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Hello everyone and welcome to today’s webinar, to we’re going to be jumping into 20 Free Ways to Advertise for Credit Repair, listen I imagine everybody’s here today because you either own a credit repair business where you’re interested in starting your credit repair business, and the only way you can obviously grow a business is to market and advertise, but a lot credit repair companies don’t grow as big as they should grow, because they don’t want to dedicate or have a lot of money to dedicate towards advertising and marketing. So what we’re going to talk about today is 20 free ways that you actually advertise credit repair, 20 ways that you can implement to actually grow your business and this isn’t a matter of really learning 20 and picking one in reality a successful business has a multi-faceted marketing approach so really what you want to do is look at having 5 or 10 different potential ways that you can actually go in and market your business and at the end of this webinar today you’re going to have a very, very, very good idea of a lot of different ways that you could possibly get in there start advertising and marketing and hopefully you’re even able to turn around and implement many of those different methods.

So let me introduce myself before we get started my name is Ty Crandall I’m actually the Director of business services here at Credit Suite. Credit Suite were actually a subsidiary of Dispute Suite and what we do is actually deal with business credit now for those of you that don’t know my past I’m one of a few people you’ll ever talk to who have actually started a credit repair company from the ground up built it to major success and actually sold that company for a lot of money. So I have a lot of experience when it comes to marketing and advertising credit repair as a matter of fact almost if not all of the things I’m about to teach you are things that we found to be very successful in my business which are things that actually led to us actually building a company that was successful enough to sell, so a little bit about my experience I’m actually now, director business services here at credit suite so we rolled business credit into our services our Credit Repair Company completely took off and as part as a result we actually sold that business actually sold that business and that last couple of years have been here is the Director of credit services or business services here at Credit Suite actually helping other credit repair owners incorporate business credit into their business.

So enough about me let’s go ahead and jump in, let’s talk about 20 free ways you can actually advertise you for credit repair, well one of the best things and the easiest ways that you can actually advertise for credit repair on Craigslist now everybody here I would imagine is somewhat familiar with Craigslist and you might be surprised to know that I’d actually personally had a campaign where we were breaking in 60 new credit repair clients a month on Craigslist 60, so let me tell you a little bit more about how we did that. Now if you’re not to familiar with Craigslist. Craigslist is basically an online classified it’s free online classified ads, ads free online classified ads, so you can actually come on Craigslist and you can basically post a number of different things whether you’re discussing things or selling things or listing housing for sale there’s a lot of things you can do on Craigslist the beautiful thing about Craigslist is free you can usually post in 1 to 3 cities without getting flagged by Craigslist so you can put ads up in 1, 2 or 3 cities any cities in the Unites States advertising just about anything now what we found in advertising a little bit on Craigslist is we had a lot of response so as a result of that we actually ended up running a full national campaign running on Craigslist.

Now full disclosure a national campaign isn’t free it depends on how you do it Craigslist has requirements where they only let you only really post in 1, 2 or 3 cities, so if you’re planning on posting in an entire state or multiple states or the entire country there’s a couple different ways you’d have to go about doing it, it’s first of all it’s not something you’re probably going to be able to do on your own without any help if you have some kind of software you can go to Google and type in, you know Craigslist posting software and find all kinds of sources I’m sure that do it none that I directly recommend this isn’t exactly how I did it, but if you search you’ll easily see that there’s all kinds of Craigslist posting software you can use on there.

Now why do you need software, because Craigslist again doesn’t really permits you to post in more than a few different cities, so if you are they have a lot of different functions or a lot of different safeguards that they have that will actually see if you’re posting in multiple cities and they’ll flag your post and pull them down, so in order to get around that there’s a lot of things that come into play, you have to have phone verified accounts or what they call PBA’s they do things even checking your IP address to make sure it’s in the area that you’re actually going into they have Crawlers I Crawl through all the posts to see if there’s duplicate posted and remove ones that are duplicates, there’s a lot of safeguards Craigslist has to prevent this, so software that you can get and I’m going to pull this one down this is not what I definitely know or recommend, but you can take type in to Google and find a lot of different types of software that would actually allow you to mass post on Craigslist.

Now another thing you can do is go to a site called that’s, you can find people there that are expert Craigslist posters and you could also in some cases you could actually come in and pay them to actually post on Craigslist, I know I know this is about 20 free ways to advertise, but I’ll talk to you about some ways in this webinar where we actually talked about maybe you applying a little bit of money or other ways you could do it for free, so again you can even come in you can get some software to actually do mass posting you could hire somebody to do mass posting and in doing so it allows you to post in all cities of Craigslist in the state or maybe all cities in all states in Craigslist.

So again at our peak when we were doing a lot of Craigslist posting we were posting in every city in the United States we were getting 70 to a 100 phone calls a day and as a result of that we were able to do about 60 credit repair deals a month, now how we did it was actually and this taught me a lot about advertising in credit repair what we realized was that we could advertise a thousand Craigslist to ads and very few people would respond then instead of advertising for actual credit repair what we did was we went in and figured out to advertise for what people really wanted so for example we would come into the real estate for sale we would put a post of that would look pretty similar to what’s the title you see here and when they would open it up they would actually see our actual advertisement, so let me show you that, so here’s 2 of our actual advertisements we actually use back in the day for Craigslist posting now one of the things we did was advertised a free credit report course okay we found this this is one of the best ways to get people to opt-in and follow us was to give away something for free and we put together a free 30-day credit repair course that taught them everything there is to know about fixing their own credit something would probably dive in a little bit later.

We also posted and advertised for mortgages, because what we found is we could run a 100 Craigslist ads and for credit repair and very few people would respond, but we could advertise a 100 of ads for a home loan with bad credit and everybody would respond, so we formulated a relationship with a mortgage company that could do loans nationwide and we actually started advertising for mortgages in the real estates for own section we got a ton of calls when we advertised hey get a mortgage with bad credit call us today to learn how, people would call and if they qualify which about 20% of those people qualify we would flip them right over to mortgage brokers and real estate agents which just so you know that in turn, turned into a ton of affiliate relationships okay so we would go to a lot of people we didn’t have a relationships with and all of a sudden a lot of these people that would call in would qualify for home loans so we would flip them immediately to real estate agents to mortgage brokers in their area and in return we would basically be able to pick up an affiliate relationship, because we were funneling leads to these companies and in return they started giving us a lot of business in return at the same time about 80% of those people didn’t have the credit to qualify for home loans so what we would do with those people is set them up on a script to basically say look you know qualify you have credit issues we can get you to somebody that can help you fix those credit issues we would basically convert them to credit repair leads and sell those leads and in doing so we had about 60 sales a month, now could you do the same thing sure you could if you were actually able to post in all cities in the United States one of my good friend back at the third day that still did that still does that today it’s still a major part of their credit repair business this Craigslist posting, but you have to understand this isn’t easy in my world this was almost a full time job to coordinate this there was a lot of moving pieces to make it happen, but again it shows you the power of what Craigslist can do this one media generate 60 credit repair company or sales a month for our company so it goes to show you the power of what it could do, but again don’t expect to post one post two post three post in a few cities and get a ton of response it’s relative if you are able to use software or mass posters to get out there and do it on a very large scale you’re going to get a ton of results if you don’t it’s okay you’re still going to get some response just maybe not 60 or 70 sales a month with the response because again that’s more of a national campaign.

So a couple of things to learn again by what I’m talking about first of all Craigslist is great place to go, because it’s free and unless you’re doing a lot of massive posting you can still get a lot of business for Craigslist without spending a ton of money the other thing to keep in mind is it’s all about message which we’re going to talk about later today we found that your best bet to advertise credit repair isn’t to advertise the repair itself, but to actually advertise what they’re looking for such as helping them get a home even if they have challenged credit that will generate some of the best leads you ever have and there’s a well-known company that you might have no of called Lexington Law, guys this is how Lexington log instead leads a lot of people think it’s SEO they think they have a heavy online presence which they do, but they probably get half or more of their leads from rent-to-own leads from people that are actively looking from home loans that are converted by them or other call centers that sell them leads to credit repair I know this for a fact a good friend of mine was one of the biggest leads generators for Lexington Law and again one of the biggest resources they use to get leads in the door is to advertise for mortgages or to have people out there go and advertise for mortgages to bring in leads and convert them to credit repair leads, one of the best leads you’ll get, so something to take away from this even if you are or are not using Craigslist.

Another way to great way to advertise is LinkedIn, LinkedIn is really like Facebook for professionals and I got to tell you there’s no words to explain how powerful LinkedIn could be for you and your business now you probably have a LinkedIn profile and if you’re like me back in the day probably don’t do much with it you know you have it you do a little bit here and there, but you never really maybe thought of it as a major marketing media, but I got to tell you it is, LinkedIn could be absolutely huge, I know people today for the credit repair business for business credit even in my world here at Credit Suite, Dispute Suite, I have people around me that this is their main marketing this is the main form of marketing they do is to advertise on LinkedIn, now I can tell you how I did this back in the day I went out and started mass inviting and connecting with real estate agents and mortgage brokers all over the country okay and I don’t necessarily strongly recommend this and I’ll give you a disclaimer warning what happened was I was mass inviting so many people that eventually linked and shut me down they didn’t turn off my account even today, years later I can only ever connect with somebody on LinkedIn if I have their actual email address so when you go out and start mass try to connect with people there are drawbacks you should go online, Google this to know exactly what you’re getting into before you do, but in doing so I formulated a significant of relationships with mortgage brokers and real estate agents to a point where today I still have one to ten people a day connect with me on LinkedIn a lot of them are real estate agents a lot of them are mortgages broker just because they see how many other real estate agents and mortgage brokers I’m connected with I think in total right here I think I got almost 1,600 connections on LinkedIn and I’ve got to tell you I haven’t even sent out an invite to connect with someone on LinkedIn probably in 2 years so I probably still get 5 or more invites to connect on LinkedIn every single day it is a great, great place to market now it’s more than just having a bunch of connections it’s a matter what you do with them, so when you have LinkedIn there are several things that you want to do to maximize the potential for you and your company the first things is, is you want to post something every single day nowadays this is very easy to do because you can link your LinkedIn for example to your Twitter account so if you post in one place you’re posting in multiple places.

So there’s several different ways you can advertise with LinkedIn without even having to do anything or post on LinkedIn without even having to do anything, because when you post somewhere else you can connect the account where post on your LinkedIn profile to something you should absolutely be doing putting post of everyday just little tips about how credit repair works or how the FICO score works or how the FCRA works little things every single day so anybody that comes to your profile looks back at your past posts can see that you are a credible knowledgeable expert in your field that’s what this is about this isn’t about pitch stuff okay everybody wants to get in and pitch and advertise no, no, no, no, you don’t pitch you give out free information you teach people how things work, why because when they see you as a credible expert in your field they’ll come to you and want to do business with you it’s a simple as that when you’re out there trying to put advertisements and solicit business all the time nobody’s going to want to follow what you’re doing, but if you’re giving out little nuggets a solid information that people don’t know about for example that 35% of the FICO score is comprised by payment history well that’s something most people don’t know so when you put that out there your teaching them something and when you teach people things like that then they’re more inclined to actually follow you and to keep up on what you’re doing be interested in what you’re doing.

Okay beyond that again you can connect a lot of real estate agents mortgage brokers your potential affiliates and in doing so you have a good receptive base of people that you can connect with and that could very well send you business you can come into LinkedIn groups you could start a LinkedIn group you could join LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn groups are a great way to use utilize LinkedIn okay groups are where people will follow this group because they’re interested in the topic and I see people all the time and credit repair groups on LinkedIn asking credit repair questions and then I see people all the time respond to those people connect with them and then all of a sudden they get a sale because somebody goes to LinkedIn looks for answers they join the credit repair group and they start typing in their questions and wise people respond to those questions they connect with those people and they make a sale you can also create your own group on LinkedIn, you know information credit repair information something like to that effect where people come in here and they’re actually joining your group to get free information about credit repair.

Okay you can start something up and put credit repair information for mortgage brokers group, credit repair information for realtors okay and then doing so attract a lot of real estate agents a lot of your potential affiliates that want information about credit and how it relates to their industry a lot of things you could do with groups. Another thing you could do on LinkedIn is called InMail, now InMail is amazing because InMail is the way that you could send a message directly to somebody on LinkedIn and it comes right into their email inbox, now I can tell you from experience and even from a lot of my peers that there are some ridiculously high with high individual people that I’ve done this with and seeing others do with it have massive success, I’m talking about CEO’s and high-end managers of very, very big companies that there’s no way you could ever get to them through phone or through email and all of the sudden in one email through LinkedIn, okay it’s successful you’re connected with that person so again very, very effective way to get business, a lot of things you could do with LinkedIn including the groups including posting daily, including connecting with all of the people that are your potential affiliates, including InMail a lot of great free ways that you can really come in and utilize LinkedIn.

Okay another great social media that you could use is Facebook we all know Facebook, right Facebook has almost a billion users now a billion you can't argue with that it’s almost a billion users and ye you can come on here anytime you want and advertise for free the first thing you want to do on Facebook is make sure you have a page setup for your company it’s free to do so, it’s easy to do so you need a page that represents your actual company okay it’s easy to put a header up here to put this image here, to put pictures and then start posting on your page now something I find there very good to post is information about your product so for example these are just little paid posts it’s about business credit building or merchant cash advances or quotes, quotations are another great thing to put on there, okay quotes CEO Walmart quote okay here’s article that you can put on here these type of quotes okay a lot of great information that you can actually put on your page and in doing so you’ll see people like the page they follow your page it’s seen by 275 people see this post okay so there is a great way to get out there and really keep yourself in front of customers now why this is important is this you couldn’t send somebody an email once or three times a day and not annoying right, you couldn’t just send somebody information to email three emails a day or once a day and keep and be probably then be happy with you, but Facebook you could do just that you can come in here you can post multiple posts every single day and a lot of the people that like your page will then see those post okay it’s one of the easiest freeways to keep information in front of customers and remember it’s not just Facebook alone, okay the that human mind works is it automatically prioritizes information that it’s familiar with better higher okay if they see your name through an email through their LinkedIn through their Facebook then subconsciously people are more inclined to look at the message and pay attention to what you’re saying.

So Facebook alone or LinkedIn alone or email alone might not be enough, but when your connected with people on Facebook and LinkedIn and these other social media when they get emails from you when it all ties together then all of a sudden you’re very relative in their subconscious mind because they’re seeing you information so much, so Facebook is a great way to keep information in front of people on an absolute ongoing regular basis and do so for free, plus there’s a lot of other cool things you can do with Facebook you can put videos and pictures up here that you really want people to see you can have custom pages done, okay I told you about odesk, O D E S K, or you going to hire all kinds of contractors I think it costs 50, 60, 70, bucks to have this page made, pretty nice look at page right 50, 70, bucks to get this whole page made and it has an opt-in page, so right here we can advertise and we give away free stuff and when people go to it they actually give us their email address okay and they actually opt-in here’s another one that they did okay so these can be done very cheap and you actually have an opt-in form to capture somebody’s email address to start marketing to them right here on your social media page it’s free to do or it’s very cheap to do you can even probably have this stuff done at another place where it's not free but it’ll cost you 5 bucks it’s called f i v e r please, please, please don’t go there right now, I ask you please don’t go there now wait till this webinar is done because you will get lost in fiverr and never come back, okay it’s like Facebook you sit down and you’re lost in it this is an amazing sight you can get people to get you Facebook fans, you can get people to get you Facebook likes on your post you can have people come in and actually get design your headers here and everything there is $5 it’s amazing it’s one of the most amazing site you’ll see a lot of great things you could do with social media including having these kinds of pages design for very, very, very cheap or nearly free.

Okay so a lot of great things you could do in Facebook no don’t get me wrong you can spend some money here too, you can definitely spend some money on actual ads okay because if you come in here and you go on your newsfeed you’ll see if you’ve looked in Facebook’s numbers recently their numbers and their stock just really went up because they had a really, really, good last quarter and the reason they had a really good last quarter is because they finally figured out how to advertise and this is what they actually figured out that these kinds of ads I’m trying to find an ad here um these kinds of ads sell okay this is an ad and you can see the ad is just thrown right in there on my actual timeline so these kinds of ads you can actually buy from Facebook and really get it down to a very specific demographic and actually be very successful, but in cost you a ton of of money so might not be something you want to get started with right away but instead what you might want to do is come in here and at least have your actual site setup, have a professional page go ahead and start posting it on it every single day and on odesk you can also get people for a buck or two bucks an hour to do a lot of this posting for you so you don’t have to, you should have even have a professional page I don’t like keep coming back to my own page, but you should even have a professional page, this is my professional page on Facebook and everybody should have a professional page too so beyond just your company you should also have your own professional page which you could definitely create and use a lot of the same type of post for just to give you some more credibility , okay so all this being said Facebook is a great an amazing, amazing way to market something you absolutely we have to get into a billion people can’t be wrong and even if you don’t go on Facebook and hang out all the time check people step out that’s okay everybody else does a billion other people do so make sure you’re on there, because again even when you post something on your page it’s commonly seen on those that like your page and then a lot of their people the people that check out their information can even see that so one post could literally be seen by thousands of people and think about that where else can you do that where else could you put an advertising message out every day and haven’t seen my hundreds or thousands of people for free, Facebook’s the place, Twitter another amazing place to market.

Okay Twitter is getting ready to actually do an IPO okay they’re actually getting ready to go public pretty soon here down the road and I got to tell you they are very popular okay so you can easily open a Twitter account and it’s free you can have your own profile setup okay and have your own presence online people come in they see a lot of your tweets they retweet your tweets you can follow a lot of the people that you want to do business with and you’ll see a lot of them follow you so how could you use this, well for example let’s say that you’re actually coming in here and let’s say that you want to connect with mortgage brokers that you want to connect with real estate agents that you want to connect with accountants well all of a sudden you can start going to real estate agents and start mass following real estate agents, you can start mass following mortgage brokers and what’s going to happen is a lot of those that you follow will turn around and in turn a 100% start following you they’re going to start pay attention to what you’re doing because you’re paying attention to what they’re doing that’s how Twitter works and another great things is you can go to a place like and get fifteen, twenty, thirty thousand followers just to kinda make the number look better these probably are people that you’re going to buy your service but when people come to look at your actual page they see that you have a ton of actual followers, okay and on top of that you can also go to and hire people of a buck or two bucks an hour to do all this for you they can post on Facebook they can post on Twitter they can post on LinkedIn for you so now you’re doing all this marketing and it doesn’t even cost you any money.

Okay another great social media to advertise on is YouTube now I got to tell you YouTube is one of those ones that surprised me, today I can there are two date I can tell you I easily get 1 to 5 leads a week from YouTube and it blows me away because it’s not why I put up the YouTube channel I just put it up to give a place for all of my videos to actually reside okay but in return what’s happened is I get so much business so many leads from YouTube that honestly it really freaks me out sometimes. So YouTube you have to remember is owned by Google and it deals with relative content so if you have a credit repair page on YouTube and you’re constantly putting up new videos relating to credit repair then you are going to get a lot of presents you’re going to get a lot of promotion because when somebody goes to YouTube and types credit repair, YouTube sees that you’re so relative, because you have so many videos and so much going on related to the key terms credit repair that it’s going to promote your site and it’s going to attract a lot of people there for you okay it’s just like Google right, Google puts the people on top to have the most relative contact to have most visitors going looking for that topic, will YouTube owned by Google it’s the same premise so if somebody’s typing in credit repair they’re going to pull up all of the YouTube channels that are most relative to credit repair where a lot of video are going on with us a lot of followers where a lot revolving around credit repair is happening so you can come in put all kinds of videos up on YouTube and if you don’t know what kind of videos to put up you could do videos on everything okay there’s all kind of software out there where you could basically record your own screen okay there’s one that I used is called um Screencast-O-Matic I love this place.

Advertise Credit Repair

Screencast-O-Matic and this side is free you can record videos up to 15 minutes where they’re actually looking at your screen, so there’s a lot of things you could do there you could walk through a PowerPoint presentation you could talk through it for 15 minutes click through the slides while you’re talking, recorded as a video put it on you YouTube channel you can pull out a video camera and have them just a video of you talking about certain things, there’s so many different ways nowadays that you can easily come up and create videos you could put those videos in your YouTube then you could promote them on your Facebook your Twitter, your LinkedIn your kind of seeing how all the stuff can tie together, but I got to tell you, you’ve got to do YouTube after seeing how many customers I get from YouTube I now consider this to be an absolute must you need to have a heavy presence on YouTube and it’s a great place to have your videos hosted and be able to send people link, if somebody wants a video you can’t send him a video it’s too big to email okay but you can send them a link to your YouTube video and they can easily click the link and be looking at YouTube channel it’s a great free way to get business and again you could take your videos and you can then promote those on a lot of other different types of social media.

Build your Personal Brand, man this is one of the biggest most important things you’re ever going to do in your business might even be one of the first things you need to do out the gate. So how do you build a Personal Brand well write a book it’s one of the easiest and best ways to do it is write a book, now I have two published book that are out there on the very first slide I showed you today you actually saw a picture of one of my book Business Credit Decoding, another book out there called Perfect Credit it was all about how to have perfect credit okay dealt with a lot of things back from my credit repair days so what I did was look at all the information I had already written, emails okay all kinds of information that we used to give out to customers, I compiled it all and I found that information was 70% of the content of my book, I already had a book written I just needed to organize it and put it in one place and that’s exactly what I did I organized it put it one place over many months I added some more content I put into a book format I went to hired an editor and then I went to a place called to get it self-published okay so Amazon has this great thing called CreateSpace where you can actually make a book and have it put on Amazon for free it’s awesome it is awesome, awesome, awesome, so you could be a published author at absolutely no cost I’m talking Zero, Zilch, Nada, doesn’t cost you a cent and you have a real physical actual book that you’re written, so you write a book you put it on the right format of what a book is going to look like and there’s picture any of those type of things get it to an editor to make sure of all spelling and everything is setup right and then you come in here you follow the instructions on Amazon’s create space service you publish the book within a week to 2 weeks, you can actually go to Amazon and you will have a book just like any other book on you talk about credibility you can actually send people that link where they can actually go to you buy your book that used to be my email signature, hey buy my book people would click they would go to to see my book and I promise you I wasn’t doing it to make $20 or $12 on the book I was doing it because it put me on a pedestal okay was how I built my personal brand was all of a sudden I’m now a published author so everybody sees you as an expert in your field because you are an actual author of a book, so again you could do this over time, sit down write a chapter out of time you don’t have to be a great writer just take the information you have about credit put it one place organized it the fashion of a book, go to CreateSpace and get it put up for free you can even get the cover done for free on CreateSpace now something I will say is that I went to you’ll hear me say it a thousand times because I use the site for everything and I hired somebody pretty cheap to design my own cover for me, but again you have to do that you could use the cover that CreateSpace provides customized it and still have your own professional book out there, now you can also use this book to get in the door by having other schedule appointments for you and we’re going to talk next about affiliates and this is one of the best ways you can ever get in with affiliates let’s say there’s a real estate office you want to get into, you can could call about and ask the broker and say look I want to come and talk to you and your agents about credit repair, but you know what you’re not going to get very far very fast from what I found or you can have someone on your team call and go hey Ty Crandall is coming in town and wanted to know if you were interested in him speaking to your real estate agents about the FICO anatomy of the FICO Score, now if you’re not familiar with Ty, Ty is a local author he’s published one of the bestselling books on credit called perfect credit and again he’s not around a lot, but he’s a distinguished author that you can have in your office absolutely no cost he does some of these good faith thanks for the community once in a while and he want to come in and talk to your agents and actually teach them exactly how the actual FICO Score works, so by the way I’m Mr.

Real Estate Broker do you have a day of the week that all of your agents are together for a meeting all of the sudden you’re going to have a much better chance of getting in the door with that kind of introduction that hey I want to come in and talk to your people about credit repair now they’re getting a call from somebody this is look this person is an published author that want to come in and talk to you about a topics that’s really going to interest your agents and all of the sudden your chances of getting in front of those real estate agents for example are significantly better there’s a million thing you can do as a lot of my friends will say they walk into a bigwig appointment and the first thing they do is pull out their book and sell it on the person’s desk it’s the first thing they do to establish credibility boom bought you a copy of my book just though you might be interested and actually seen it guess what when they see a beautiful book sitting on their desk with your picture your face I cannot tell you how much credibility you instantly have just because you are a published author, now there’s a lot of way that you can actually build your own personal brand with a book being one, another one is the host to radio show now why would I put this on here can you host your radio show for free absolutely you can might blow you away, actually a lot of my friends that have radios shows profit on the radio show is doesn’t not only not cost them anything they make money on it, so how does that work its simple it’s advertisers first of all there’s a lot of local stations in your area you could go to and get your own show, might be AM might be FM doesn’t really matter to be honest with you the purpose of this isn’t for you to get a massive following of people that are going to come buy your product is to be able to build your personal brand and make it easy to get into the next topic we’re getting into which is getting affiliates, okay think about it if you call a real estate agent or someone from your office calls real estate agents says hey Ty Crandall would like to have you on his radio show this Sunday once you know if you’re available we’re looking for a local real estate expert and you flip the bill so do you have some time you can call out this Sunday to come on to Ty radio show, look ain’t not there’s not too many people that are going to turn that down, right think about it you’re trying to get them with a real estate agent what do you do now to get in with them what do you say how do you get their door would it be better would it be easier if somebody else in your office called or you called invited that person to come on to a radio show to talk about their service think about it there’s not a lot of people they’re going to say no to that almost everybody is going to carve time out of their day whenever they need to do it to come onto your radio show okay I’ve got a lot of friends that are in the credit repair business that do this and this is their number one way of getting customers and affiliates.

They host the radio show they bring half of this their show is about them talking about credit related topic and the other half of their show they have a guest speaker on, and the guest speakers are everybody they ever wanted to come in and be an affiliate with them, so all of the sudden instead of asking them to send them business they invite them on their show and during the course of the show the affiliates say hey tell me more about what you do and how does this work they leave the show with a beautiful plaque with a picture of them at the microphone and something on it they go home they put it on their wall all of sudden here’s a real estate agent even fighting to get in with now a day later they’ve got your picture on their wall permanently showing that you were on the radio they were on the radio show okay and there’s a lot of ways you can do this, now will hosting a radio show cost you money yes will, but you can offset that with advertisers you can easily go out there get a few advertisers and even one, two or three advertisers will pay the entire cost of the show are not a tremendous amount of money I mean I have friends that have done these shows for a hundred, three hundred bucks I think a show and you could easily get advertisers to put that bill.

So that’s two very good ways to build your personal brand and if you think about it if our email signature shows a picture of your book and talks about you being a published author and a radio show host on 97.1 FM think about how much credibility that gives to you and how much easier it is for you to then get in and get affiliates and look affiliates is where most credit repair companies get their business, why because they don’t to spend money now don’t get me wrong the problem with credit repair is you don’t get a tremendous return on your investment the price points are usually smaller, so because of that a lot of people look for free or cheap ways to advertise and affiliates put the bill it’s one of the best ways you could ever build credit repair customers, because your average credit repair customer is looking for something, they want house they want a car they want to buy something and they need their credit fix to buy it. So if you go to the mortgage brokers if you go to the real estate agents if you go to the auto dealers okay they actually come in and have those customers then everybody wins, because first of all you can return the customers back to those places as qualified borrowers, okay on top of that you’re getting somebody that really will pay you to have their credit repaired because they want that home they want that car you got the right at the right time there’s something they really want to have that they need to have their credit fix or credit fix to buy.

So affiliates are one of the best ways you could ever actually go out there get leads the best affiliates out there or anybody that deal with people that need their credit fixed the best people are again mortgage brokers, real estate agents, auto dealers anywhere where somebody needs to basically buy something and need decent credit to do it great sources, other sources are professionals, attorneys, accountants, because when somebody was referred to you by their attorney or accountant there’s instant credibility and trust there, think about it if your attorney refers you to somebody you don’t get that person on the phone and start giving them the third degree right if their attorney trust them there’s kind of an element of trust already built in that you’re going to probably trust them a little bit too, the more professional other of an affiliate you have the easier the lead is going to be that you’re actually going to get from that affiliate now in doing so something a lot of people don’t do in the repair business even though they do have a lot of affiliates or want to get affiliates is to put together a dream 100 list, I got to tell you this is what I’ve learned you can beat on the door of a hundred small players or get in the door with one big player and accomplish the same thing okay that’s what I love about business credit.

Okay business credit in my world in business credit from credit repair it takes about 3 to 5 sales a month to make up what it takes a hundred credit repair customers to do so a lot of our clients to sell business credit love it for that reason they only do 3 sales a month to make the same kind of money that they were would that they would they make if they had a hundred credit repair customers and the to them it’s easier to bring in 3 new clients than 100. Well the dream 100 list is exactly this it’s a hundred of the top of people that you want to do business with okay, heck with real estate agents who’s the biggest real estate agent in your state okay heck with little mortgage guys who’s the biggest mortgage banker in your state these are the top 100 people that you would absolutely dream of having in your circle and sending you business and doing business with you and everybody should take time to sit down and map out your dream 100 list and you can do all the things we talked about here with this dream 100 list you can then connect with them on LinkedIn connect with them on Facebook connect with them and follow them on Twitter, okay everything we’ve talked about so far is really applicable with this dream 100 list and some other things we’re going to talk about to, direct mail that you’re sending to them in mails through LinkedIn okay but the starting point is to build your dream 100 list.

The dream 100 people that if you did business with any of these people it would be a game changer for your company make a list of the big players that you want to do business with then pursue those players, okay you’ll be surprised how many people you can get to just with a phone call okay and there’s a lot of information about this out there that you could do marketing to affluent marketing to high end CEO’s there’s a lot of information, you can get books, information on Google about how to do this, but the starting point is to put together a list of the top 100 people that you want to do business with either their direct credit repair clients or more than likely they’re going to be affiliates then once you have your list start developing a marketing strategy to get to those people and again you’re probably going to do everything we talked about here Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, okay and then start calling them get their number call them don’t call them don’t call them every day, call them once a week until they take your call.

Sometimes it might take you a month, sometimes you’ll get through in one call and it will blow you away sometimes you’ll do it for 2 years and finally that person will answer the phone and go you know, man I got to admit you’re diligent you know you’ve called me every week for 2 years guess what that person will take your call they will take your call that’s what will happen there’s an element of respect there’s an element of curiosity on their part from somebody that’s reaching out to them of course know what you’re going to say when you get them on the phone, but the starting point is to build your dream 100 list and they get out there and start working and talking to the affiliates that you really want to do business with. Email Marketing this is my bread and butter right here I’ve made millions on email marketing and guess what it’s free it’s one of the easiest cheapest freest way that you can ever actually market and get business so one a great thing to do is email marketing for affiliates okay so let’s say real estate agent and mortgage brokers you know how much stuff they don't know about credit that they need to know there’s all kinds of things, let me give you one example a mortgage industry option credit score, no mortgage broker knows what that is yet they pull hundreds and thousands of credit reports they look at hundreds and thousands of credit scores and they don’t even know what the score is that they’re looking at it’s called a mortgage industry option credit score that’ the kind of stuff you can educate people about that they don’t know, now when you’re talking mortgage brokers, real estate brokers agents a lot of these people they think they know more than you they think they’re experts about credit and I’m not talking down about these industries I was in the mortgage industry I used to think I knew everything there was to know about credit until I started a credit repair company then I realized I didn’t know anything, but at the same time I realized most other mortgage brokers just like I had still though they knew everything so in order to do that you’ve got to educate them email marketing is a brilliant way to do it okay you can send out emails for affiliates on all kinds of topics so now all of the sudden you go out you connect with people on LinkedIn you connect with them through a number different ways you add them to an email autoresponder sequence.

Okay Email autoresponders is something it drips an email every few says so for example one day they get an email about you know 35% of the pay of the FICO score is made up of payment history another day they get an email of did you know do you know what a mortgage industry option scoring model is another day they get an email of you know do you know how many credit scores there are actually out there on the country or why credit scores are different, did you know that this is a legal per the Fair Debt collection Practices Act they eat this up, because you’re teaching them stuff they don’t know a lot of them will email you back and I put this on my ball can I tell my clients about this they love to get information they don’t know about so whether you’re sending it to accountants, whether you’re sending it to attorney’s to mortgage brokers to real estate agents you really should have a good email autoresponder campaign bill, might take you a little bit of time to do the best way to start and do this is to write out 8 emails on 8 topics you think are good set up an email autoresponder through a company called like iContact or Aweber very cheap companies to do it space them out once a week so you wrote 8 emails now you you got two month worth the emails okay you put people in the sequence and then every week they get an email from you on this different topic every month you sit down and write out for 8 more emails if you do this you’re only dedicating an hour to doing this a month and in return in a year you’re going to have a massive email sequence bill that you could dump anybody into that you want to that will get information about credit will see you as an absolute expert in your field because you taught them things they didn’t know and this will turn into tons and tons and tons of money from you I’m telling you information marketing is the best way to market because when you give people free information they didn’t know especially on topics they want to know about they will always look at you as an expert they will put you on a pedestal and they will treat you like you’re the greatest things since slices bread and they will come to you and willing we want to do business with you instead of you beating down their door, the same thing with customers okay this is why you have an opt-in page on your Facebook page and you have opt-in page or opt-in form on your website that says get a free book give me your email address were you’re doing that so you could send them these emails, because look if somebody comes to your credit repair website you know what they’re interested in credit repair now they might not be ready to buy right now statistically 70% of people are not ready to buy right now 70% of people in the buying cycle are just looking for information or they’re interested they’re not ready to buy just yet, but if you get those people put them into an email sequence and start sending them all kinds of information they didn’t know about credit then guess what when they are ready to buy you’re the first person they’re going to come your call it creates a massive sense of loyalty not to mention that how many people do you and your sales can talk to everyday that don’t buy okay what do you do with those people nothing, shameful, shameful, when you do nothing you’ll never see those people back it’s just it’s a waste you’re losing 70% of your leads because they’re not ready to buy and you have no follow-up when you have an email follow-up sequence for these customers not only will help you with all your affiliates, but you can out these customers into it and then all of a sudden they’ll call you back when they’re ready to buy, to me that’s how one of the worst calls I can get when owned a credit repair business was hey I saw you online on my home and I got an uphill battle here to fight this and just show this person, I’m credible, but if the person would call me go hey I’ve been getting you emails chi-ching you’re buying because what you’re saying to me is hey I’m interested in credit repair I’ve been getting your emails and now I’m calling you because I’m ready to take action and I would do a 5 minutes script they will lock down there wasn’t much of the sell to it because I already had credibility they already knew I knew what I was talking about because they did get my email sometimes for weeks for months the same thing goes for clients, okay look when you own a credit repair business you’re busy you’re really, really, really, busy and when you have a follow-up sequence for clients to teach them all these kinds of things to hey don’t expect to get your results right away you know wait 2 weeks they’re going to send you the stall letter you’re keeping them informed so they’re not beating down your door with the same question all the time.

So email sequences can work for a lot of different purposes, network marketing group. Network Marketing groups like be and I like Chamber Commerce these are great ways to meet people and affiliates, mortgage brokers, accountants, attorney’s, realtors, they’re all part of these groups you’re going to get a lot of affiliates by going to these groups and you’ll get some customers you’ll probably get more affiliates and customers because to be honest customers are kind of embarrassed in a group setting and they’re hanging around you that people might know their credits bad which it is when I was a really active in network marketing groups most of my customers came to me in the parking lot, hey Ty I know you do credit repair will you help me, but you can get a ton of affiliates and a ton of customers at these and if you have another service like business credit it’s very good to also lead in with that service, because when you talk about business credit funding for example a lot of people will get around you and then you can start talking about credit to people are kind of embarrassed to be around you because they they’re be there like hey everybody I’m talking to this guy about business credit but you could really get a chance to get a platform to talk to about credit repair too, so these are great ways to go and a lot of these cases you’ll even get 5 or 10 minutes be and I actually speak to the group about what you do and if you go on a regular basis through a few of these groups there’s no questions I mean it’s almost impossible not to get affiliates and potentially customers from these network marketing groups.

Seminars, seminars are one of the easiest ways and best ways to sell, because you can put 30 people in a room, do one presentation make a tremendous amount of money okay and if you use Facebook and LinkedIn and emails and everything we talked about so far to attract people to seminars you’ll do very well so the best thing I can tell you about seminars is to attract people by for example, learn exactly how your credit score works and how you can control it learn 5 things you could do today to get your credit score up a hundred points all these type of things, remember people are curious about how credit works, you don’t want to go hey learn how to fix your credit because some people will be like well if I go to this everybody there is going to know I have bad credit, but instead you want to phrase it towards hey learn how to improve your score a hundred points so put your wording and your invitations to attract people to seminars about improving their credit maybe not fixing bad credit to get a greater response one of my buddies gets about 20 sales a month from seminars and he attracts him to seminars from his radio show so again all the stuff ties together you have a radio show you promote your seminar you promote it through Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn, all these other places it’s easy to fill a room and it’s much easier to do one presentation talk about a credit related topic talk about how hard it is to fix credit then how you can do a form then attract quite a few people.

Webinars I love webinars okay webinars like this are absolutely invaluable because a lot of people come okay, they’re going to actually see me as an expert they’re going to see you as an expert and then as a result they’re going to come back to you when they're ready to buy, the same with affiliates, plus I’m going to record this webinar I’m going to put it up on our YouTube channel so now Google sees I have real the content up there and at the same time I’m going to turn it into an automated webinar through a service called Evergreen E V E R G R E E N, Evergreen is a great system you could use to host automated webinars where the webinars look real but they’re really pre-recorded and with Evergreen it’s absolutely amazing because now you can come in here you could do a webinar like this, now I put the webinar up on YouTube, now I put the webinar into an automated webinar and this one play for years to come people will come to the webinar.

When I owned a credit repair business we have 2 webinars every single day running, so I would do a webinar recorded turn it into an automated webinar customers affiliates clients would come to these webinars thousands of people came to my webinars, because they were either done life and then recorded and they would come back for the playback and again you’re just giving out all kinds of very good valuable information at these webinars. SEO, SEO is actually Search Engine Optimization SEM Search Engine Marketing and you 2 things you could use to actually do SEO and SEM are articles and press releases. Now why is this important? Well first of all yes you want your website to have presence but you can also build a bunch of other smaller websites so for example there’s a service out there called optimized press, and optimized press this is pretty cheap to do and you can design pages that look just like this this is free a site that I own when I own the credit company so you push a bunch of people here they get the email they start their actual course and they get emails, now at the time when I actually own the company I can tell you that we were in free credit repair Tampa, free credit repair Orlando, free credit repair Miami, free credit repair Florida, and we were on first page in Google for free credit repair, so it took us a dollar 2 bucks an hour person on odesk to do SEO for us and we had a little landing page like you just saw just a little one page, page with a video in an opt-in form and doing so we would push people to this page through Craigslist through SEO and we would get 20 leads a week just by people going in and opt-in on our webpages that would trigger our emails that we get our emails and eventually they would call us and buy.

So you’re seeing how all this stuff really ties together an SEO promoting your website having those kind of landing pages are essential in doing so and don’t forget the other social media that’s out there, Flicker, Pinterest, Xing, Xing is like he LinkedIn for Europe, Unation, Google Plus and a lot more a lot of people are all different kinds of social media it might take you one afternoon to get set-up with all of these and again you can hire somebody for a bucks or 2 bucks an hour on odesk to actually manage these even for you. Credit repair forums you go to Google and type in credit repair forum you’ll pull up a lot of them okay and the thing to know is that you don’t want to go do a solicitation of marketing and advertisement, but what you’ll find on there is there’s a lot of people on there that for example I typed in credit repair forums in Google and I went down like the sixth or seventh went down was a post from 2009 so what happens is on the front page of Google there’s a post from 2009 where somebody says hey do you guys know about any good credit repair companies that are out there now you could strategically put a post on there and say look you know dadadada tie it in with the rest of the post are going on I tried this company they did a really good job put your information on there, now anybody that types credit repair forums and sees that post 4 years later pulls up your company’s information okay so these are really great ways to go , because even though you don’t want to make it obviously that you’re pushing your credit repair company you want to make it kind of like, hey I suggest this company they’re pretty good when you do that you’re able to turn around get a ton of people um that or for years to come people could pull up those posts and it’s very good freeway to actually advertise.

Landing pages we already talked about that okay. So presentations this is something we already talked about to teaching mortgage brokers, real estate agents, accountants, attorney’s, so instead of just going in there and trying to get in there to send hey I wanted you to send me business you know can I go talk to you about sending me business get in there advertise you know you have a book written your radio show host, now you can easily come into attorney’s and say look let me teach you guys about how credit works, let me teach you as an accountant how credit works let me teach your mortgage brokers, let me teach your real estate brokers and by doing presentations it’s going to be much easier to get the door with a lot of these companies. Mass Hiring Salespeople at one time our credit repair company had over a hundred sales people over a 100, okay so you can do it by Craigslist there’s a lot of different freeways you can advertise for sales people at one point time we charge people money to basically sell credit with us you can also put up a website with all their training information so once you hire me to send them to the website to self- train and for everyone I hired I used to make them produce a list of 20 affiliates they would go sees as soon as they got started so even if they didn't work out I had a list of 20 potential mortgage brokers, real estate agents that we could market too.

Advertise, but advertise what they’re looking for such as a mortgage or a car we actually talked about that Expos and Conventions yeah you can easily set up a booth at an Expo or Convention, but again once you have a book written once you have a radio show host, you can also get on there to be a speaker at one of these type of events so an event on you know getting approved for financing or something like that you can actually come in and be an actual speaker, you can actually get yourself interviewed which is another very, very, very good way of marketing okay there’s a lot of marketing online on Google about this how you can actually get out there get yourself interviewed especially if you have your own Facebook page you have a good LinkedIn profile you have a book written you have a radio show it’s very easy to solicit some of these stations be seen as credit expert come in and get interviewed all the time when they have credit related topics, my biggest tip here is the right the topics for them focus on hot topics and go hey I got five hot topics you know I’m an expert in this field that might be good things for you to do actual you know a newscast on get yourself interviewed there’s a lot of different ways you could do this one of the best ways you could actually promote yourself.

Canvassing going to door-to-door okay it’s another easy way to do it you can even hire college interns to do this kind of stuff for you a great, great way to go out there and actually get businesses canvassing up can even go to places where you know like renter or apartment complexes and put fliers on their door things like that about you know hey I can help you get your credit so you can own a home so just going door-to-door especially in places like apartment complexes are very, very good effective way to get business so that being said I’m going to go and wrap this up today, I literally have another webinar starting at three o’ clock so I don’t have time for questions I know I talk pretty fast and flew through this as you can see there’s a lot of content I always try to give out a ton of content so in doing so takes a little bit of time, but I hope you got a lot of good free information out of this today if there is any questions that you have, fill free to give me a call 877-600-2487 or send me an email I hope you walk out of this with a lot of valuable information and again I want to take the every take a moment to thank everybody for taking the time to attend this webinar thanks everybody have a great day.

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