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So today I want to share with you seven different ways that you can fix your credit score now. Paying attention to your credit score cannot only help you lower interest on future loans, but can also really help you across the board or when it comes to making sure you’re trying to build wealth over time now.

In case you’re new here, my name is Dennis and I actually love talking about apps and services that really help you build wealth. So talking about credit scores and how to fix them can be really important to you.

So let’s. Go over these seven different things now. The first thing on this list is working with any dual Linkwood loans. Now in case you don’t know if you have any billing put loans that make sure you stick around, because I’m gonna share with you how you can actually get your credit report entirely for free.

So you can make sure if you have delinquent loans, you can get them taken care of now. Getting rid of these loans is really important. This means that maybe you had a loan that you forgot about or left alone, and it went to other creditors.

So you want to get this taken care of as quickly as possible. Removing it from your credit report will help fix your credit score pretty drastically. Now next up is going to be disputing any inaccuracies.

Now I’m, not talking about things that you don’t want to become there, but are actually on there because of things you’ve done, but maybe something that is accidentally put onto your credit report now.

If this is the case, you want to really make sure that you have this disputed so that way you can get it removed now number three is going to be very close to the second one here, which is disputing these loans and if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.

There are professionals out there that can actually help you go through the process. I’ll have one that LinkedIn D show notes down below you guys can check them out. They’re called Lexington law. They can help you dispute a lot of the different things on your credit report.

Now next up is going to be increasing your credit limit on your current cards now. I know this might sound contradictory to trying to fix your score because getting a credit increase that might actually cause them to look at your credit report, which means you’re gonna get it lowered because it’s, a hard inquiry, But increasing your credit limit on cards that maybe you’re either not using or have filled up it’s actually beneficial.

As long as you’re, not gonna add any more money to those cards. So having your credit line, increase means that you’re gonna have more credit available with, hopefully not using it, which will lower your credit utilization and actually help your credit score in the long run.

So it’s. A quick small hit on your credit, but it can actually help you in the long term, now kind of going along with increasing your credit limit is so decreasing your utilization. If you’re, not too familiar with this, it’s.

Pretty much that you want to have 30 % of your overall credit being used all at once. So, to give you a quick example, if you have about $ 10,000 in credit cards all across the board, personal loans or credit cards altogether, you don’t want to have more than $ 3,000 on those loans all in one.

So if it makes it easier for you try to knock down those loans as best as possible, but also increasing, like I mentioned earlier so that way you can have your credit utilization under 30 percent and don’t worry house.

Loans are different segments of this utilization, so it’s, not gonna affect you in that same way for having a house loan on your actual credit report. So number six is setting up Auto payments on your card.

Now, if you don’t already do this and you have missed payments before. I would highly recommend that you set up auto payments so that way you don’t forget missing. A payment can really affect your credit score pretty significantly.

So you want to make sure that this doesn’t happen, so go through the process and set up auto payments. So you don’t, miss a thing and you’ve, helped your credit score in the long run. Now, next up on this list is going to be checking your credit report on a regular basis.

So when you check your credit report, you’re gonna be able to help fix a lot of the things that we talked about here today, because you understand what is actually on your report now there are a ways, so you can get your Credit report entire three – and I have my video right over here – that I want you to check out, so you can learn how to get that entirely for free and start working on some ways to fix your credit score.

Thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll, see you in the next video

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