Back to Work!


The mother of the child received the all-clear from her job, which means that I can go back to work! I missed the little stinker! Apart from that, I’m also glad that nobody got sick with the virus.

I managed to do a lot, mostly in the yard. We have an area over a rock wall that was almost impossible to mow, so I decided to remove the lawn. A couple of weeks ago I removed grass from the lower tier. Mowing wasn’t so important there; It was more of a thing that I’m bad at trimming! At first I started removing just a narrow strip of grass but then decided the slope was still too much of a challenge and took out more. When all was said and done, the upper level was closer to three feet.

I made both mulch and plants scarce. So unless I can find a mega-deal, I won’t be doing a lot more in this area of ​​the yard until next year. I added the rock steps twice earlier this summer. Yes twice. This was my own thing because I wasn’t happy with the look, so I reworked it. It’s groundbreaking work, but also very rewarding. And now that the hill is a little leveled out, this area is easier to mow.

The interior of Hub’s truck was also thoroughly cleaned. We had a couple of rainy days that I did extra cleaning around the house. All in all, it’s been a productive week … just minus the paycheck!

Back to Work! Back to Work!

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