How To Fix Your Credit Yourself in 2021


I just want to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all the support and for you all, um, leaving your feedback in your comments about the video idea on how to buy a house with the Habitat for Humanity program.

So I just wanted to go ahead and do this highly requested video for you all. I know it’s been a minute. My bad, I’ve, been busy. I’ve, been doing a lot of things, so I finally got finally able to go ahead and make this video and plus I don’t want to disappoint y’all and hang out waiting forever on this video.

So this is the how to fix your credit. Video. So first thing I want to do is start off with talking about collections. Habitat for Humanity is not gonna. Let you buy a home if you have more than a thousand dollars in collections, that’s, it they do.

Let you have medical bills and collections, but they do not want you to have more than thousand dollars for the sprint bill and collections forever. 21 in collections, your car payments been laid and you repossessing that same collection.

Fix Your Credit Yourself in 2021

So no don’t. Do that right, you have to get so let’s say if you do have collisions. I had something in collisions right. What I recommend doing is getting, because shows you a list of all the people that you have in you that has a collection out or whatever so yeah able to call that creditor directly and talking them about ways that you can get.

That collections off. Your credit report, so what I did was I learned on, I saw okay. I owe this person thousand twelve hundred dollars or whatever, because I think I’m alone and I didn’t pay it because I was wild in these streets and they trying to do my best by and I didn’T pay it, but so I just wanted to get the money and wild out for a little bit, so it went to collections right.

What I did was – and you know, collection stay on your credit for seven years. So me on pay is gonna impact. Your credit for seven years and it’s, going to tell people that hey someone saw ain’t worth it and they don’t pay any bills back.

So don’t. Do not answer them right. So I called a little credit card, my car, that creditor and, I said, look what can I do to get this off my report or whatever, so you can call them and work out a plan with them.

I had the money at their time. I think I had like a refund check, so I went ahead and just pay the certain amount that he wanted me to pay. They said all right, you owe 1200 drop nine hundred right. Now we’ll, just it’s done right, and I said: okay, whatever I just paid another hundred, I be done with it so that he can get off my credit I needed to get on my credit, faster cuz, all about the Clothes on my house so – and everyone run my credit again right so um.

So what happened? Was it wasn’t on my credit when I applied then after I had got up, ruining everything it popped up him on the credit? Alright. So then it’s like well. If you close one by at the time of closing, you can’t on your credit in Colette’s, you can’t have more than $ 1,000, so I had.

I hadn’t dropped the bread right then, but I was just in a sticky situation or whatever. But if you’re, not, and you’re working on trying to fix your credit, go ahead and call that Kreger up, you might not have the whole amount or whatever they lump sum that they want.

They will work out a payment plan with you and say: hey. I can pay this amount of money each month so that I can go ahead and pay that collection off and get it off. Your credit report, okay, simple right, so number one is get those collections paid off.

Do not let anything go to collections. If you have bills or anything – and you know like dang, I can keep paying this call them and say: look I can ‘ T pay $ 200 a month on this or whatever call them and say.

Can I work out a payment plan? I’m having a hard time right now. Can I work something out? Not everybody’s gonna. Do that for you, but majority of the time they you will be able to work out like say Vanessa’s like medical bills date now you they know you can ‘

T drop three bags at one time right. I called them and said: look I can only pay $ 25 in at this time. Can’t. Take this all right. Whatever done write you another bill, just say I can’t pay this right.

Now I don’t. Have the funds I could pay this guessing a month and that be done there, where the workout plan, even before the US Senate elections good, I still want their money right right. All right next thing is credit cards.

Credit cards are good for your credit, but they’re only good if you use them the right way right. So you don’t want to have full file credit cards maxed up because you want to go and buy on the Balenciaga and a Gucci bag and Gucci bill.

You know saying and some red bottoms, no save your money on those credit cards and do not use more than 30 % of that credit card limit right. Your credit card limit is $. 1,000. Do not spend more than 30 % on your credit report.

They want to see that you only use 30 % of your credit, all your accounts, so if you got all accounts that they’re up to say, you got two credit cards, a final dollars apiece and a thousand dollars. They only wanted between those two credit cards.

You only want to spend $ 300, so 150 on each car is the match that it really wants you to spend, because I want you to be more than 30 % used. If you get what I’m saying so, do you know why cuz it’s hard as hell to pay back those maxed out credit cards, especially if you only paying the $ 25 minimum payment it’s, going to Take forever for you to pay off those credit cards.

If you pay Peyman, what I did was. I have I had like four cards when I was in school um, because I working part time had a kid and I like well, I might get these credit cards and to hold me over and I maxed them out.

So I was just still paying a credit on minimum payment. I still had those cards for like five years, because I was just paying minimum payments. Then I went back and spent more money on it. Then I’m, just paying minimum payment, so it never brought the limit down.

So what I did was I focused on one card all right, so we all get refund checks from the state or federal whatever use that money wisely. Do not use that money to go out and buy some bundles do not use any money to go out and um ball out in the club.

What asset should get some bottles use that money wisely? I used my refund check and I went ahead and said: look this card got a lot of money that I owe on that car. I’m gonna pay a lump sum down on that card so that I can bring that limit down.

That way, it would be easy for for me to pay that card off. Then after I did that I just focused on one car, so I said boom. I have this one car. I’m gonna focus on paying this card down. First then, I’m gonna go to my next card and focus on that corner and pay that down.

So I was paying the minimum payment for the other cards, but I was paying extra for one card at a time, so pay more than a minimum. When you make a payment on a court credit card because interest right, you pay interest on car and you make a $ 25 minimum payment.

Interest takes out $ 13, say friends, they take out $ 13 okay, so only $ 12 is going towards the principal of the credit card. So you know how long is gonna take the paid $ 12,000 with $ 12 err, your money, a long time that what that’s, why you have to have to have to pay more than the minimum payment, because there’s? No way that you’re going to be able to pay that down, and they do that on purpose.

They try to set you up. They try to trick cuz. You know I’m saying because they like oh yeah, my payment. Without all this, you’re like oh. I could pay that, but guess what you gonna, be paying me a car for everyone when I thousand dollars and you can’t use a card like because if you’re using be still gonna be in debt years later Years later years, later pay more than the minimum payment.

If you can, if you can’t just focus on one car and pay more a little bit more and then once you paid it down, go to your next car focus on that and pay that down don’t live outside your Means if you know you can’t afford to buy it in cash, then don’t, buy it on a credit card because you’re, not gonna.

Do anything put yourself and get I try not like. I got a credit card that’s paid off and I can’t even find, but it’s good because I tried to shop. I wanted to get something on my own for Black Friday.

I wanted to bawl out on on fashion. Oh, it was 50 % off deal, but I like nah, I can’t find that credit card in the Lord knew don’t. Let me find out credit card because I was gonna spend at least $ 200 $ 300 on that credit card, just because I wanted to get a lot of stuff from fashion up on it see you so.

Thank you, lord. Thank you, cheese for being lost. Okay, next thing is pay your bills on time. Late payments also have a high impact on your credit. So if you know you had these bills to do and you get paid every two weeks split those so some bills might be due at the end of the month.

Some bills might be due at the beginning, but you need to know how to split your checks. Up where you know boom this amount of money right here it’s, gonna be for the check for the bills at the beginning.

But then this amount of money is gonna be for the chase at the end of the month. So that way, you’ll, be able to pay all your bills and not spend extra money. You know you see them say so you need to get all your building calculate a song of how many, how much your bills are running on money, and that way you could say have from one check have from the other and be able to pay all your Credit card, all your bills or whatever so make sure you pay your credit cards, light bills, spectrum bills, everything all the time.

Did you know that Habitat for Humanity as to see if my Duke energy bill was or any utility bill was paying on time for 12 months who paid a light bill all the time? Nobody pays their light bill on time? I don’t even know how it got passed, but pay your bills on time.

I don’t even medica, because guess what utility bills don’t even go in your credit report right until you don’t pay it as the innocent collection, so nobody cares to pay them on time. Thank you. Pay. What you pay before the laser you cut off right, so um pay those on time, because they asked to get verification that you made payments on time for a year for your utility bill.

Okay, and also they asked to verify if you paid your rent on time. For a year, so you know you got to the fifth: always always always pay your rent, but still do not let it get late. Don’t, not let it be over a month because they’re gonna report.

It right. So if you can’t pay your rent on time, how you gonna pay your mortgage on time, or how do you know you gonna pay, pay anything on time. If you can’t even pay your rent on time right make sure you pay your rent on time only time only that have that money set aside for sure, because that’s, the same thing as buying a house.

You need to be able to pay that one time a trick you can do is I’m just not so light rent or anything so like a credit card or something say, for instance, the credit card. Due on the 12th, you don’t, get paid to uh.

You got to pay rent with that. First chicken, you don’t, get paid again to 20th. So you couldn’t pay that little credit card right. You have 30 days to pay that credit card before they report it to the credit bureau so before.

If anything really pay those bills before 30 days, because on 31st day, they’re gonna report, that to the credit bureau and then that’s. Gon na set your credit, then six days go by by or 90 days really really official credit like it took me a while to come back from heaven late payments, because you know 2014, I was on some.

I was wild and out here these streets like I was working at part-time, but I was on average, seeing like me and my curse was on area singing, but we were broke and we had. We were cute, though we were broken cute and we had enough money to buy bottles.

We were broke a little spinning in Amsterdam bottles, the twirled almond wouldn’t split in how much we was gonna pay, a piece on the Twitter all about yeah wildin. So I didn’t. I ain’t. Take those credit card series and because of that, it really impacted.

My credit, like I couldn’t, do anything and it dropped my credit down a large like 150, almost 200 points, because I had late payments and it was like 30 days legs and someone 1 or 2 or like 60 days. So it really messed me up and it took me a while to build myself back up from that.

Okay, so you’re, not gonna be able to fix your credit overnight and something to be a process. But you need to be able to stay focused and take the initiative to to fix your credit. I fixed my credit by myself.

I didn’t pay anybody to do anything. I didn’t. My credit wasn’t bad bad. I didn’t, have anything really in collections, because I I usually pay my collections and I had another thing in collections. One time I had a sprint billing collection because the Sprint bills like 1,300, I won’t panic and they can had it.

They can take whatever what 20 okay put it on my I didn’t care, so I let it go to collections. I was on Facebook and I seen this girl post um don’t paint her either off get your credit. You could say to yourself knows like what she talked about, so she was saying: okay, if you got a collection that collection who you originally had got that credit.

We except I originally had got it with sprint: sprint sold it to a collection agency to collect the money from me, so damn so, then it got sold again to somebody else. Alright, so the girl was like going on all three credit bureaus and disputed.

Like I went to equal fast, calm, slash dispute, it’s, barely enough concise dispute and transient, you’re, not coming slash dispute, so I went up there. I’m, verify all my information and did all that and then I was like I clicked on that sprint, but it was a different name under something else, but it was like four years old, so I clicked on there and I put know contract.

She said, put no country because you no longer had a contract with those you don’t have a contract with those collections agencies right, so she was like you had a contract spring, but not with these.

Then I sold it to three times. So I said no contract. They weren’t able to verify that I had it all right, so guess what it got removed from my credit report, that’s, a collections that I didn’t even have to pay, because I disputed it.

If something don’t look right and if something is like, oh it’s, easy to get it dispute off your credit report because it’s harder to verify. If it’s correct or not, and they only had 30 days to verify so dispute, it try cuz what’s, the worst they gonna do is say no, and it still be on your credit, okay, and we still be on Your credit go ahead and pay and make a payment plan, and do that all right um.

Another thing is, you can still buy your home if you have student loans, I had thirty six thousand dollars in student loans, but guess what I never let my student loans going to fall. So therefore it showed that I was making satisfactory payments on that loan.

I won’t pay. Nothing because guess what I had: income driven repayment plan and it’s easier for if you have a child because then they they said. Okay, that money is basically cutting hair because they got ta.

Take care of another person so therefore I didn’t have so it brought down my income because I had a child, so they’re like oh well. She need to be able to provide for her child. We’re gonna. I was paying zero dollars a month back for student loans.

The other interest was sterilizing, but I didn’t pay anything every month. Then I made it started, making more money and it went up to like twenty dollars. Then I started making more money now it’s like $ 50, so I’m still.

They want it full hundred dollars on mine who got following all this to pay on student loans. You lucky you get this twenty fifty dollars, cuz I it was up to me. I wouldn’t, be paying name, but do not let your student loans going to default, cuz that were really mess up your credit and they’re gonna.

Take that bread they go snatch them checks. They’re gonna take a refund check and you’re gonna be sick and it wants to get into default. It ain’t no plan at that point. They just they gonna. Take it so don’t they don’t, even let it get that far unnecessary things you cannot get is if it’s under if it’s.

If you don’t need it to live, you don’t need it. If it’s, not water food, your house, your car, you do not, and just basic clothes. You ain’t got ta. Look like you, bought a hit and Met Gala or you bout being a club iron bottles, and you know they don’t mean get your bottles, Oh something cuz.

Ladies. It’s, finesse. It’s about the finesse. Okay, don’t spend your extra money on unnecessary things. You don’t have to just cut out on them individual lashes that you paying $ 100 a month to get refilled.

You have to cut out the bundles there every month or every two getting them installed the front tools, all that it has to be cut out, because you have a goal and your goal is to. I want to buy a house.

So what can I do to start being able to buy a house and that’s, that fix your credit and focus on that goal, and you’ll, be able to see it’s not hard. It does take a little time depending on how bad your credit is.

So I would just recommend focusing mostly on getting that collections out. You’re out of here right and then start didn’t in my next step would be started. Paying down some of these balances all right or paying off, because at any day you don’t want to go into a new home and you ‘

Ve got a lot of bills because you’re, not gonna. Have a whole lot of extra money, so go ahead, eliminate stuff, and then that way you’ll, have more money to put in towards your home or more money to save on money right.

So that pretty much concludes my little video about how I fix my credit. If you have any more questions or you um want me, make another video about the Habitat for Humanity program. I know people still have a lot of questions be more specific and let me know what you want to see in the comment box below and also you can email me or write me on instagram at jasmine underscore Jose, and I always reply back because I appreciate Y’all, and I want to help anybody.

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