Our big idea


Yesterday I wrote about the sale of the car and that we have an idea of ​​what we want to do with the proceeds. In trying to be a bit more transparent (because I know you all want to know how much we got!) It wasn’t a huge amount. The car was in excellent condition but had a smidge over 100,000 miles. We accepted an offer of $ 4,500. Nothing earth shaking, but still a nice amount to add to our savings. We’re also getting $ 467 back from our auto insurance as I just paid our six month premium. Since I have already booked this money, I will put it in savings as well.

Now to the big idea. It’s about our future house renovation.

Given Hub’s job insecurity, it probably seems strange to me to even think about our home renovation. We won’t do much until his company has another secure contract. Well that is, besides getting the plans. We wouldn’t do that either if there hadn’t been a certificate that (should) cover the costs.

We bought our home and knew we were going to make significant changes. We are blessed to live by a lake and have four acres of land and this was one of the few places we could afford. You know the old saying: a house can be changed, but you cannot change its location.

I can’t remember if I wrote about the first female designer to be banned from her job. That happened in February / March and then all this COVID stuff hit. Fortunately, we didn’t have too many hours to design, as we’ve now decided to ditch the first plan. The reason is because the cost of the actual changes was (in my opinion) as fabulous as it would have been. Another problem was that our property taxes would likely have tripled. So we went back to the drawing board and I came up with another chicken scraper idea.

When Hubs was at home, we met the designer and the contractor in their office. The plan for them made sense, and the builder said the cost would be significantly less. One major change is that we’re going to build a barn first. The original plan was to move our existing garage and use it as a store. The barn will be bigger than the garage, which means more storage space, which we desperately need. We’re not pack rats, but mowers that store lawn furniture, kayaks, a future boat, and all Hubs store items take up space! If everything goes as planned (doesn’t it?), Our home renovation will happen a year or two after the barn is built. The barn has to pass first as this will likely be our home for 6-8 weeks. (Isn’t that how many weeks these renovations at HGTV take?) Something tells me a family would have something else to say about contractors and their schedules!

Later this month, the designers and builders plan to come to our house for a site survey. It has been over two years since the builder came to our house so it makes sense for them to double check. It can also give us a better idea of ​​how much it will all cost. Hubs has received two more estimates for the barn that coincide with our builder.

Provided we have no negative financial changes. Maybe next summer we’ll build a barn. We intend to get cash flow without using inheritance funds. For this to be possible, we need to focus heavily on saving. Getting our house paid off by Hubs before retirement is still on track. I just like the extra pillow that is paid extra.

Now for this savings! I may need to review Kim’s savings chart for extra motivation.

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