Emails To Consumer Friend After 1 July 2021


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Changes to the Consumer Friend & PoPI Act

The Personal Data Protection Act (PoPi Act) comes into force in July 2021. In all industries, different parties are in a rush to abide by the regulations.

Debt counselors and loan providers (as well as PDAs and attorneys) need to consider how they share personal information (relating to consumers).

Before the curve

Of course, some companies have been working on solutions for a long time. Tech company Slipstream, which manages the DReX system, already has an amazing product, and Consumer Friend is already making great use of the system.

Consumer Friend handles debt reviews for various loan providers and interacts with debt counselors and consumers.

July 1, 2021

From the beginning of July 2021, Consumer Friend will use DReX exclusively Exchange information and exchange information in order to comply with the requirements of the PoPI Act.

Emails To Consumer Friend After 1 July 2021

You shared this notification on the topic that you can download now:

Consumer friend PoPIA DREX Industry Letter

Slipstream makes DReX available to others looking for a secure way to share personal information in accordance with the PoPI Act. You can visit their website here:

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  • Emails To Consumer Friend After 1 July 2021

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