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National Debt Relief William Story – Best Deal Right Now?

Meet William. After the death of his wife in 2006, his financial condition when into the tank.

Because of her illness and untimely death he had effectively lost a third of his family income and it was nearly impossible to keep up with making the minimum payments on the over $47,000 in credit card debt that they had accumulated.

Add to that the late charges and over the limit fees and medical bills, something had to give, William was in serious trouble!

He had another debt settlement company and all they did was take his money and give him no service after promising him help. Then the company filed bankruptcy and kept all the money he sent them. Money that was supposed to be going towards paying off his debt!

This is when he heard about and contacted National Debt Relief. His first contact to their office was friendly and he was given an outline of what to expect from them. They answered his many questions honestly, their fees and terms were reasonable and he set up a savings account that he felt he had complete control over.

He started having payments to the account automatically debited from his checking account so he didn’t have to remember to send the payments each month. Once the money had accumulated and National Debt Relief started negotiating the debt, they proved to him that they are “masters of their profession.” National Debt Relief stopped two court actions and all the other collection efforts on top of settling his debt for nearly half of what he owed. All this time keeping him completely informed of what they had accomplished.

According to William, “Would I use National Debt Relief’s services again? I hope I’ll never have to do it again, but if that dire of a situation ever arose again, YES, I’d use it in a heartbeat! They provided me with “Friendly Service,” a “Plan that Worked” and “No False Promises.” What more can you ask for?”

What’s more is there are no upfront fees and no fees until you see your debts reduced. Not to mention a money back guarantee if you are ever unsatisfied. Start improving your financial condition by speaking with National Debt Relief today to see how they can help you.

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