was past due 60 days : CRedit


Will the account ever stop saying this? I missed a total of 4 payments on multiple cards in 2015. It was a bad summer for many reasons. I have a subscription to Experian and I plan to take out a mortgage later this year or early next year.

It’s a little frustrating to see different ratings for different types of scores. Of course, that’s the point of the various specialized reviews, but I would expect the reviews to change, but not necessarily the descriptions.

I’m at 683 on Fico2 which is kind of my focus for a mortgage. I get hit to keep my occupancy at 60% but pay 7-8% per month. What annoys me is the bad payment history thing. It’s not inaccurate but let’s ignore that lol. I really want 700 on my fico2.
My Fico8 sits at 722 and seems to give more weight to newer activities. It doesn’t mean a serious crime if I thought the 6 year old 60 day late would qualify.

In my current report, on one or maybe two of the cards, the current status is: 60 days overdue. These late payments are now approximately 6 years old. Will it stop referring to these after 7 years? Even if the account remains active?

My wife has 840 credit and I am annoyed that she is great and I suck.
Credit https://imgur.com/gallery/J7zGHNI.

Of course, at this point I can only pay on time and get my usage under control. Should I expect another good improvement this year or do I have to wait for the other lates to drop?

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