How To Repair Your Credit in 2021 – From Start to Finish


If you decide to work with a credit repair company, you need to really watch this video that I’m, going to be putting together because the rest of this video, because that you could be making a big mistake.

If you sign up with the wrong service, alright, we’re, going to be going inside here, making it to my office. So you can see that this is a real company. You know not to say that it’s bad. If someone works out of their home, but you know I have a staff have office and you know they work very hard for the customers.

All right, I’ll, see you in a few seconds. My name is Steven Williams on the founder of the credit repair shop, and I want to go through this information with you. First, I want to congratulate you for taking the first step towards cleaning up your credit and getting yourself into a better position.

You can get your free report that we promise it’s, emails directly to your email address that you used when you filled out the form on the previous page. Now I’m, going to walk through with you how each credit repair company the process that it takes to get your credit repair and also I’m, going to point out the differences between our company and other companies that are out There first, every company, when you come in you’re, going to go through what’s called a customer intake that’s, where they’re, going to get your ID your Social Security.

Repair Your Credit in 2021

Each Bureau requires that you show them proof of your address and it has to be either a bill or something that hasn’t have your name and your your current address on there and it can’t, be no older than 30 Days or they’re, going to reject it, and then we also need your credit reports from all three of the bureaus.

If you are only able to get one or we’re only able to get one, we can start work from there and we will also assist you with getting those reports. So if you don’t have them right now. Our job is to assist you in getting those reports and most the time we can help you get those reports for free now.

Something different that we do is that we have a gold sheet. Everyone that comes to that that goes to get credit repaired usually has a reason behind that they either went to get a car. They try to get a mortgage or something a credit card or something they were declined.

So they have a specific goal, a reason for getting our credit repaired and what we do is we target that reason? First, so we do what’s next, which is a review which every company should do a review. If they’re a legitimate and credit repair company, they will do a review, and when we do your review, we’re.

Going to see what was the reasons behind why you got denied, for whatever credit that you were trying to get and then the every credit repair company will start. The dispute processes were going to dispute the negative information on your credit report and then the next step is from the results that you get back to us or to whatever company you’re working with there usually is going to be a Reedus Peete Process of the information that each of the bureaus put on your your responses that they mail to you now we originated what’s called the validation system, everybody you know lately the credit repair companies.

I start using that word validation and we came up with it years ago, more than eight nine years ago for validating negative information on your credit report and a lot of people don’t understand what that really means.

What it means is that it doesn’t matter. If you have something negative or positive on your report, you have the right to validate information each of the main three bureaus. These are independent companies.

These are not federal agencies, so anyone private or federal. You have a right to make sure that information that they put out there about. You is correct, regardless, if it’s, a good credit or bad credit, and so we had came up with what’s called an eight-point validation system, and if you decide to work with our company, we’ll, go into More detail about what that eight-point validation system is, but every company should use that because, if they’re, not using a validation system, they’re, just sent out letters and hoping that they can get things off of your credit report.

Now, right here, this red line that’s, where all the other credit reporting companies repair companies, stop no company in the United States, not one other than us goes past this line here and what I mean by that is we start to dispute furnishers.

So when you read askew the credit and it doesn’t come off of the report. You don’t get the goal that you wanted. All other credit repair companies really stopped working there, because there’s. Nothing else that they look, that they even know what to do for you and what we do is we take it steps further as we go after the furnitures, and we also go directly when we say furnitures that could be medical bills that the check system.

So you can’t, get a checking account because you had a VAT account in the past and there’s, information on there that might be correct or incorrect. We could go into there and get that even taken off.

So you can get a bank account and we can do it by several different ways and we go into those. If you decide to become a customer and the same with medical bills, we can do that. Let’s say that you have a landlord eviction situation which a lot of people ran into, so you can’t even rent a place in a good neighborhood, because you had that eviction on your report.

The other companies they don’t, get involved in and stuff like that. We can work out situations with your previous landlords to get that information of your public records records, and so you can be able to get a place where you want to get to move into a place where you want to move into repossessions of vehicles.

Out of those trucks, suv’s, we work with that also, so we can get that off of your record, but also if they’re coming after you for the extra money after they sold at auction or they’re. Saying that you owe this huge amount of money for a car that was repossessed, they stop there.

They don’t know what to do with those types of situations. We know what to do with those the same with payday loans. Let’s say that you ‘ Ve got an internet payday loan; they had very high interest rates.

We’ve, seen clients that came in that had a 1000 % interest rate, which means that, regardless of the payments that they make it’s, going to be almost and possible for someone that has very limited funds that they of a Thousand percent interest loan, we’ve, worked out situations where we were able to get the payments readjusted.

The interest rate Lord or we were able to just settled out the whole account for small about a wedding so that the the payday loan was gone offered. Her credit report and the collection agency wasn’t trying to garnish their wages or come after them for any extra money student loans.

What we do for student loans is, we can renegotiate to get you a lower payment. So you don’t, have them taken so much money either out of your paycheck or that they’re, not asking for so much money. We can get that adjusted according to your your net income taxes for state and federal, and there is an extra fee for this one, because there’s, a lot of paperwork that must be done.

But we can help you if you have any state or federal taxes that are owned, but the best part about it is that we can get those cut down for very small amounts of money and we’ve been able to do it. One account that comes to mind is a lady over one hundred thirty six thousand dollars to the state.

We were able to get that down to ten thousand dollars, and you know that’s, a big difference, because the interest was accruing every day. There was no way you’ve been better paid at all, but her family came together and came up with $ 10,000 and we were able to get that settled for her and we can do that for state and federal and you don’t have to come up with a lump sum payment and, in most cases, were able to get small down small, a small down payment and in small monthly payments to be able to pay off the taxes.

But the big important part that you need to understand is that we get you into a situation where you’re, not going to pay the full amount back to them liens. Maybe you have liens that are into property and if you sell it, they’re going to come after you for that money.

This is the same as working with collection agencies and we will go to that. Lien holder work out some type of an agreement, a smaller amount as a settlement and be able to get you to where you can sell your piece of property or have that lien taken off your property.

So you can refinance it or do whatever you need to do, cease and desist with debt collectors. Maybe you have debt collectors, calling your home and are asking you they can call your neighbors think all your job and put your job in jeopardy.

They can do all types of things to be able to make you try to pay that money and what we can do is we can take that stress and pressure off of you and have them start calling our office. They will leave you alone and we will let them know that we are working with you to get your financial situation and controls.

We’ll, be able to make them offer to settle some time in the future course. Simon’s. Assistance. Maybe you’re being sued by debt collector for an original creditor, or maybe a debt collector that purchased an old debt that you had.

They’re, taking you to court and they you receive the court, something we can show you how to go to court and to write a response to that summer. We can write it for you or you will show you what you have to do to answer to properly answer that in court and to turn the situation around to where you will actually make them want to settle for pennies on the dollar.

Because of the way that you answer that summons a lot of people, just let those summons go and they don’t show up before and they’re, given up a lot of their rights. So, where some of the times we found that you don’t even have to pay the money, because the way that it was responded to the company was not able to prove that you had to pay the debt mortgage deeds.

Let’s say that you know that you need to leave your home that you’re, not going to be able to afford the monthly payments on your mortgage. We can approach your lien holder and telling them you want to give your deed to them, so they don ‘

T have to go to court and pay thousands of dollars to their attorney. To take you to court and chase you down, we can get you up to four to five thousand dollars to leave your home and what they do. Is they just request that you clean it up and then you give the keys, and that is not a hostile repossession of your property and we’ve negotiated those for many clients all across the country, and we can for you if you find yourself In that situation, also mortgage modification – and there is a extra fee for doing that, because there’s, a lot of paperwork that’s involved.

But we can approach your mortgage company and see if there is a real possibility of doing a mortgage modification. We are very upfront with you on this. We do we don’t tell you things that aren’t able to have them, and before there’s, any extra fees.

We would actually contact the company to see if it is possible and then, if it is possible to do the modification order in order payment whatever is possible, then we will contact you and go and let you know what’s available for you and If that works, then we can start filling out all of the paperwork to get that process going because there’s, a lot of paperwork, but there’s.

No reason to do that paperwork if your mortgage provider is not willing to work with you, so you can see all of the value with that and then, like I talked about, we do the settlements. So if you have, you know for all this stuff here, if it gets to that point to where it’s not validated fully, then we go into a settlement process and that processes to where it could be one at a time, depending on your Your finances one at a time two at a time, all of them at one time not going to pay the full amount to get those that information settled.

Those collection, accounts settled or those original creditor balances settled. We’re going to do. We’re, going to make sure that you get the best discount possible to be able to do that and what that does is it gets you into a very good situation.

It can avoid you from having to file bankruptcy or doing anything that can hurt your credit even more, and then the next step here is where we show you how to rebuild your credit and then also give you business advice of the unknown of several different companies.

That are very successful and I can give you information if you’re, looking to start your own business or maybe you have a business, and you want to know how to make that business grow. Everyone that signs up as a client with the credit repair shop also gets a free consultation with me.

Were you can. Let me know what you’re going through with your business, and I’ll show you I’ll. Tell you what I would do if I own that company, the exact steps that I would take to get that revenue up to get your marketing going to make your business become the success that you want it to be know the other companies that are out there.

You know I’ve, seen where they charge, you know, maybe $ 59 a month. You know 79. 89. I’ve, seen it. You know as high. As you know, one hundred and fifty dollars a month two hundred dollars a month and they charge that upfront before they’ve done any of the major work for you.

They’re, going to charge you an amount upfront before they do anything. What we do is we want to show you and gain your trust and show you that word here for you that we want to do this work for you and get your results before we even get our first payment and also these companies from what I’ve seen they just have continuous payments forever, and we don’t.

Do that what we do is we start you off at $ 9.95 activation and that’s, so you can get all your paperwork into the funnel. It lets us know that you’re serious about getting your credit repair, but it’s, just $ 9.

95 to start and then 30 days later, you have your first payment of 125, but you’re, going to get responses And results within 20 to 30 days, you’re, going to get responses, usually before this payment is due, and we’re, going to call remind you, you don’t have to worry about it.

Just had you know just be in charge of your account. We’re, going to call you. We’re, going to remind you. We’re, going to ask you if you got any results back yet and then we’re, going. Tell you how you can get those results over to us and then we’ll.

Let you know that your payment is coming, do that we do it at least five days before your payment is doing just as a reminder, and then after that you just have two more payments, just two more payments of 125 so 995 to start.

First, payment isn’t due until until 30 days of 125, and then you just you, have two more payments and they’re both set 30 days apart from each other of 125 and then 125 after that, and then you’re done and we continue working on your your file for a full year to get everything taken care of, and especially you should think about this.

If you have any of these issues on your report, you should really think about who you sign up with, because these companies are only going to take you so far, and it would be very painful to you to know that you didn’t achieve Your goal, because you had some of these things here that were validated.

So if it’s validated no matter what this company, though they can send papers out month after that the month, but that’s, not going to make that stuff. Go away when we do the settlements if it comes to doing a settlement, if it was validated, we also do the settlement to get that negative information off of your report.

So they are not going to go that far. So you have to really really think about who you’re, going to trust to do the work for you also, we’re being very transparent by giving making this video. I’m here in my office, making this video a lot of companies.

You know they don’t go this far and in a few minutes moments I’m going to take you to meet some of the staff. So you can see what they do and see who you will be talking to on a phone communicating from the portal communicating through the email.

Just so you can see the whole process of how all of this works. So let’s, move on to another office, all right! This is the next step in your credit repair process. Introduce yourself hi. My name is Greg and I’ll, be the one signing you up when you first come.

This is the form you will fill out, and this gives us the power of attorney to negotiate debt on your behalf and a lot of times it might come to that in the event we can’t make them delete it, because we will have To make them settle with okay, all right and then we’ll.

Go over here, introduce yourself hi. My name is Jamila. I’m, the next step and after you fill out the power of attorney from the very next thing we do. Is that we go on ahead and pull your credit reports? Okay and then what’s? The next step? Once we have your credit reports, then we acquire your ID your Social Security card and a piece of mail.

The reason we need your ID Social Security card, a piece of mail we send that every time we owe them give it two seconds and then start with the next step is the next step. Is we get your ID Social Security card, a piece of mail? We submit that every time we send a dispute on your behalf, and it has to be all on one sheet.

The reason why we format it that way, so it’ll, be easy for them to see and not for them to try to stall. You because they will send back some sand that who are you and then that’ll, take 30 days for you to sit onto that.

It’s, a 30-day process that’s, a stall factor to you, so that’s. Why we send that, on your behalf from Peyton, in what’s? The next step, given the very next step is after that it is that we enter your results on the computer right here.

What you’re going to do! Is you’re, going to get an email from us and that email allows you to check our progress on a daily basis, and then I’ll. Take this fool here and I’ll put it in the box here and mr.

Stewart here. Well, I’ll, take it from there alright, so it will go into this box here and then, after that, mr. Stewart we get that folder. All right first introduce yourself and end with telling what you do by xt-1 Stewart actually here at the credit repair shop and what we’ll do is what I’ll do is I’ll actually enter all of your Disputes and also a long phone calls all the negotiation landlords that you know problems with anything that you feel that it’s very important on your credit report.

I’ll deal with that. That’s, my job, that’s. What I will not see if you have any questions, you may call forward four to five five, eighty, five or seven, and just always remember that. Never forget never ever ever worry about tomorrow, because today, as and they’re from the so worried about what’s going on today.

Focusing your credit today, don’t focus all tomorrow. All right guys are blessed life.

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