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689 Credit Score – Credit Score Increase to 689


689 Credit Score – How to Choose

My FICO Credit Score

My Credit Score is on target to hit 720 in 3 months (maybe even 2). Recently I did a Credit Balance Transfer which boosted my FICO Credit Score up 7 points. I am now at 689 and just five months ago I was at 616. I’ve been grinding away the credit card balances, correcting inaccurate reports on my credit report, and paying the bills on time. The number one thing that I quickly realized was hurting my score was carrying too many high balances on my credit cards. So I’ve been putting extra down every month toward paying those down. So far as you can see from this post my Credit Score has gone up by 73 points.

Forecasting My Future Score

To give you a deeper insight to how I know I’m on the right track and doing the right thing. I’ve taken some screen shots of my FICO score simulator from From the screenshot below…

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