Trying to have 4 tiny collections debts removed : CRedit


For your information, I am already following the advice I was able to find here, particularly on this – you have been invaluable, thank you very much. My credit has improved tremendously thanks to all of you.

I have a few annoying things on my credit, however – three small medical bills and a small tuition fee that went into collections. I lived with my parents between the apartments and their address was on a couple of bills that should have gone me. In short, my dad is an alcoholic and some clues that would otherwise have made it to me didn’t. I’m ready to take my medicine on anything I’ve screwed up personally, but these few really bother me. My payment history is otherwise excellent.

I read somewhere that if the original creditor were to recall the debt that I then paid off with the original creditor, the debt collection agency would have to end up erasing them. I found forum posts claiming that they negotiated this outcome.

I asked the college administrator in charge of this debt. He was polite but told me that what I suggested was “loan trading” and was illegal.

Is that true? I can see how this might violate the collector’s agreement with rating agencies, but not how the school would imply it.

If so, then I will continue on the other usual routes.

If not, does anyone have any advice on how to get a middle-class college administration official to do something other than cover his ass? 😂 I have a feeling this is going to be an uphill battle.

Any other possible avenues not mentioned above would be greatly appreciated. I am not exactly optimistic, but I am willing to be persistent on this if there is hope.

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