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How I Fixed Credit Fast: Removed Collections, Charge-off, and Adverse Accounts – 30 Days – Secret!


Hey what’s up everybody? It’s Brandon Weaver here, and I want to talk to you today about how I fixed my credit using the section 609 credit repair secret.. Now a lot of people out there talk about credit utilization.

Keep your credit utilization down or get a secure credit card and use that credit card, build history and get a better credit reporting history. You’ll, build better credit and you’ll heal your credit.

Chances. Are you don’t want to give a credit card company or a bank cash for a secured credit card., Your credit utilization can’t be kept low because you can’t get a credit card.. You can’t get credit history because you can’t get credit.

, You can’t get a car loan. You can’t get a mortgage, you can’t get a credit card. You can’t, get utilities turned on., You can’t, get anything that anyone needs credit for.. You might be afraid to get a job because you don’t want your credit run and a lot of employers won’t take people with bad credit.

. So how did I fix my credit using this 609 credit repair secret? Well, first of all, I want Express to you that you need to dispute all of the negative stuff off your credit. Reports.You need to get that negative.

Delinquent adverse accounts off your credit report, and this is how we’re, going to do it. So check it out. I have a document here from April 16. 2013 April. 16. 2013.. I want you to take a look at this.

Some of this stuff has been scrubbed for my privacy, but you see there. It says negative accounts: 15., 15 negative accounts.. I had 15 negative accounts on my credit reports and I had them removed deleted.

They are no longer on there affecting my FICO score and my credit score is fantastic. How did I do it? Well, basically, I sent a letter section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act does not care whether the negative accounts is valid or not.

The letter disputes the credit reporting agencies right to report the adverse account, not whether or not the adverse account is valid.. So what you are asking is, in your letter in this template that I’m, going to give you that you can get right here today is the ability to dispute and ask the credit reporting agencies if this, in fact, if this was reported correctly, Do the credit reporting agencies have the right to report that delinquent the adverse the negative stuff on your credit report? Do they have the right to do that? If they don’t, it must be deleted.

. What they need to maintain is a signed document stating that this credit, this account is yours and not anyone elses and that they have the right to put it there.. If they don’t have a signed document with your signature on it.

They have to remove it. Now and remember April 16. 2013. I had 15 negative accounts on my credit report.. This is a certified letter receipt and the date is upside down there but April April 17, 2013.

. So very quickly. I sent a letter one of the letters that here in the template, the ebook that comes along with it will teach you how to do. What I did for myself. You don’t have to pay someone else to fix your credit.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars with a credit report, repair people any of that nonsense.. You can do it for yourself. Only nine bucks here, nine dollars, ( subject to change ). You can buy it through PayPal, it’s totally secure.

. I got a response: back. Experian! This is an Experian Brandon Weaver April 17. 2013.. So remember, May 17th. 2013.. So I sent a letter in April 17. 2013. This is 30 days exactly 30 day, because the credit reporting agencies have 30 days to respond to you and look at this Capital One.

I don’t know. If you can see [ results deleted ] I had some accounts updated pending, which were eventually deleted, which I can show you what my credit score looks like.. They were eventually deleted, but then I have a collection account Midland Funding deleted.

I had a US Department of Education, an old student loan that was delinquent and had been paid off and was just sitting there from years ago. Deleted.. I eventually got all 15 of my adverse accounts. Deleted.

I had to go through four rounds of disputing., So that was my first letter 30 days letter I sent another letter., Then I did send another letter and another letter after four rounds of disputing for me for you, it might be much quicker.

So you know for you, you might not have 15 negative accounts that you need to be removed, so for you it could be 20 days.. It could be 30 day. It can be 60 days, 90 days.. For me, it was 120 days., And this is my credit score right here.

Let me get this four seven, six five. This is my score as of August 8th because they only update every month or so so it, but right here right there. You can see it for yourself, your FICO score as of August 8th, seven, six five and that’s up in the very good range.

. You know. Very good range, and I had very poor credit. I had a credit score of about 500 something.. I couldn’t, get approved for a credit card. Anytime. I moved into an apartment. I had to spend more money on a deposit.

. I had to pay more money to get my utilities turned on.. I had to pay more money, for I mean just any anything that I wanted to achieve.. I was being held back because of my credit.. Now I wan na tell you a story.

I don’t wan na get too much into what I’ve done now with my credit., I’m, not trying to brag.. I just want you to know what is available to you is that I was able to get rewards credit cards. You know cash back rewards but, more importantly, travel credit cards.

. I was able to take myself and my girlfriend a Tokyo, Japan with credit cards, signup bonuses from American Airlines, because I had very good credit.. You’ll, be able to do the same if you want to go and travel or if you just wan na, get a car loan, or did you want to get a mortgage or if you want to start a business and get trade lines in Your business or, if you want to I don’t, know just get a job.

. You’ll. Be able to do this for yourself, you won’t have to pay anyone else, and you do it right now here buy it either link above, but whatever. Buy it now.. This is going to help you achieve your dreams.

Whatever you want. Nine bucks [ subject to change ] you buy it through the secure PayPal link. I personally will email them to you. You don’t have to go download it somewhere or anything of that nature.

To worry about you’re, not gon. Na get it you gonna, get it from me Brandon. I’m, going to email it to you and if you have any issues or problems or concerns, you can contact me at the links below. I have a contact page on this site and you can contact me.

. You can get coached by me.. I can teach you how to fill it out step by step. You can email me. I’m here for you, okay, I’m. Not some faceless, faceless company that’s, just hoping you can do it on your own.

. I’m here for you. So please get this ebook. The section 609 credit repair secret ebook with the letters nine dollars today. You can have a great credit score. You can have a great life, you can get the jobs, you need.

You get the trade lines, you can get the car, you can get the house and get the mortgage.. You could travel the world.. You can see anything. You want. Yes. thank you. thank you. I get pumped up. I get very passionate thank you.

. I appreciate it., please buy it and tell a buddy about it. This will help so much

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