Buying Tradelines: How Many Do I Need?


When purchasing tradelines, there are some cases where it is best to get a single tradeline and other cases where multiple tradelines may be more suitable. To help you make a decision, we’ve included a few examples for each scenario below.

When to Buy Two or More Tradelines

Thin credit file (too few accounts)

Balance abusive accounts with positive trading lines.

Credit scoring models rate a mix of several different types of credit accounts, so a thin file with just a few accounts may have limited availability. In this case, adding some tradelines would be ideal as it would help increase the number of accounts in the file.

On the flip side, someone who has no credit at all or an extremely thin file can get significant benefits by adding a Tradeline as they didn’t have much there initially. Of course, more than one tradeline helps even more.

Settle delinquent accounts

Negative accounts, such as late payments and collections, can have a significant impact on your credit balance. Negative accounts must be balanced by positive accounts, so the credit report should have at least 2-3 positive trading lines for each negative account. Hence, multiple lines of trade may be required to balance derogatory accounts that are affecting creditworthiness.

Buying Tradelines: How Many Do I Need?

For best results, buying several of the best tradelines would be a smart plan.

Maximize Results

For those looking for maximum results, buying several of our best tradelines is the ideal plan. This is becoming increasingly important for people who already have a good credit rating (680 FICO or higher) as it is much more difficult to significantly influence the credit report with an already relatively strong file.

There is also a point where tradeline returns go down for those with already high credit scores. Hence, situations like this require the purchase of the absolute best quality tradelines in order to produce positive results.

In other cases, the goal can be extremely important and the risk of not achieving that goal can be significant. In situations where the result is very important, we recommend using the maximum possible strength.

Of course, the risk is that there are no guarantees of results, but at least you can be sure that you’ve got the maximum benefit from Tradelines. The rest is up to you.

Booking to a specific credit bureau

Buying Tradelines: How Many Do I Need?

In time-critical situations, the purchase of additional tradelines helps protect against potential non-bookings.

If booking with a particular credit bureau is important for a tradeline, this is a good time to consider buying more than one tradeline.

Unfortunately, banks and credit card companies are not always 100% accurate in their reporting process we guarantee Since each tradeline is booked to at least two of the three large credit bureaus, we have no control over which of the three offices the tradelines are booked to.

Since there is always some degree of uncertainty with tradelines, you can purchase additional tradelines if you want to send a tradeline to a specific office to provide the extra security you need.

Important time critical event

When something important and time sensitive happens that depends on the tradelines being published, the safest thing to do is to get more than one tradeline. Here, too, we offer a money-back guarantee in the event that a non-booking is made. However, the fact is that inconsistent reporting by banks occasionally results in non-postings.

In time-critical situations, there may not be time to exchange a tradeline that has not been booked for a new one and to wait for the new one to be published. If you can rely on tradelines to be published within a certain period of time, you can protect against potential non-bookings by investing in additional tradelines.

When do you buy a high quality tradeline?

Buying Tradelines: How Many Do I Need?

It is usually best to buy a good quality tradeline when your budget is limited.

Budget constraints

When your budget is limited to a certain dollar amount, it is usually better to buy one high quality trading line than it is to split that amount between two lower quality trading lines.

This is because credit scores take into account both your average age of the accounts and the age of your oldest account. A single account with a lot of age has more potential to add to those numbers, while two accounts with less age may not offer as much improvement or even dilute the credit record.

Here is a hypothetical example. For example, let’s say your current average age for accounts is 2 years. If you were to spend the same amount of money in both cases, would it be better to buy two Tradelines that are both 4 years old or one Tradeline that is 8 years old?

If you were to choose to purchase the two 4 year old tradelines it would increase your average account age to around 3 years ([2 + 4 + 4] / 3 = 3.3) and your oldest account would be 4 years old.

Conversely, if you were to buy an 8 year old Tradeline it would increase your average age of the accounts to 5 years ([2 + 8] / 2 = 5) and your oldest account would be 8 years old.

In the second scenario, you are older for these two important credit history factors. Make sure to check out ours Tradeline Buying Guide and Tradeline calculator to determine the best plan of action for your situation.

Current credit file After adding 2 4 year old tradelines After adding 1 8 year old Tradeline
Average age of accounts 2 years 3 years 5 years
Age of the oldest account 2 years 4 years 8 years

Buying Tradelines: How Many Do I Need?

It is more difficult to influence the average age of accounts when there are many accounts. Therefore, a high quality trading line is usually the best choice for very thick files.

Extend the age of your oldest tradeline

The age of the oldest account on your credit card is a very important data point. Of course, if the goal is simply to extend the age of the oldest tradeline on the credit report, then only one tradeline is needed. The Tradeline just needs to be older than the oldest account currently on file. The older the age, the better. We therefore recommend getting significantly older.

Very thick file (15 or more accounts)

A very thick file with a large number of accounts will “dilute” the performance of any added tradelines. Since the file already contains so many tradelines, it will be more difficult to influence the average age of the accounts. Therefore, a premium tradeline with a lot of age and a high credit limit is better suited for a very large file than several less potent tradelines.

Focus on credit limit

Some consumers are less concerned with the age of the trading lines and more with the credit limit for their specific circumstances. When a high credit limit is your top priority, it usually makes more sense to buy one tradeline with a high credit limit than multiple tradelines with lower credit limits.

Buying Tradelines: How Many Do I Need?

If a high credit limit is the goal, a tradeline is usually enough.

The strategy on this topic can vary depending on what you want to achieve and what goals you are pursuing. However, if you can achieve the goal with a single tradeline, this is probably the better option.

Modest goals

Depending on a person’s goals, they may not need to get the maximum possible results. For smaller goals, a tradeline can be all you need. However, it is always best to try to exceed the target in order to have extra insurance to ensure that the target is met really achieved.

Not a credit file or an extremely thin file

As mentioned earlier, adding a few tradelines to a thin credit file is ideal as it will significantly increase the number of accounts in the file.

Buying Tradelines: How Many Do I Need?

Adding just one tradeline to a very thin credit record can make a world of difference.

However, it’s also important to keep in mind that someone with no prior credit history or an extremely thin file may still find value in just buying a Tradeline, as adding an account to a baseline of zero or an existing account is still a major change represents.

For example, if you add a Tradeline to a credit report that previously only had one account, the number of accounts in the file increases by 100%! This not only increases the valuable age and payment history, but also affects the “credit mix” factor in the credit rating.

Important tips for buying tradelines

To summarize when you should consider buying a single Tradeline and when you should invest in more than one Tradeline, we have included the main points of this article in the table below.

When to Buy Two or More Tradelines When do you buy a high quality tradeline?
If you have a thin credit file (too few accounts) When you have budget constraints
When you need to settle derogatory accounts If you want to increase the age of your oldest tradeline
When you want to maximize the results If you already have a very thick file (15 or more accounts)
When you need a tradeline to post to a specific credit bureau If you want a high credit limit
When you need a tradeline for an important, time-sensitive event When you have modest goals
When you don’t have a credit record or an extremely thin credit record

Buying Tradelines: How Many Do I Need?

If you are wondering how many tradelines you will need, keep in mind that tradelines performance is always relative to your current credit record and it is important to consider which one is best for your specific situation.

In some situations it can be important to use several powerful tradelines to maximize results; E.g. when you are trying to achieve an important goal or when there are serious hurdles to overcome. In other cases, a good tradeline might be all you need.

Whatever the case for you, it is always best to understand how tradelines work in the first place and avoid doing any Common mistakes.

In the simplest sense, the safest option is always to exceed your target and stick to the highest quality tradelines within your budget. Remember, in most cases, age is key. When budget is a major concern, it is usually best to buy only one of the highest quality tradelines your budget will allow.

What do you think of this article on the number of tradelines to buy? We’d love to hear your feedback, so leave a comment below!

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