caption hello what'' s up due to vamp right over here as soon as again thank you for belonging of your credit repair work journey along the method I will help you as finest I can yes we'' re speaking about do you put the account number for the charge off for the collection but the original individuals who do you put who do you put best alright got this question I just bought your conflict letters dealing with getting my first round dispatched I would like to know on name of account alright name of account on the disagreement letter do I put the original lender name or the debt collection agency I actually hope this works out for me I was dumb and young and these charges on my report and now I was young and dumb for these charges I'' m gon na report and now I simply desire a better future for me and my kids thank you well thank you thank you for belonging of this you wish to continue to belong of it hit the subscribe button that bell for notifications now you wish to put the names as they appear the name of the account as it appears best on the credit reports nevertheless what I saw is typically the initial charge provides there and the collection is there even if in some cases it might not both be there and you may not see it 100% there was another person'' s keeping track of'system here ' s the important things and the report ought to most likely see it the main reports are prophecy but on some other monitoring system and may integrate the two and individuals get puzzled they'' ll put the original financial institution up put the collector you usually want to put both you don'' t desire to give the bureau ' s any wiggle space okay so I can dispute the charge off but you wear'' t put the name of the represent the collection and because account number in that partial account number a non verified account you wish to put both if you put on'' t do that they may leave one on so you wish to ensure both account numbers or partial account numbers both account names on verified account if you'' re going after the whole account all ideal excellent good also remember when you'' re asking that method of verification second round letters remember the bureau'' s are expected to provide you an approach of confirmation handsome and oh right in saying that the bureau'' s will often try to say that the American technique of verification expected to come from the initial collector or creditor or whomever it'' s supposed to come from the bureau they'' re letting you know how they verify your info 100% accurate yeah are the Fair Credit Reporting Act proper definitely fine so we got it you can do this for yourself 609 credit or we can do the work for you at the incredible at guca please give this video a thumbs up struck this subscribe button and the bell for notices for when i go live and until I see you personally I will see you on the other side take careAs discovered on YouTube – Creative Commons License

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