How To Get BC Services Off Your Credit Report


When a company called BC Services calls you and demands payment, you might be pretty confused.

Who is this company? How did you get my information?

BC Services is a third party debtor hired by a healthcare provider to whom you owe money so that you can make payments on a debt.

They are completely legitimate and can have a detrimental effect on your credit score.

To legally collect a claim from you, they must first report the debt to the major credit bureaus.

This will open a collection account on your credit report, which can drop your score by up to 100 points.

Collection accounts are bad news for your credit score and your credit prospects. Lenders can see this account and make credit decisions based on it.

Because of this, you can be turned down for loans and credit cards.

The best way to both stop their calls and improve your balance at the same time is to remove the collection account from your credit report.

What is BC Services?

Founded in 1925, BC Services is a small debt collection agency headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO.

They have approximately 10 employees at headquarters and are led by President Steve Boettcher.

BC Services mainly looks after healthcare providers and medical practices. You will likely hear from them if you have an outstanding debt from a hospital or health professional.

Much like other debt collection agencies, BC Services is not a welcome presence in its customers’ lives.

In the past few years, there have been 26 complaints from the Better Business Bureau and 26 complaints from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

In 2016 alone, they were served six civil claims.

When it comes to BC Services, the main problem is that they seem to have trouble following FDCPA guidelines.

The Fair Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects consumers from aggression and intimidation from debt collection agencies.

If BC Services has violated your rights under the FDCPA, contact the CFPB and file an official complaint.

They will investigate the situation and you may even be eligible for damages.

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Steps to Remove BC Services from Your Credit Report

Here are the three steps you must take to remove your credit report and BC Services collection from your life:

Know your federal rights

Collection agencies don’t want you to know this, but the law actually protects you from their harassment.

The first thing to do when hearing about BC Services is to know your federal rights.

The Fair Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) is a law that restricts what debt collection agencies can do and say when tracking payments.

It prevents intimidation, harassment, deception, and profanity in order to force customers to pay.

BC Services tends to disregard these rules on the assumption that you don’t know any better.

After all, if you don’t know the rules at all, they won’t be reported to the CFPB.

Here are some of the things BC Services shouldn’t do when collecting debt:

  • Use obscene or profane language
  • Call at inappropriate times
  • Cannot answer inquiries about debt validation
  • Threaten physical violence
  • Intimidate you with legal action they cannot take
  • Criminal charges threaten
  • Call after requesting written communication

If BC Services takes one of the above measures when collecting a claim, you have the right to report this to the CFPB.

You can also work with an attorney and file financial damage claims if the abuse is serious enough.

The importance of the FDCPA is to keep the collection process fair and professional.

Remind BC Services that you are aware of your rights and call them if they exceed their limits.

Send BC Services a letter per Section 609

In addition to restricting your collection tactics, the FDCPA also grants you the right to review your debts with BC Services and the credit reporting agencies.

This is known as debt validation and it can prevent you from paying a debt that is not yours.

Validating debt is an important step that many people neglect. It can identify and fix problems or errors in your credit report before they take too much of a toll.

BC Services may have some bad information on your collections account, which means you can completely remove it from your record.

All you have to do is act quickly and make your request official.

To request a debt validation, first write a debt validation letter.

Fill in the gaps with information from your account and send it to BC Services within 30 days of initial contact.

BC Services should respond to your request within one month of receiving your letter.

If they cannot provide validation they will need to contact the credit reporting agencies and remove their account from your credit report.

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Make a Pay-For-Delete Agreement

If BC Services can get back with validation, that’s both good and bad news. The good news is that the debts are legitimate and they are not trying to scam you.

The bad news is you have to pay now.

Even so, you can use this as an opportunity to work with BC Services to delete their collection account from your credit report.

You may even get away with paying less than the full balance.

This type of settlement strategy, known as pay-for-delete, involves negotiating with a debt collection agency to clean up your credit report.

BC Services may be willing to remove the account if you agree to pay all or most of your debt.

To start negotiations, offer BC Services to pay off approximately half of the total debt.

Work with them to find a compromise on how much to pay in exchange for a complete account deletion.

When you have reached a compromise, have the full terms and conditions sent to you on a company letterhead.

This will serve as evidence that there is an agreement. God forbid things escalate in court. You can give this piece of paper to the judge.

BC Services should delete your account within one month of receiving your first payment. Deleting accounts takes time, but shouldn’t take more than 30 days.

If so, reach out to them and remind them to keep the business going.

Ask for help in dealing with BC Services

Debt collectors are hard eggs to crack. If you’re having trouble reaching an agreement with BC Services, it may be time to seek help.

Credit repair companies are professional negotiators who know exactly what it takes to get a collector to delete a collection account.

They’ll look for malicious accounts on your report and work directly with the agencies to remove the record.

The trick when it comes to credit repair companies is choosing the right one.

I recommend working with Lexington Law for their track record and excellent customer service.

If you’re feeling lost about your bankroll, you’ve come to the right place.

We have many helpful articles to help you improve your financial health and improve your credit score.

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