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Hello, I’m over here Michelle Mitchell, with 760 credit biz. I’m here on this beautiful trail on this beautiful Sunday, taking a little hike with my dogs that’s, Ruby right there that’s rocky and then, and then my other, my big dog over there MJ MJ come Here for a second yeah, he can say hi to you.

Okay, I don’t know anyway. So I keep getting this question when I give people my card or tell people what I do and they say I say: does this really work so they seeded my card? They seek credit repair.

Does Credit Repair Really Work? - Oakland, Ca - Best Credit Repair I say: does this really work and there’s? Always this skepticism, you know that happens when I give the card and it’s like it’s like dang, you know as knowing as it is. I actually understand why people ask the question.

So let me just say this credit repair. There’s, two parts to it right, I think a lot of times when people think of quite a bit of parrot. I think they’re gonna go to someone if they believe in it right.

They’re gonna go to someone and then miraculously gonna give them a really good great score, but that’s, actually not how credit repair works. Credit repair is a team effort between the specialists and the customer, and what that means is is that I can erase or get removed or deleted negative items from your credit report.

Will that affect your score? I would say possibly you know it’s not guaranteed to, depending on the other factors that’s, going on with your credit, one of those factors could be utilization if you’re holding high balances on the credit that You have so if you have $ 1000 a credit card and you maxed out on it, it’s.

Gon na affect your score right, so I can get rid of negative items, but until you do some other things you score might not be where you want it to be right. So you’d, have to pay down some stuff, and if you can’t pay down some stuff.

Once we get to negative items off, then we’d, have to rebuild, by putting more credit on their open credit to kind of offset the utilization other things that affect it. Is your history, if you haven’t had credit for a long time? Well it’s.

Gon na affect your score as well. Can you get into the 700 so absolutely absolutely so on? So all in all, I just have to say this: credit repair is real. It works, it works when you work with a person who knows what they’re doing, and you know, and they’re doing everything legally.

Does Credit Repair Really Work? - Oakland, Ca - Best Credit Repair You know not making you know false false accusation. You know saying that you have you’ve been hit with fraud or something like that. That’s illegal. If you actually haven’t been hitting the fraud you don’t want to do that.

So all in all, I’ll have to say yeah. You have to look at this view, though, because this is why I am out here for some peace and tranquillity yeah she wants to get picked up now. Oh, she’s older for oldie, but goodie, so yeah that’s.

Just what it is give me a call: five one: zero, eight, seven, seven, zero: seven! Sixty you can go to seven sixty credit dot biz it’s in a web site, a beautiful website by the way. Thank You lease from digital narrative.

She hooked me up with that and and yeah so make sure you check us out, and I will I’ll, be back with another informative video thanks

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