STOP! Read This Before You Send Credit Repair Dispute Letters



Whether you’re working on your own credit or your credit repair client’s credit, you’re always in a hurry. There’s a car to finance or a house to buy, and it all depends on that one simple score. How fast can you speed up the process? How many disputes can you send once without causing office problems? Are these 2 items, 5, 10, 20? Or can you just challenge as many as you want? Well, this has been an ongoing debate since the credit repair industry began years ago. People love to argue about it. In this episode, I’ll set the record straight. I will give you the secret answer to all of these questions once and for all. So stay here!

So the big question is this. How can we turn our passion for helping people with their credit into a successful business without borrowing, without spending a fortune, by pulling it out of nowhere so that we can help most people and still be highly profitable? That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Daniel Rosen and I welcome you to Credit Repair Business Secrets.

Okay, before I dive in, I invite you to join the Credit Hero Challenge if you want to get certified in three different areas of credit repair and a lot more in just 14 days. Visit today! OK. How many disputes should you submit at one time? First, understand that it is perfectly legal to deny everything on a credit report at once. Completely legal! And a lot of people do that. But the offices will almost always mark them. And that’s because if there are too many disputes at once, it is almost always assumed that the disputes will be resolved by a credit repair company, and they may consider all disputes reckless or reckless. But why? And what does that mean? Well, under Section 623 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the bureaus and information facilities are not required to investigate a direct dispute if the Furnishings have reasonably determined that the dispute is frivolous or irrelevant. And having too many items contested at the same time is a surefire way to be considered frivolous. How many are too many Okay, it really all depends on who you ask. So I asked some of the best credit repair companies and the greatest experts out there, the people who make the most money on their credit repair businesses. And do you know what the vast majority of them said? Well, those with the most successful companies all said the same thing. You said you should never contest more than five items at a time. Five seems to be the secret number that will allow you to progress relatively quickly without marking your disputes with the offices as frivolous. Well, this is really important because if you are marked as an office then they can refuse future disputes. And at least this will really slow down your progress and overall results. Okay, although you can dispute as many items as you like in one letter in the first round of Credit Repair Cloud, you should limit the number of disputes to a maximum of five items per cycle. There are certainly exceptions. If it’s identity theft, I mean real one, okay? And if you include a police report as well, or if it’s bogus personal information, but if it’s actually credit account disputes, it’s best to take it slow, okay? Don’t be impatient. Take your time, be systematic, and only ever have a handful of disputes. And you know what will pleasantly surprise you that sometimes less is more. And if you want to use the proven and effective methods we teach in our Basic Dispute Course to review, dispute accounts, send alerts, investigate, intervene, file complaints, request validation, and a whole host of others real methods strategies that will actually get you results. I’m offering this certification course for free as part of our 14-day Credit Hero Challenge, where we actually hold you by the hand while you open your own credit repair business in just a few weeks. And it costs less than it would to take your family to McDonald’s for dinner. Okay, it’s very affordable and it’s amazing! Visit to join the challenge and receive the basic disputes certification course for free. And when you find the value in this podcast, click below to subscribe, okay? And if you’re feeling extra nice, leave me a review, give me a thumbs up … give me something! Because this is a new podcast and I can use all the help I can get. And I can’t wait to see you on the next episode. Until then, be a loan hero and change life!

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