Credit Repair Software: New: Assign 1 Customer to Multiple Employees


Now you can appoint one
Okay, so right now I'' m. on the permission screen, and if you want particular staff members to be appointed to particular clients and you want those staff members. I restricted his gain access to, he can only see Betty White. Here, this staff member,.
Or it can just see only the clients that I designated to them. – Hello, in this training video I wan na reveal you our new
feature that we simply released. It'' s called designate one
customer to numerous staff members. Now, let me reveal you how this function works. You wan na come over to your customers, and as you can see here I have one customer, now I wish to have the ability to assign this one customer to multiple employees. So all you have to do is go over here to Assign To, and click on me, I'' m one staff member and then Sanya is a 2nd employee, and you can in fact assign it to all your workers if you want to right here.Now, if I proceed and click on all of my workers, all the staff members that have particular permissions will have the ability to see this particular client. So this is the brand-new feature basically. So now you can appoint one
how to do that right now. Okay, so today I'' m. on the approval screen, and if you want particular workers to be designated to certain consumers and you want those employees. to just see those clients, you have to come by here and.
select on Restrict Customers for that particular employee.All right, so if you desire.
that specific employee to just see specific clients that you appoint to that staff member, you will proceed and click Restrict Customers right here. When I log back in, and then.
to the client screens here, this employee, Masud, because.
I restricted his gain access to, he can only see Betty White. All right, now who else is appointed? Here, this staff member,.
This staff member can only because I turned on constraints.
see Betty White, okay? Or it can just see only the consumers that I assigned to them. They won'' t have the ability to.
see any other consumers in the software. So, if you unrestrict them,.
they will have the ability to see all of your clients in the software application. Always make sure you have.
on the restriction function, under permissions for your staff members so they can only see the.
clients you assign them to.As found on YouTube – Creative Commons License.

Originally posted 2020-07-03 21:23:46.