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caption all right let me reveal you this fast little simple function that we'' ve added that ' s gon na assist you automate the customer tracking website when your consumer calls you up and say that they can not log in to the client tracking portal so let me reveal you this quick little feature that'' s gon na conserve you a lot of time all you require to do is go to customers and what we ' re going to do is click the Edit icon and as you can see right here it states client creates their own password now if you click that it'' s going to send out an e-mail to your customer and your consumer will automatically have the ability to develop their own password to login to the customer tracking portal so that'' s going to save you a lot of time from getting in touch with assistance or perhaps sending an assistance ticket since your consumer now can develop their own password right away now say for example you desire to produce the consumers password for them all you have to do is click create your clients password now right here you can enter a password for your consumer without calling support or you can click create a random password and the software will produce a random password and send that password to your client now this is an extremely really effective function because it'' s gon na conserve you a lot of time when it concerns helping your consumer log in to the client tracking website now check this feature out it'' s really powerful it'' s brought to you complain about having actually an automated function to assist out your clients and we delivered it to you youAs found on YouTube – Creative Commons License

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