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Hey what’s up everybody Brandon Weaver! Here I want to share a few things with you, real quick about how I fix my credit. Using my 609 credit repair. You can go to 609 credit right now, get you the goods.

So, first of all, I want to show you: okay, get a good look at that that’s, my FICO score right. There, 800 800. My FICO score today is March 13th. My FICO score used to be in the low five on five sixty five.

Forty five, whatever I don’t, remember because I didn’t pay attention to it. It was that bad. I had delinquencies at fifteen delinquencies a lotta. You know on each of my credit reports. I mean it was bad.

I didn’t, get approved for a credit card. I couldn’t, get into an apartment without getting paying more for a deposit. I couldn’t, take out loans. I had a bunch of student loans. I was deep in debt, but this program helped.

I want to help you too. I want to help you change your life. I’m feeling a lot better doing a lot better. I’m traveling the world. With my girlfriend Jared, we went to Tokyo, probably no, we went to Hawaii, we’ve gone to San Francisco.

We’ve gone to Portland and all those trip for free all those trips were on frequent flyer miles that we got with credit cards because I got any 100 FICO score guys all right. This is easy stuff. You can do it yourself.

You can repair your own credit and I’m here to help go to 609 credit, and you can do the same things now my girlfriend and I we’re gonna go to London and we’re gon Na go backpack all around Europe and it flights themselves.

We’re gonna be about fifteen hundred dollars per person. That’s. Three grand we saved three thousand dollars because our credit was good because my credit was good. If you want to get the job, if you want a better apartment, you want to buy a house.

I know a lot of you guys out there talking about buying house. Well, you guys want to buy houses yesterday, but you got to have that good cred. If you want to set up trade lines for your business, you want good utilities turn down.

If you want to do anything in this life, you need a good credit score and I’m, the guy who’s done if you’re, you know come on if you’re in your 20s. In your thirties, it you made some mistakes in your 20s.

I like I did you want some help. It’s, not your fault. I’m. Also here to tell you it’s, not your fault. It’s, not your fault, you feel like it is, but I’m telling you right now. You got credit cards. I got 25 percent on you ‘

Ve got all these lenders coming at you, you, having a difficulty in the job market. A lot of you, people have had injuries and illnesses like I did. My big thing was. I had two knee surgeries and hip surf and a lot of you guys have medical records out there.

Medical bills, medical bills that you couldn’t pay that are now on your credit report. I’ve got HIPAA medical dispute letters out there for you, you can get them 609 credit You can fight your bankruptcies.

You can fight your repossessions, your judgments, your public records. You can fight anything on your credit report. You can do it and I’m here to tell you that there is life after death, so to speak, that you can resurrect your credit score and you can do whatever you want to accomplish.

In this life start a business travel, the world become a million. You can do whatever you want. 609 credit com. Get you an 800 FICO score like myself. It is possible. I ‘ Ll, see you. On the other side, you

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