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Facebook group she said good morning all here'' s a little Tuesday inspiration I had.
these 2 persistent charge off accounts and stubborn collection account.
they have actually been sitting on my credit for many years.
one given that 2015 and one from 2017 I even paid both charge off accounts.
before I found Brooks Beard I didn'' t know what to do well I stayed consistent.
view the video sent the letters and remained the course … BOOM all three delete.
it from my Equifax file and I got approved for a credit card yesterday off.
the recommended list Brooks offered us on how to reconstruct our credit.Keep going. you.
know I'' m so grateful of individuals I serve with my.
program and I think this is the exact same individual she.
message me this so you and revealed me her credit card that she got approved for.
let'' s see here scroll through it was among my students they got a bunch of.
credit queries removed and in fact here he is right here he published.
this in our personal Facebook group too I simply sent my letters off about a.
week ago a week and a half earlier and these have actually been eliminated from my credit report.
Far my scores hasn'' t been updated yet but I will keep you published thanks for.
the information man.This man in fact got 31 unfavorable items erased and I'' m going to say it once again yes 31 negative products removed yeah and then I.
in fact put it here 31 negative items he got eliminated. Okay.
Brooks Beard it'' s only been five days however I currently got 2 things
removed … BOOM see what else we got here'' s among my trainees who got yeah. appearances like one 2 it appears like these are for the very same accounts however you have.
capital partners which I'' ve had some altercation with them personally with capio.
partners I got them removed let'' s see oh yeah I had actually published something in the person resembled assistance me next I require an increase and I sent her my site and after that.
among the men that'' s already in our program he stated sister get up on it.
since I purchased the brand-new automobile I'' ll follow his instructions and 80.
points later on it simply kept leaping all ideal oh another one here this guy.
in fact he got one two 3 four 5 six 7 a seed this was updated.
process he appears like he got about seven or eight student loans erased thank you.
I'' m hungry for this now my friend god bless you and keep the motivation coming.
educated black male who won'' t be F wit with with
on the. incredible let ' s see boom among my students got one two 3 collections. off another among my student and small triumphes 32 32 points well here'' s one. of my students simply entered into the 700 club and she sent me a text here and I.
published that as my personal credit report I posted I'' m simply revealing that I got to. My ratings in the 800s and I'' m working on getting this one in the 800. through experience however my Equifax and TransUnion is over 800 all right let'' s. see here that ' s me and my spouse ha ha ha ha see here among my trainees they published.
in our group stated my 40 point rating increase in less than 40 days expand these.
people right here I help them increase their credit and they was in fact able.
to purchase a house which'' s us at the closing this is in fact my
. mother-in-law and I assisted her and her we my program helped to improve her.
credit practically 160 points and she believed she would never ever own a house never.
her like she'' s about fifties about sixty today all right.
she'' s never ever owned a house in her life and I revealed her how to improve her. credit and I and I guided her through the house buying procedure so
I put on ' t care. When you start guys you can really enhance your, where you ' re coming from. credit and start the journey of getting the things you desire out of life you know. purchasing that home getting that dream automobile or whatever it is everything starts with.
your credit due to the fact that credit basically rules whatever you understand that'' s a cash. it ain ' t no credit is king okay oh yeah look here what another student states so.
far 8 items has actually been deleted overall from all three credit.
still have some work to do however extremely delighted with some outcomes grow alright.
who'' s this I ' ve been using them and they work for me within first 2 weeks my.
rating increased fifteen points I started with 17 collection accounts now only.
have 6 left overall on all three reports wear'' t worry I felt the very same way when I.
started getting signals but TransUnion was the current to make any changes it.
would be an excellent idea to get credit tracking so you can get the alerts.
when it changes boom what else we got people I got so I got so.
many here'' s another individual thing they got whatever this is contract callers.
ain'' t erased oh my god sorry to send this to you so late but I simply sent out.
my preliminary of letters on March 19 they were gotten on March 22nd through.
the 23rd and started the process on March 26 and delete it on April 1st no.
April Fool'' s no April Fool ' s thank you a lot here ' s another among my.
trainees I had 48 items and 10 erased in a week still dealing with mine awesome.
here'' s another one every collection I had actually was gotten rid of so your item is the.
reality salute alright so men I just wished to again I can continue to go for.
Long down through here but I just desired to share with you guys some of.
the results of my trainees on a great deal of these are recent so if you'' re looking
to. enhance your credit you don'' t desire to pay expensive credit repair work you people you.
can do this yourself all these results I'' ve shown you are my students in my.
When I first initially, program that has actually enhanced them their credit themselves ok simply following a.
simple basic detailed I have actually laid out my program.
began doing you understand fixing my individual credit I didn'' t have
nothin. like this I had to try to I had to figure all the things out of my own I.
checked out books I you know did a lot of research and it took me you understand a year.
or two simply to get my credit history up you understand two or 7 hundred and now a lot.
of my students are doing it in 90 days simply due to the fact that I'' ve laid out the.
foundation for them so if that'' s something you ' re seeking to accomplish.
I desire you to proceed and click that link listed below anywhere it is on below this.
YouTube video and get access to the to my system it'' s called the credit.
Maximizer system begin today once again you don'' t have.
to pay for costly credit repair work you can do this yourself ok so men thank.
you for listening to this video and I will see you on the other sideAs discovered on YouTube – Creative Commons License.

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