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Hello, this is Ty Crandall from credit suite and in this short, video were going to talk about how to find the best credit repair software that’s out there today now there’s a lot to consider when looking for the best credit repair software.

First, you going to decide. Do you want a window based solution or more of a cloud based, solution.? Okay, the differences where your data is actually housed a window based type of solution is where your customer data stays on your local computer.

Okay, this means it is your data. You can access it at any time. You don’t have to worry about any kind data loss unless something happens to your actual computer.. Okay, there’s also cloud based solutions where the software company houses your data again.

This might be better because your computer run faster. If you’re not storing all this data as long as you’re working with reliable software company, but you should talk to the software companies your talking to to make sure which of these options might work better for you and the biggest differences between credit repair software companies available.

Today is the option they provide, so one very popular feature: most companies offer is called auto-import feature for reports, so this is where consumer reports can be imported from online credit. Monitoring platforms in one click saves you tremendous amounts of time because you don’t have to manually import the items manually or for line item by line item.

So imagine going to credit report finding every negative item and then typing it and to your actual software. Whatever you’re using the process in dispute will be crazy time commitment. But with these features you in one click you can auto-import the entire report, which saves you sometimes as much as 10 to 20 minutes now.

Many software solutions also offer CRM’s where you can manage and communicate with leads and clients.. Okay – and this is important – because this gives you the ability to automate a lot of your process, automate your client making it’s communication, meaning they’re, not calling and emailing you constantly, because you’re staying on top of it.

It also helps you get more customers. Also popular calendar features these allow you to basically planning manager day to know what to expect in coming days. Now I used to own a credit repair company and I sold it many years ago, but I used to love this because we can staff and plan accordingly.

We knew what was on the calendar for tomorrow regarding all the customers that we’re going to need disputed in the next day the next week, so it really helped keep us organized a many software solutions now include building features where you can actually monitor and track invoices And payments a lot of times they even let you pay through their CRM.

So this gives you an idea of how many invoices that you have outstanding. You know how much money you’ve made that month, how much money you stand to make the following month and those type of things really help.

You stay in front of your actual business, now the size and depth. The dispute letter library that the software company provides is also important how many letters are in there that you can actually use.

? Okay, one of the benefits of working with the credit repair software companies that they provide. You proven dispute letters that they’ve tested that work with hundreds or thousands of clients, so the bigger the library of those you have the more success you going to have to the dispute process, which means more customers you going to have a credit repair, is all about Disputing and disputing is all about dispute letters so it’s so important.

The effectiveness and selection of the letters you have access to can and will determine your overall success and the more success you have. The happier your affiliates will be because, if you’re working with people like mortgage brokers, real estate agents, car dealers, they want to get the fastest results well to get a fastest results.

You need the most access to the most effective letters, and that may keeps them happy. Keeps your customer happy. Okay, most of your leads you’re going to come from those type of affiliates. So again, you also want to make sure that your software has good affiliate management features.

Also, your customer and your affiliates should be able to login somewhere and actually see that results in real time and when they do so, this minimizes the matter contact communication. They have to get from you, which again gives you the ability to grow and scale the business faster.

. The amount and accuracy of creditors and furnishers is also important.. Okay, everyone, these credit repair software company’s offers a database of different furnishers in creditors. So, for example, credit bureaus change.

Their addresses all the time. Well, good software company has all of their addresses, so you’ll know which one you can use the same with creditors. Okay takes a lot of time to go, find in address for a chase.

For example, where’s a good software company provides you that access, so whether you disputing an account with Chase director Trades Union you’re not going to waste lot of time. Locating your info as long as you’re dealing with and software company has database, so make sure you find a solution with accurate and deep selection of addresses to the bureaus creditors.

To save you time now. An easy to use visually appealing dashboard is also important. Okay, because to be successful credit repair, you got a manage really high number of clients. Well, it’s a lot easier to do.

If you have a dashboard, gives you easy access to analytics, such as reminders of let’s do that day what you need to do? The progress of your clients items due that need to be handled effectiveness of your disputes and, more all, that’s available on a good, clean dashboard, so want to make sure you only worked for the software company that provides the to make sure that you can run a Streamline organization, so this is Ty credit suite hope you enjoyed this video so much you like it make sure you click to subscribe, because our channel, we have more videos to teach you how to do credit repair.

How the credit repair process works, how the FICO score works, how to advertise credit repair, get customers all of those type of things. Okay, you also can make sure that you click on this video or check this link out directly creditsuite.

com/credit repair on this link. You’Re going to get access to a ton, a free resources to help you run and start a credit repair business. We have an awesome credit repair kit with a 101 letter dispute letter library.

. Okay, we also in there have a 120, I think page guide. On the credit repair process from emails to social media content to power points articles, all you can use for marketing lots of video training, lots of actual resources that are plug and play um, so make sure you check it out.

Click on this video or the link that pops up on the video or check out the link directly to grab your free resources, and we also recommend you to at least one really reputable credit repair software companies that has longevity and people that can really help.

You get going on the right foot so make sure you check out that resource click on the video make sure you like make sure you subscribe again. This is Ty credit. Suite really glad that you join me for this video look forward to seeing you on the next.

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