5 Simple Steps To ID Theft Resolution [Credit Repair]


Did you know that identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world?

Last year, 33% of adults in the United States had identity theft more than twice the global average!

As a loan hero, you run into people whose credit reports contain accounts that do not belong to them.

The fraudulent accounts are usually credit cards (as this is the easiest way for criminals to steal money using your identity). Recently, however, identity thieves are getting more creative.

They can take out all kinds of loans on your behalf, finance vehicles and hack parts, file your taxes and steal your tax refund, and they can even get medical procedures under your identity so you get stuck with the bill!

When thieves get their hands on your personal information and impersonate you, the damage they can do is unlimited.

I spoke to our subject matter expert Corey Gray who has run a successful credit repair business for over 20 years. Corey specializes in solving identity theft problems and has told me some horror stories that I will never forget.

One was specifically about a client whose identity was stolen and you wouldn’t believe what this woman went through.

The crook who stole her identity had taken out mortgages on seven rental properties over a period of a few years. All of this happened right under her nose.

This guy changed her address on her credit report so she wouldn’t be notified.

He rented out all of the properties and collected rent for years, then took out second mortgages to get all of the equity down. He never paid the mortgage, but continued to collect rent and let the houses deteriorate.

The real kicker is when it all collapsed – to cover his tracks, he actually filed for bankruptcy on their behalf.

Eventually she applied for a car loan that was only to be denied and found that she had all these bad mortgages, collections, and Chapter 7 bankruptcy on her loan and was completely devastated, her world turned upside down and she had no idea if she would be able to get her life back.

I have to tell you, these thieves will stop at nothing!

They are brave – and they will do virtually anything to steal your money and ruin your credit.

Since this is such a big problem and so is the demand from customers who need help solving these problems, I am going to share Corey’s strategies with you and show you step by step how to help your customers resolve the problems solve credit reports once and for all.

And guess what? It is actually quite simple!

Before I share this secret, I need to make sure you understand that this process should only be used in the event of actual identity theft.

There are people in the industry who are trying to use this method to remove everything from their clients’ credit reports, and I have to warn you that using this process on accounts that actually belong to your client is illegal!

Not only is it illegal, it’s unethical and can get you and your customers in big trouble or possibly jail for filing a fake police report.

Ok, as long as I understand my warning, I’m going to teach you how to fix identity theft in just 5 easy steps.

Step 1 – Check your client’s credit reports at all three offices and ask your clients which accounts are legitimate and which are ID theft.

step 2 – Once you’ve confirmed that it really was identity theft and you know exactly which accounts are fraudulent, the next thing you’ll want to do is put a band-aid on to stop the bleeding. You need to instruct your client to call the three offices and request two different things:

  • Hire each office (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion). This prevents the bureaus from giving your credit report to the lenders. Therefore, any requests the crooks attempt to submit will be denied.
  • Second, place an advanced fraud alert in each of the three offices. This will notify your customer if someone tries to open an account on their behalf for the next 7 years.

step 3 – Instruct your customer:

  • Call the fraud department of all of their creditors to let them know that their identities have been compromised and request their accounts to be frozen. They also want to make sure they ALL change their passwords and pins. This prevents the thief from accessing your customers’ real accounts.
  • Visit IdentityTheft.gov and report identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission.

Step 4 – Time to make it official. Your client must file a police report with the local police force. Usually they have to go to a local police station to do this. It is extremely important to list all accounts on the report when you are done. You will need a physical copy of the police report. It is used in the last step.

Step 5 – The final step is to dispute the items in writing with the offices and creditors. You’ll need to write a letter and fill out an identity theft affidavit, notarize it, and send BOTH documents to each of the offices AND the affected creditors and a copy of the police report.

And guess what?

You can find the dispute letter you need AND the identity theft affidavit in the Credit Repair Cloud library. Search for “Identity Theft Victims (With Affidavit)” or use our letter finder to direct you there.

If you don’t have a Credit Repair Cloud account, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial at creditrepaircloud.com.

Pro tip: You can fill this out for your client, but your client will need to notarize it. This is an important step in making your customers’ creditors take your customers seriously. Without certification, they will likely refuse.

The affidavit formally documents the case and the affected creditors are required by federal law to temporarily remove the negative items from your customer’s credit report until the investigation is complete.

Again, you need to make sure that it is completely filled in, signed and notarized and that a copy of this police report is attached.

Corey also recommends that you send everything by registered mail with a return receipt to create a paper trail.

By this point, you have all of your basics covered.

What usually happens now is a waiting game. Your customer will receive email notifications from every creditor within a few weeks informing them of the result of each investigation.

Usually the creditors delete the victim, they delete the account from their credit report and that is the end of the story.

In some cases, the bureaus or the creditors may drag their feet or ignore you.

In this case, you may need to contact the office or the creditor several times to get the desired result.

It is also common for some decisions to be reversed. If your customer report shows an old account, you may need to repeat the process.

That’s the secret of ID Theft Resolution!

You can now add this to your list of services and help customers who have been victims of identity theft.

Oh! By the way, Corey’s client I told you about earlier had completely restored her identity and credit in 90 days with the 7 mortgages and bankruptcies filed on her behalf.

She was back at 820 FICO and was so excited to leave the mess behind that she told all of her friends and family about Corey and he got loads of referrals.

And now you can do the same for your customers by adding this new niche service and changing their lives further!

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