Hi everybody, Marco Carbajal, here from business credit today’s. Blog post, we’re gonna actually go into and review one of the major credit repair companies in the industry, known as credit repair.

com, and in this review I’m gonna kind of break down how credit works. Is it a credit repair service company that you should consider if you’re looking to repair your credit now? Obviously there’s, a lot of different information circulating on whether or not you should pay for a credit repair service, because, as you know, you as a consumer, we all have the right to repair our own credit. Review We can dispute items on our own, so why is it that people or yourself may be considering enrolling in a credit repair service? Well, it breaks down to three main reasons. Number one is convenience. Obviously it’s, convenient to have an expert or a professional company.

You deal with the entire dispute process because let’s face it. Dealing with the credit reporting agencies can be very frustrating. It is a time intensive process. It not only takes time it takes your energy and it takes money because you’re spending.

Your time. As you know, time is money. So if you’re looking to save time – and you’re looking for that convenience – and you just want someone to do it for you, don’t want to deal with it. Then that’s.

One of the main reasons why you would pay for someone to do it. Just like you, pay a CPA or an accountant to do your taxes, because they understand the tax code and they do all the paperwork and filings for you.

The same thing as far as goes to credit repair now, the other second major reason, of course, is the expertise. Obviously it’s, the credit repair of Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Credit Repair Organizations Act crow. Review All these different fact act, except there’s, many different laws regulating credit repair companies, as well as credit reporting agencies, etc. So these are laws that take a lot of work to understand and go through each of the laws protecting you as consumers.

With regard to inaccuracies, updated information on verifiable information, etc, so, rather than go through learning all this stuff, you’d, like to hire an expert who understands the laws how to maximize the laws to your advantage, that’s.

Another main reason why people look for credit repair companies. The third reason, of course, is the education and support. If you’re looking to have a mentor, you’re. Looking for the education, what do you need to do once you actually repair your credit? How do you rebuild it? How do you advance and optimize your personal credit and get new credit? Then you also looking for that in a credit repair company.

So those are the three main reasons why you would want to pay for a credit repair service. Now, with that said, credit is one of the largest and most reputable credit repair companies out there.

As you know, credit repair companies are governed by croix, which is the Credit Repair Organizations Act. Many credit repair companies are not in compliance or don’t legally operate as a credit repair company.

So now, with regards to credit, and other major credit repair companies, they do legally operate according to croa. Now I want you to also realize that credit card com, what makes it different from other Creeper companies? Well one of the things in doing our review.

There was a couple of really nice benefits that I think it’s important to point out in this video number one when you enroll in their service – and you could do it entirely online we could speak to an advisor – is the fact that it’s 99.

95 to enroll there’s, not an initial setup fee like some companies charge and there’s; no hidden fees. There’s; no deletion per deletion fees which can get pretty costly with sometimes that charge. You a certain amount, usually twenty-five to fifty dollars per deletion, that doesn’t have recorded comm.

It’s, just one flat fee. So if you have thirty derogatory items, you’re still paying only 99.95 per month. As long as you want the service, they do charge a one-time $ 14.95 to obtain all three of your credit reports for you.

But what I think is really neat: is they give you a personal online dashboard? So when you sign up, you have access to your credit reports and they break down your reports from each of the major bureaus Equifax, TransUnion and Experian, and they itemize it.

They make easy for you to see where all the derogatory czar and you basically check off the ones you want them to work on free on your behalf. If there’s a particular item, you don’t want them to dispute or challenge.

Then you just don’t check it and then once you do that they start the process. What I also like is it’s, a customized process, it’s, not a cookie cutter approach that’s. What makes their credit Reaper service, I believe, really unique, whereas many credit card companies use the same format, the same dispute documents or the same process, credit pair comm actually sets up a game plan for each individual client.

So if you’re, looking for more that hands-on approach, that’s, another benefit the other thing that’s really cool is you are kept up to date on everything going on on your credit repair, rather than not knowing It’s.

Important that you know. One is an item delete it. Has there been any updates? So not only do you get your online dashboard, you can see those updates in real time because it’s linked up through Trans union’s, credit monitoring, so you have 24/7 access to your credit reports via your online dashboard.

What’s? Also neat is credit card. Comm has a mobile app, you can download and mobile app and use it on your iPhone or iPad or even on your Android device, and you’ll, be notified through text alerts. If there’s, any changes or updates on their credit report, so that’s, another really cool technological benefit that I like about credit repair.

com. Of course, they also have the educational component, which is really neat. You have they have an entire array of a score analysis. They also allow you to get updates to your credit score every 90 days, but let me just kind of break down real quick to you.

The mindset you need to go into when you pay for a credit repair service. So if you have let’s, say 30 derogatory or 20 derogatory items, let’s just say: don’t, go in through credit repair service. With the mindset that all 20 of these items are gonna get deleted, ok, because, obviously no credit repair company in this entire country can guarantee 100 % deletions number one.

It’s. It’s against the law. You can’t do that. As far as the credit barrier organisations acto, as you can’t guarantee deletions so go in the mindset that let’s just say you have twenty derogatory x’and let’s, say 10 of those derogatory Get removed off your credit and let’s say it takes four months: those those ten derogatory x ‘

Let’s, say boosted your score up. Let’s, say 80 points. So let’s say before credit repair. You are at let’s, say 640, okay! Well now let’s say you’re over 700 credit score after the credit repair service in four months.

Let’s. Just say that’s. The results, don’t focus on you still have some derogatory x’left on your credit and look at the score number one number two. Your credit report is 50 percent. Better than it was before, but the also things that’s, going to impact your credit score.

I want you to pay attention to this. It is, you also have to have good credit that your reestablishing, if all you have is derogatory, is a no active credit. No good credit, then you know your scores are, may improve, but not as drastically so it’s important to also work on rebuilding your credit, getting some secured personal credit cards.

But if you already have existing good credit, like you’ll see other mortgage, let’s say you have an auto loan and maybe one credit card and let’s say you have like six derogatory items, though that are Bringing down your score? Well, you’re gonna have a big impact on their score.

If let’s say four of those six items are deleted, but remember credit repair is a process. It takes time it’s, not gonna happen in one month. It may take three to six months for you to get. You know, 75 to 80 percent of your items, delete it so first I want you to go into the problem.

The mindset of it takes time it’s, a process, but let’s just say you were in the credit repair for five months and it cost you a total $ 500, so that’s. Ninety nine! Ninety five, a month you spent five hundred dollars and you let’s say you saw 70 % improvement on your credit and your scores jumped up.

Let’s, say eighty. Ninety points that puts you let’s, say in a whole new credit category. So, instead of a B bar now, you’re a borrower. Do you know how much money that saves you in interest or even qualifying for credit or even in lowers your insurance premiums? The long-term benefits of that sure way outweigh the cost that you paid.

So you always have to look at your return on your investment. Okay, because you’re, investing in your credit – and I also don’t – want any go to the benefits of how this impacts you personally, but also, if you own, a business or if you’re starting a business, the Ability to get business, credit or unsecured lines of credit for your business.

Your personal credit will also have an impact there as well. So credit, in my opinion, has done an amazing job, providing a really seamless process, not a cookie cutter approach. So if you’re looking for that, consider credit repair.

com with that and make it a great day we’ll talk to you real soon.

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