Collection agency is reporting on a debt that was recalled from them. What can I do? : CRedit


I had a medical collection that appeared in my review last fall from They sent me a discount notification in mid-January and I wanted to pay for it – but I forgot and missed it by two weeks. In short, I paid for it and they said it was called back by them and sent to another collection agency.

I received a letter from the NEW agency this week – and I will pay for it asap.

Here’s the problem: The agency that had it before (Debt Recovery Solutions) has now moved my account from “Collections” to the “OTHER” section on my Equifax.

According to Equifax, OTHER accounts are accounts that have not yet been identified as revolving, mortgage, or installment accounts, e.g. B. Child support obligations or tenancy agreements.

When I look at the summary it shows:

Account status = COLLECTION
Debt versus Credit Ration = 100%
Reported balance $ 1345
Overdue amount = $ 1,345
Opening date = August 17, 2020
Loan type = debt buyer account
First crime date = 05/01/2015
First reported crime = 23.09.2020
Date of reporting = 02/18/2021
Creditor classification = financial

My problem is that I cannot pay them because the debt from the original hospital has been recalled from them. If the debt is no longer with you, how can you report it as valid?

I fought Equifax, although I don’t expect much from them. Any ideas what I can do about this?

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