Can You Trust Credit Repair Companies?!

Video Transcript:

But I want to take this question this one’s from Winn Gwyn, says: okay question I gave me round up. She goes what’s, your opinion on credit card repair companies? Are they legit worth the money, or should that money be used to pay off your debt? Okay, Gwen! You listen to me! No! Do not use those buzzards! Okay, listen to me here’s.

What they do credit card repair here’s. What they’re gonna tell you they’re gonna tell you, hey don’t, pay them pay us. We’re gonna make everything all right, which gives you this false sense of hope.

Can You Trust Credit Repair Companies?! Where you think, oh, they’re gonna handle it. I don’t have to do anything, but you end up paying them as well. Do not use credit card repair companies. We don’t want to repair credit cards. Okay, yeah: no, we don’t want to repair them.

We want to attack them. I’m gonna get them out of your life. So you use your money to pay off your debt. You can’t, pass it off to somebody else to try to fix it for you, okay, no! No! No! That’s, not a baton.

You want to handle this situation, so you’re gonna list you that’s, how small it’s, the biggest you’re gonna call them look at my face. Go ahead! You’re gonna call each and every one of them you’re gonna tell them the situation.

You’re gonna deal with them, smallest to biggest. We’re, not falling for that. Okay. So no do not use these credit card repair companies. They will give you a false in soap. It’s, not gonna help. You get anything done that you need done.

You can handle this. You use your money to attack debt. That’s. The goal. I appreciate you asking Gwen. Listen, I didn’t mean I wasn’t trying to get on yet I just get a little riled up because I’m. These people take advantage of people and they get false hope.

I see the ads on TV matter of fact. You know what maybe one of these times I’m, give the Chan anyone these times. I’m. All call right, I’m gonna call. I’m gonna. Let y’all see how they don’t work right first hand.

Maybe I go undercover that’s up inside okay, we’ll check out some way to hide you, its subway boys change. Given all the pain you

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