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caption hi what'' s up YouTube fan Brandon Weaver here once again and today we'' re talking about the statutes of constraint alright another video this week we always have one come out on Monday early mornings however I desire to offer more to you provide more kindly to you and raise the bar so I put out these benefit videos every week now pressing more 2 three 4 as many videos we can get out so statutes of limitation and what do they suggest for you so each state in the United States has a statute of constraint on debt collection how they can come for you and a claim all right so bottom line can they sue you for the debt that you supposedly oh it'' s outside the statute of limitation significance it'' s to hold in your state it could be four years five years 6 years okay federally it'' s seven years however if it'' s outside that time frame too old they can not sue you for the financial obligation they might ask you they might call you like hey will you pay this can you pay when you pay however they can not legally sue you for the debt statute of restriction all right so what does that mean for you if it'' s on your credit report and without closet statutes of limitation they can'' t sue you so it ' s a bit like a zombie debt they can ask you'to pay however if you put on ' t pay they ' re not enabled to sue you yeah and if you were to dispute a name to be erased due to the fact that it could not be validated whose unreliable outdated old all that excellent things that we teach you how to do at 6:09 or we can do it for you if it'' s outside the areas constraint and it erased you can not be taken legal action against for it it'' s gone it ' s off your credit report your credit report is better than ever before and that is where we desire you to be so recap statutes of constraints if it'' s outside they can'' t see you for the debt all best men I actually appreciate you all subscribing it'' s wonderful this channel is growing and if you sanctuary'' t subscribed please do I believe you'' re going to love material so struck the little bell for alerts struck the red button to subscribe and I will see you all on the other side take careAs found on YouTube – Creative Commons License