Credit Repair Software: Credit Analysis Fast and Quick(2020)


Generally what it is a summary the consumer'' s entire credit.
Now that ' s exactly how I. did it, when I made up $300 to put this Credit analysis together for this specific client. Let'' s go run a credit.
Okay, this is about a.
17 page credit analysis, our credit analysis are pretty quite. Again, you can eliminate this if you want and then this is where it begins with the credit ratings here, and an account summary of all details on the credit report, as you can see.

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And I'' m gon na reveal you. My name is Mark Clayborne the creator of the Client Dispute Manager, and to discover more about.
the Client Dispute Manager go to., Let'' s enter into it, what. is a credit analysis and why do we need this? A credit analysis is. the first piece of paper that you would offer your customer prior to you begin dealing with.
You can call it a credit analysis,. It ' s vital analysis/audit, quite much. Essentially what it is a summary the client'' s entire credit.
report and credit profile, including the credit score.So that'' s what a credit analysis is, you analyze the credit report, and after that you offer the.
customer this file quite much explaining a.
summary of the negative accounts, the credit rating, what'' s. affecting the credit history, and how to improve the credit report. So you offer this document.
out to the client prior to you start working on their credit. Now, many credit repair work.
business charge their client for a credit analysis, since that is a manner in which.
credit companies can generate income. So they charge a charge to perform or to create this credit analysis. Now, let me reveal you the old way of doing a credit analysis up until I.
decided to automate this. Now I utilized to do this by.
hand and it used to take me, I put on'' t know,
my very first one,. it took me 2 to three hours to put this credit analysis together.
And that ' s what I made.$ 300 in three hours, and after that I understood right then and there, this will be the business for me.Now, let me show you the old way that I used to do the credit analysis and if you'' re not using the software, you ' re probably still doing it by doing this. Let me show you.
This is the old method of. doing a credit analysis. So the very first thing is, you got to check out the credit. report line by line.
You are looking at the credit report, line by line, all of the.
Now that ' s precisely how I. did it, when I made up $300 to put this Credit analysis together for this particular consumer. All right, so you search in line by line. The 2nd thing you got ta. do, you got ta jot down all of the unfavorable information, you need to literally document all of the negative information,.
you got to compose it down, or you can type it on the Word doc.Okay, now you men are.
utilized to do this by hand. If you used to just by hand.
offer me a shout out, provide me a shout, type Hello, and say I utilized to do this.
by hand marketing, it'' s insane. Alright, the third thing is putting all of the unfavorable.
details into a Word doc. Now, not only do you have.
to compose all of it down, but you need to put it into a Word doc, since that'' s gon na be your design template that you'' re gon na utilize
to. build out the credit analysis. That'' s why it ' s such a laborious task.Now, if you wan na do it right, since you got ta serve.
your client justice, it'' s gon na take you a long time, you can ' t avoid of credit. analysis in 30 minutes if you'' re doing it manually. Let'' s take an appearance here. Then you got to compose out how is their report impacting their score? Not only do you have to compose it down and go line by line, you have to determine how the negative products.
inside the credit report is affecting their rating, like you need to develop a situation, a logic method to put in paper how it'' s affecting their credit rating. Now you need to do all of this by hand. Let'' s take an appearance.
You have to compose. out a strategy.
You have a right out, what. are you gon na do for them? This is the strategy. What are you gon na do for the client? Like after you provided the art, you reveal them that analysis, the next concern is, what are you gon na do for this consumer? That'' s the plan of action.And then finally, you have.
to take your Word doc converted to a PDF, and after that.
after you transform it to a PDF, you have to then take that, go to your Gmail company,.
and then publish it to Gmail and then you need to send it by email from your individual Gmail account. Now take a look at all of those steps.
that you need to go through. Now this can take hours.
Ladies and gentlemen, this can take hours.
doing a credit analysis without software.Listen, when I recognized.
that this took so much time, when I recognized that it was so tedious to put a credit analysis together even though the girl paid me $300 for it, I enjoyed for that. But when I recognized that I.
went to my group of professionals, my magicians, and I said to myself, how can we automate this and how can we put this in a software application where we click a button.
and behind the scenes, the software application will do.
all of that manual work that I was doing.And my magician stated to me, “” Mark, we can make that occur.”” And when they said they.
can make it occur, I'' m gon na show you today.
exactly how that'' s gon na work. What I'' m about to reveal you right now is the credit analysis inside.
of the Client Dispute Manager. I'' m also gon na reveal you.
how you can edit the credit and customize.
analysis to your own liking into your own company. Alright, so let me reveal.
that to you right now. So what we'' re gon na do is I ' m gon na go over to.
the software right now and I'' m gon na reveal you precisely
. how the credit analysis works and how it can make your.
Client Dispute Manager Screen and I'' m gon na show you how
. Before I reveal you that, let me show you how fast, you can build a credit analysis inside of the Client.
Disagreement Manager software. Let me reveal you. So what we'' re gon na do is, we ' re gon na go to quick.
import credit analysis.Let'' s find the consumer
Mark. Banks, my preferred customer. Click that. Let'' s go run a credit.
analysis, we'' re gon na proceed to pick clever credit.
since that'' s one with.
We ' re gon na add a border. around the credit analysis and let ' s proceed and. click'on Quick import.
So we ' re gon na sit here and. wait as the software application constructs the credit analysis for us. Now keep in mind when I told you previously, we needed to do all of that manual labor, now the software application will.
do all the work for you. Done, it'' s done. That quick. The software constructed the credit analysis in less than 30 seconds. Now let'' s take an appearance under the.
What we'' re gon na do,. (upbeat music) And this is your cover.
page, your business logo, your business information.Let'' s scroll down.
Okay, this is about a.
17 page credit analysis, our credit analysis are pretty deep. And you can tailor all of this, if you don'' t desire this. Education in the beginning, you can personalize that.
before your customer gets to the guts of the real credit analysis. Once again, you can remove this if you want and then this is where it begins with the credit history here, and an account summary of all details on the credit report, as you can see. Advertisement as we go down even more, I put on'' t wan na disclose.
delicate details of this particular client, so we'' re gon na stop best there.But as you can see, this.
credit analysis is really deep, it'' s extremely detailed and it'' s extremely thorough', it ' s extremely thorough for what.
you'' re gon na provide the consumer for whatever you charge.
your specific customer. Now, let me go and show you precisely how to edit the credit analysis. If you wan na edit the credit analysis, you will come over here to.
credit analysis design template. And here'' s where you can.
modify this credit analysis basically right, you can.
do anything you desire here. You can modify the credit.
analysis right here. You can move the order.
of the credit analysis, whatever order you want it to be in whatever order you desire the page to be in, you can do that best here.You can edit the text, and you can personalize this credit analysis to your taste for your company. Alright, so I hope you.
enjoyed this training tutorial on the credit analysis. I hope you got some details.
for the ones out there who doesn'' t learn about a credit analysis and how to actually utilize the credit analysis. Once again, like I said, Mark Clayborne from, I'' ll see you in the next video. (upbeat music). As found on YouTube – Creative Commons License.

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