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656 Credit Score – BEST FREE CREDIT SCORE SITE — Credit Karma vs. Credit Sesame vs. WalletHub


656 Credit Score – Best Deal Right Now?

So what’s the best free credit score site out there? In this video, I review three credit score sites — Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, and WalletHub — and comparing them in five different categories to crown a champion.

Credit Karma review:
Credit Sesame review:
WalletHub review:


Scores Offered

First, all three services utilize the VantageScore model (more specifically, VantageScore 3.0) to provide their scores. It should be noted that this model differs from the more popular FICO scores that you’ve probably heard of. That’s why the credit scores found on these three sites are sometimes referred to as “educational scores” and will at least give you a rough estimate of where you stand.

Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, and WalletHub all offer scores based on data from Transunion — one of the big three credit bureaus. However, Credit Karma also offers a second score from Equifax (yes, that Equifax). So, for the simple reason that two is better than one, Credit Karma wins round one.

Winner: Credit Karma

Website experience

While the three services in question have fairly similar website designs, there are certainly a few differences to be found. For example, Credit Karma makes it easy to dive into the specifics of your scores just by clicking them. From there, you can see how you rate when it comes to the different credit score factors and pinpoint where you can improve. Credit Sesame also puts those credit factors front and center, giving you a letter grade in each area. But my big problem with Credit Sesame is a lack of credit report data.

In terms of navigation, I actually find WalletHub’s site the easiest to use. All of the useful tabs are lined up at the top, allowing you to switch between your score, analysis, and report. Meanwhile, there are still some other helpful features tucked away on a higher nav bar, but all the junk is stowed away too. Thus, I enjoy using WalletHub’s site more than the other two.

Winner: WalletHub


Given the popularity of smartphones in today’s culture, it’s only natural that each of the three sites also offer mobile apps. This is actually for the better with Credit Karma’s app as it moves most of what you don’t need to the “Offers” tab while packing the useful tools into the first two tabs.

Next, while Credit Sesame’s app has some great functions, the app’s design doesn’t feel up the snuff when compared with its competitors. Additionally, when using the app, the credit card/loan ads (which all three apps utilize) feel very noticeable and distracting. Finally, WalletHub’s app includes several of my favorite aspects of the desktop site, including a historical credit utilization graph I truly appreciate.

Winner: Credit Karma, WalletHub (tie)


As nice as these apps and sites are, no one wants to be visiting them intently to get the latest info. That’s where having customized alerts can really come in handy. To that end, Credit Karma offers plenty of options, including bank alerts for low balances or fees. However, while Credit Sesame has far fewer alert choices, one they do have really stands out: the ability to set alerts if you score dips below or creeps above a certain number.

WalletHub has the least specific notification options of the three, with generic alerts you can send weekly or monthly. You can also choose to have these go to your phone or e-mail, but that’s about it. So, despite Credit Karma’s bevy of alerts, I still think Credit Sesame earns the point for their credit score threshold alert.

Winner: Credit Sesame

Star Features

Like I said, Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, and WalletHub all have a lot of similarities, but each one also has a few unique features worth mentioning. For Credit Karma, that star feature is the credit score simulator. This helpful tool allows you to see how your scores might be affected by opening a new credit card, taking out a loan, paying off some debt, and much more.

Credit Sesame’s star feature isn’t exactly a feature but a service: just for signing up and opting into their program, the site will cover up to $50,000 in expenses and legal fees related to identity theft.

Rounding out the star features is WalletHub’s WalletLiteracy test. This quiz will see knowledgeable you are about a number of finance topics. It will also let you see how your score compares to the average user.

Winner: Credit Karma

Overall, I have to say there’s a reason why Credit Karma remains the most popular free credit site. That said, there are reasons why you might consider using all three sites.

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