Is there a way to raise my credit score 100 points in 6 months : CRedit


Recently my spouse and I decided to buy a house. When we applied to get pre-approval, the lender informed me that my loan was 546 while their loan was 700. It was approved for $ 120,000. The lender informed us that if we reduced some of their pre-existing debt (2 car loans, 3 credit cards, one 1% and two 75%) they could get a higher loan. So we decided to repay the bulk of his loan debt and try again in 6 months.

My question: is it possible / how can I get my score to the minimum of 640 in 6 months so I can take out the mortgage too?

I made some bad decisions when I was young. I checked my credit report on

According to Transunion, I opened a negative account that opened on March 14th. This is a charge I paid out last year that is due to be removed on September 21st. Accounts in good condition are my car loan, which was always in good condition last May. My $ 800 Firestone card opened last July but was never used. My credit card opened in 6/2019 with a limit of $ 450, but the usage has been quite high as I recently discovered that this led to what is being paid out this week. My thimble new beginning, which took place on October 18th. Open and on November 18th Has been closed. My Foxglove account has a limit of $ 800, but the usage has been increasing since I used it to buy my kids for Christmas this year, which will be paid out next week. I also have 4 requests, 1/21, 7/20, 1/20 and 12/19.

Experian has all of the same info as Transunion with the addition of a medical bill in the collection for $ 123 I pay this week and various tough inquiries. These are dated to 1/21, 1/20, 11/19, 11/19 and 5/19.

Finally, Equifax has the same information as Experian with the addition of my Badcock account with a $ 5000 limit and 0% occupancy, additional collection for another $ 40 medical bill, and various tough inquiries. These are dated 1/21, 5/20, 2/20 and 2/19.

What steps should I take and what are my best options?

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