Has Your Debt Counsellor Moved?


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Does your debt counselor work from home now?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have moved to an online presence and your debt advisor may have closed their physical offices.

Many consumers begin their debt review journey after receiving a text message or a phone call about dealing with debt stress. A marketing firm can put you in touch with a debt counseling practice. In some cases, the person they initially speak to at a debt counseling practice may be a junior assistant or recently qualified debt counselor who then assesses whether the consumer would qualify for a debt test (not everyone qualifies automatically). Only after an initial screening has been done will the consumer speak to an experienced debt counselor who is ready to assist the consumer with the debt review.

All this time, text messages, calls, and emails might have been going back and forth. It is likely that both the consumer and the debt counselor (and their staff) will prefer to interact electronically rather than in person in order to reduce possible Covid-19 exposure. Even before the pandemic, many people preferred the speed and privacy that an electronic discussion of these topics offers. With the proliferation of home-based businesses, it is not uncommon to be invited to videoconferencing or conference calls on serious matters.

“It is important for consumers to know where their debt advisor is physically.”

However, it is important for consumers to know where their debt advisor is physically located in case the situation arises that they urgently need to contact.

In most cases, the physical address of the debt adviser can be found at the end of emails (in the email signature or in the footer), on the debt adviser’s website, or in the heading of any documents sent (e.g. contracts, Application forms), form 17.1 or 17.2s)

Go to the office

If for some reason you are unable to reach your debt counselor via email or phone, the physical address becomes important as you may need to go to the physical offices for answers to questions or assistance with critical matters .

Some consumers send a single email and then are disappointed when the debt counselor doesn’t respond. Or they get an answer, but it takes a long time. In that case you should be persistent. If you want answers, email them daily or call and ask daily. In many cases ‘the screeching wheel is oiled‘(the person who nags the most gets attention). The debt counselor may have hundreds of clients and you may need to be careful and not be passive on the matter.

“If … you can’t reach your debt counselor by email or phone, the physical address becomes important.”

Can you send a friend?

If the debt counselor’s physical office is in another city and you are having difficulty getting there, you can ask a friend or family member to come to the offices for you. Don’t just give up. Make a plan for someone who can speak to them directly and invite them to call you while they wait.

You may have moved during the lockdown

Many companies moved during the lockdown. Some businesses have found that due to economic pressures, they may operate from home instead of renting expensive retail space. Others may have moved to cheaper office space nearby. This may also apply to your debt advisor.

“Feel free to email them or call them to see if they’re still in the same place.”

Feel free to email them or give them a call to check that they are still in the same place. Who knows, maybe you have to go there one day?

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