so number one: are they fight gold Pro certified? It’s gonna be hard to find a lot of people that a fight go pro certified and FICO. Pro certification is a certification of Fair Isaac and corporation the company that actually makes the FICO score.

Watch This Before Working With A Credit Repair Person/Company - 850 Club Credit Consultation They came up with a certification program. I’m not too long ago, made about four years ago, four or five years ago, and it was optional. It was not mandatory for any industry, no from it. Wasn’t mandatory for Baker’s; mortgage brokers, real estate agents, anyone in the financial industry that deals with credit all the time – and you know they’re around people.

Getting approved getting people that are getting, you know, denied and things of that sort, but either way it wasn’t mandatory. You know it’s completely optional. Anyone could take it as long as you paid.

You know the fee at the time that I took mines. It was four hundred and fifty dollars and which wasn’t a lot you know, and but I learned so much even outside of the auto industry. You know so that plays a role so and again, just to guys know this isn’t to talk about me or my company.

These are just things that again, but it did help me shape how I wanted to structure my company because, as I was building this business, I wasn’t FICO certified when I first started, but I wanted someone to tell me or my potential clients That hey this guy knows what he’s.

Talking about you know so, based on their algorithm. Because again you know, I love Credit Karma. I love all the rest, these other! You know algorithms are out there, but let ‘ S be honest. You know if a person understand how FICO works.

You know, then, of course, they understand know how the banks are gonna work and what they’re gonna be looking for, so that’s. One thing that you want to look for if that person FICO certified, I’m, not the only one, by the way it’s a lot of people, but it’s like less than six thousand nationwide or less than Five thousand nation, and that’s gonna really, you know kind of you know, put people into a difficult position when you accent them because they may not even have any idea that’s.

Another thing it does it doesn’t mean that a person is not good at what they do know there’s. No, there was no program promoting it. But again I dug for the information I reached out to Fair Isaac, incorporation and, I said, hey, you know how do I learn more about your algorithm that you guys have pretty much? Have the entire market share over and they said you know what check out this site and we’ll, see we ‘

Ll approve your business. It was a whole big deal that to prove you, they have to prove your business, and then you take the course. You have the packs. Of course. It’s, a three day course so, but either way that’s.

The number one thing that you want to ask number two you want to ask: are they paying taxes on their business? You’re gonna, be surprised to find out a lot of people not paying taxes on their businesses, and yet that shows another.

You know level of legitimacy again guys it’s, nothing wrong with accent, questions you’re gonna, be giving someone your social security number your date of birth. I mean these are these. Are things that some of your best friends, don’t have access to family members? You know significant others.

They’re gonna be saying you know, you know a lot of your personal information. It’s, not so much the credit report. It’s more. So the fact that you trust someone not to go out and go steal your identity or sell your information to someone else.

You know so you want to make sure that they’re, actually paying taxes on their business. That plays a role it doesn’t matter. Of course, you’re, not going to net worth and gross income, and things less.

So if you don’t want to, of course you don’t have to, but at the same time it makes sense at least acts and say: hey, you know. If you don’t mind me accent, do you have an EIN number? Are you paying taxes on your business because again, I need to know that the IRS, because, again, that I tell you guys, time and time again how many clients I have myself that have worked with other people.

They’ve taken the money. They can do absolutely anything, and then, of course, who are you gonna go to at least with the IRS? You guys can track to help track these people down and shut their businesses down, because they make it more difficult for people like myself number three, you want to see if they have a secure website, how do you have to have a secure website? Well, just like you guys are on YouTube right now.

If you look at, if on your phone tablet, your type of browser in the browser there’s, going to be a grain lock, that lock means that the site that you’re on is secure. That doesn’t mean that the cookies won ‘

T follow you that’s, because that’s most demos. Definitely, but you can always do not cookies as well. You know that’s. Another law, if you know what state you’re in, but either way to keep things simple yeah you should you guys to see a grain lock on the actual address bar when you’re going to any sites? So if you’re gonna, like walmart.

com, if you’re going question YouTube. If you’re in Google, I mean you’re gonna start to notice. If most people usually visit a lot of big branded sites daily, so you probably have gotten used to it, but a lot of smaller sites they’re, not protected.

That means that they just have a domain name. Let’s, say a one credit com, I’m, not knocking. Whoever has that domain by the way, but cuz I haven’t been to the site, but either way. If someone has hey, you know I can fix any score or calm or whatever.

You know that site may not be secure, meaning that if you’re, giving personal information, no debit card information, that’s, why PayPal, which I’m gonna get to shortly, that’s? Why PayPal takes you from that person’s? Site brings you to their site, collects that money.

Then it takes you back to that person’s site because their site is unsecure when you guys are able to make payments on the actual site itself, then a glycol course on my page or a lot of people’s pages as Well, when you’re able to do that, that means their site is secure, because you want to make sure that this you know people are not hacking into stuff, and you know so.

I talked to my web server provider at least once a month to make sure that no, the spam is not an issue to make sure that there’s, not people trying to get into stuff because not first start this business.

I always get a lot of spam messages and things of that sort. This is well before I even started making well taking payments online. Because again you know my business has now been growing into a nationwide business.

So, of course, I’m, not able to take every single phone call and take payments over the phone. So a lot of people just go to my website and just make their payment, but everything gets secured. But again it’s.

Not about me, I’m, just giving you guys, my own. You know, structure on how I things I thought of. If I were to work, you know if I was to look for someone in this industry. It doesn ‘ T have to be me, but these are things that you guys should have set at and a minimum standard.

Okay, so number four! You want to ask them what’s, their credit score? It’s. Okay, to ask someone that’s. Gon na be helping. You build your score. Okay, what their credit score is now, if you want to go to another length, you can ask them to send you a screenshot, but I mean you know it all depends again.

This is your social, your date of birth, your personal information is out there. I’m an example. You know let’s say you know. If you’re a woman – and you know you’re having you know, I don’t, know relationship issues and you go to you know you’re one of your good friends now, but as you’re choosing your friends to go to to get advice from right relationship advice.

Are you gonna go to the girl who can & # 39? T keep a man or you’re gonna go to the girl who’s been a long, lasting relationship. My point exactly so. Why would you guys do the same thing? You know if you’re gonna be getting it &.

# 39 s, informational people, there’s, a lot of companies that, starting to pop up, I’m, not gonna name any companies. You got an easily google them, but they’re. You know a lot of companies popping up direct sales companies popping up now where people are quote, unquote, credit experts – and now you know you have these people.

They have no idea about credit. They took a couple day, training on something it wasn’t FICO training for sure, and it just says: hey tell this person this and we’re gonna write this letter for this, and you know, while I, this person has no Beautiful credit, even if that didn’t work now you’re, creating zombies out there with great credit, and they have no idea what to do next, but that is not working like that.

Anyway, you need to find out it. Can a person help you get to where you’re trying to go, and not just off of Theory go off of experience. You know, can you help me based on how you’ve, helped yourself and other clients as well number five? Are they a home owner a lot of my clients that start working with me? They eventually have a dream of homeownership, whether it be a condo, a multi-family unit, building or whatever you know again.

That plays a role you know, and again this goes back to. Would you go to that person that does not? You know that can’t, keep a man, or would you go to your guy? They know that he’s, always having girl issues.

These are. These are major things. You know that you should think about before working with someone, because how can someone show you how to get into a seven no score and they’ve, never gotten there themselves.

How can someone show you how to purchase a home if they don’t have a home. You know this makes real-estate agents no question themselves as well too, because it’s different when you speak from a level of experience and it’s not to water down people, services in any way, shape or form it’S just a matter of okay is this: this person can still be on your list, but it just prioritized the list, because everything shouldn’t be about price.

I’ve, had people question my prices and when I was building my business you know I was looking for ways to show people that hey, I’m, really helping people, and so one of my easiest ways to do that was.

I was doing a conference call, so I would interview people that I had honestly had actually helped and again, even if people didn’t know who this person was their audience knew it was their voice, and these were people that they pretty thought.

They thought pretty highly of and it was like we know either this person is lying for and or this this person actually got helped by this guy. You know so that played a role, so you guys got to look for results.

Look on their website. Look for results, look for reviews again! You’re gonna be giving someone your personal information. It only makes sense to check it out number seven. Okay. What do they do outside of dispute letters? Oh my god! Everyone talks about dispute letters in Section 602, 603.

609. All this this described now I’m, not saying that the stuff is not real. What I’m saying is that people just say: oh well, section this and this and whatever it’s like a person trying to give you know a button or a scripture from the Bible.

Okay, just because they give you a scripture, don’t know the meaning that they know they’re. Talking about okay, it’s. Gon na give you a section and something they know you’re, not going to read or look up.

Okay, most people, not some some will, but most people not gonna look up. You know if the actual you know, laws that have to do with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and things of that sort. They’re, not gonna do all of that so because of the day, so they come with this special letter and then, of course you know book.

But let me here’s. A deal I’ve had clients that have been in the high fives little sixes or mid fives, whatever there’s, nothing that needs to be disputed. Okay. So what do you? What do people do outside of dispute? Letters? Ask them these questions, you know: do they have some type of edgy patient? Okay, that goes into number eight? Are they educated or no? You know how auto loans work, how payments work and things that so because again, what are the top three things that people are focused on credit cards, auto loans, mortgage loans, people pretty much know how credit cards work, but it’s still good.

To say: hey: do you have credit card education? Do you understand the Terr system? What you want to do the video on the credit card tier system as well, because, again, I think people have been watching my videos and kind of come up with their own and my okay.

Let me just do a video on this and again I’m, not knocking anyone that’s on YouTube or anyone is in the credit industry. But these are questions you have to ask yourself as a consumer just because someone acts like they know what they’re talking about even myself.

No look. Look at look. People up, Google people try to figure out. You know. Is this someone you want to work with? Does it make sense to work with them again? No one’s. Perfect! I’m, not perfect, but at the same time aren’t know.

Do they have documentation to back up and education to back up, especially outside of just dispute letters you guys. Can google just few letters you know, but it’s not about you know the actual letter itself, because something don’t need that or what happens when they get all the negatives off you know so now hey.

How do I get from 600 to 700? Oh, I don’t know let’s. Add a trade line. Things like that! No plays a huge role. Number eight! Okay, do what first off what are what ways aren’t. They collecting their money, it’s, nothing wrong with taking cash, but if that’s, the only way that they take their payments, then that’s got to be like a red flag.

Okay, that goes into, of course, not just the tax portion but again see when you do. You have a merchant account just like a department store. Has a merchant account a gas station? Has a merchant account see most people are used to when they want to start a business or quote unquote business they go through.

Of course you know PayPal or square well, just so you guys know you cannot run a credit industry based business, credit, repair, consultation, credit, coaching, credit guru, credit expert. Whatever you want to call it, you can’t, run any type of business like that.

Through PayPal or a square card reader, the reason Wells square, whatever it’s called, but either way you cannot do it. It’s actually against their User Agreement. Why is that? Because it’s considered a high risk industry.

Why is it considered high risk because people they charge these people whatever? No matter what the cost is three hundred three thousand whatever and they’re. Taking people’s money, they’re, not doing anything with it, and the amount of complaints with the FTC are so high.

It’s, become a high risk industry and because of that people, if people can’t trust people, you can ask them. How can I pay you? What’s, your sources of payment? They say well, just ten it to me. Do paypal know number one has to kiss their user agreement and number two PayPal hasn’t found out yet see.

I was doing so much business with PayPal, just of course, just with this business alone they reached out to me, and they tried to upgrade me to another business account. They say what industry are you in.

So I’m just having a general conversation, because I didn’t, know and sure enough. He says: hey, you know you can’t you can’t have an account with us, I said. Well, how am I supposed to know that and then, of course they cut my stuff off and less in like two weeks.

So just keep that in my card reader pay world all these other things. Merchant accounts they’re gonna do a background check. They’re gonna do a credit check and they’re gonna make sure that they can take.

You know, actual debit cards through their website and that website better be secure and PCI compliant PCI compliant. These are things that people don’t necessarily that their website qualifies to actually take debit cards and credit cards do their site without leaving that site.

That’s. What people don’t know it’s like Shopify. You can buy on somebody’s site because again they’re, paying monthly, but in that monthly fee they don’t know because they don’t read it, but that’s. The PCI compliance there’s us making this their website secure.

But again you cannot run a credit business. Do that type of platform either, because again it’s, a high risk industry, okay, all right guys, and that’s. Pretty much it so those are the eight things you should ask before working with any credit coach guru, whatever you want to call themselves nowadays, everyone’s now a credit expert or whatever.

But those are the eight things that you guys want to ask before us. You start working with some or all these trying to narrow your your list down and again it’s, not just things that I have it’s, more sort of things that these are things I look for as a consumer when I Was looking to improve my own credit, because I really wasn’t to work with someone just because I didn’t want my personal information out there like that at the time, and I felt like because I worked at the dealership.

I should know more about it and, of course I got more involved. I made phone calls. I just learned as I went, but again you guys work with whoever you guys want to work with. I’m gonna say you guys have to work with me.

I’m, just saying that wherever you are and wherever know, wherever you decide to end up giving your money to in your personal information just do know it’s. Okay, to ask questions. So if you like this video going to give the thumbs up, if you want to share this video, if you know someone that’s looking to work with, you know someone that actually knows you know about the credit side of the business.

Of course, they can be me as well as a lot of other people that are out there as well too, so you can go ahead and subscribe. I always have great videos on the way and then, of course you know if you know someone that can use this information right away, you can always share it as well.

So thank you guys. So much have a great day: [ Music, ]

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